Harlequin by Sage Marlowe

Title:  Harlequin

Series:   N/A

Author: Sage Marlowe

Genre: Contemporary M/M with some M/F and M/M/F elements

Length:  Novel (61,097 words)

Publisher: Siren Publishing

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥4Hearts

Blurb:   They’re an unlikely couple—Harley Sinclair, pilot and openly gay, likes fast cars, easy boys, and late nights. Quinn Lancaster, lawyer and deep in the closet, likes his life quiet with just that little bit of extra spice that engaging in a ménage with his wife, Miranda, and Harley adds. Neither of them can admit that there might be more to this affair than just indecently hot sex.

A lie soon breaks them apart, but when Miranda dies in an accident, Harley and Quinn are reunited by an even more unlikely couple—twin sons with different fathers. While Harley is willing to commit to the responsibility of having a family, Quinn’s fear that accepting Harley at his side will destroy everything he has worked for keeps them apart. But when Harley makes the ultimate sacrifice, Quinn realizes that sometimes, what appears to be the worst case isn’t quite so bad after all…

Note: This book contains forced seduction. Female on Male

Review:   This was a pretty good book. At first when I saw the woman appear I was like, “oh no. another mmf and gunna be all about the girl.” I was wrong. I am so glad I kept on reading. The woman’s part was short, but really important to the story.  So here we go.

Harley likes fast cars, fast planes and a fast sex. He is openly gay and very happy with his life as it is. He isn’t looking for change. Then he meets Miranda Lancaster. She changes his life forever in so many ways.  She comes on the plane and asks to meet the captain. He sees straight away she is interested, but he would rather have her husband than her.   He is in a randy mood and glad when they leave so he can take matters into his own hands. She shows up early and comes on hard and strong, not taking no for an answer. Caution this here is a fine line between seduction and rape; he does say no but doesn’t really fight her off.  A couple of weeks later, the Lancasters come back and she repeats the performance. He still tells her no, but goes with the flow. Then the story skips a little and he shows up at her house, ends up in her bed and her husband joins them. This is where the story gets good. The sex is hot. Very hot. Then the story skips again and he shows up at their house again. Only this time Quinn, the husband, beats Harley up landing him in the ER. When Harley really thought things were going great for them he was willing to accept Miranda just to be with Quinn (Quinn is a big lawyer still in the closet). The story skips again and it has Quinn showing up to tell Harley he has a son. From here the story really picks up. There are lots of more twists and turns heartache, agony, really hot sex, but overall a good story. It’s worth reading.

I liked the story a lot after the first couple times with the woman seducing him. Once it got to adding Quinn it got better, though I really didn’t particularly like Quinn. I wanted to shake the living crap out of him over and over and a few times to smack some sense into Harley.  My only complaint with the book was the skipping of time. Each chapter seemed to go from days to weeks to years; maybe a header would have helped. But, all in all, it was a good read with lots of twists and a nice love story which I am a sucker for. I like one with lots of angst and fighting to get what you want.

I would recommend this to anyone that likes a long story with lots of twists, men in uniforms, and suits, a bit of mmf action, fast cars, fast planes, fast men, great fathers, an mm story with children (family) and really hot mansex.