Dark and Stormy by Deirdre O’Dare

DarkStormyTitle: Dark and Stormy 

Author: Deirdre O’Dare 

Genre: Gothic, Historical 

Length: Short (70pgs)

Publisher: Amber Allure (21st July 2013)

Heat Level: Low

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥3½ Hearts 

Reviewer: Pixie 

Blurb: Gently reared Martin FitzHugh finds himself adrift without means when his uncle goes bankrupt from gambling debts. Martin seeks a livelihood by taking a post as tutor to the young children of an Earl on a remote Welsh estate. Arriving on a dark and stormy night that sets the tone for his whole adventure, he falls into intrigue, mystery, and powerful new loves—for the three traumatized children and their enigmatic guardian.

Dylan Davis was called back from military service in South Africa after his elder brother supposedly found his wife with another man, killing the pair, then himself. Now, Dylan has to assume the title of earl as well as care for his nieces and nephew. He hires a young man, sight unseen, to become their tutor while he sets out to uncover the roots of the scandalous tragedy that tore apart his family. Both matters reveal surprising results, however…some tragic and some delightful…

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Review: Martin is a gentleman who finds himself seeking employment after his uncle gambled away the family funds, Martin finds himself taking employment as a tutor for an Earl’s children on a remote Welsh estate. Arriving on a dark and stormy night, he learns of a mysterious stranger, a devastating family tragedy, three traumatized children, and an enigmatic guardian. Dylan was called back from the military after the deaths of his brother and sister-in-law, taking on guardianship of his nephew and nieces. He hires Martin with hopes that he can tutor and help the children, while Dylan tries to get to the truth behind the tragic deaths that tore his family apart. 

This is a great little Gothic mystery story with cute kids. Martin has had to find employment because of his uncles gambling, starting his new job in Wales begins with a bang as he arrives at the door after being snatched from his carriage in the midst of a storm by a mysterious stranger. When Martin first begins his job he discovers it will be more than just teaching the children academics as they are traumatized by their parents death, Martin also discovers that he and Dylan have much more in common than he first thought. Dylan is just waiting for the person responsible for his brother’s death to make a move, he never believed the story he was first told, and now he has the support of the tutor and discovers he is a delightful companion.

I really liked this story for its mystery and the horrifying events that have traumatized the children. The kids are well written and bring more life to the story as you see the truth being unraveled; Dylan is a slightly mysterious figure who is very accepting of his new relationship with Martin. Martin hasn’t had much experience with men and the relationship he develops with Dylan is satisfying for both of them. This story is quite good and you get pulled into the setting and circumstances quite well, although Dylan and Martins relationship is quite tame it is still satisfying and the deaths of Dylan’s brother and sister-in-law are wrapped up quite nicely.

I recommend this to those who love Gothic stories set in the Welsh countryside, tragic deaths to avenge, a sweet relationship developing and kids getting justice for their parents.