Seducing Stephen by Bonnie Dee and Summer Devon

20984784Title: Seducing Stephen, 2nd edition

Series:  N/A
Author: Bonnie Dee & Summer Devon

Genre: 1800’s English Historical

Length: Novel (155 pages)

Publisher: Duet Publishing (February 13th, 2014) previously released January 2010

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Rating:

Blurb: What does a jaded earl see in a studious young man? Everything he never knew he was missing. The dark, alluring Peter, Lord Northrup, is Stephen’s every nighttime fantasy made flesh and he’s in Stephen’s bed, ready for passion. When Peter discovers the bedroom mix-up, he’s ready to leave until Stephen begs him to teach him all the things he’s only imagined.

The two men, visitors at a country house, begin a delirious, passionate affair with Northrup as teacher and Stephen his eager student. Peter knows their liaison is about hot sessions of sexual exploration, not love–and backs away when he sees shy Stephen’s heart is involved. Passion and commitment can’t coexist for men like them.

But Peter is haunted by memories of the summer fling and the quiet young man he spurned. But he may have taught him Stephen too well the lessons of a cynical roué.

This is a previously published book.

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Review: I thoroughly enjoy historicals. Especially set during the industrial revolution, because it is a time that changed the world and our entire society. The British aristocracy is falling and the middle class is rising, and that creates an interesting backdrop for our heroes.

Peter Lord Northrup is an established bachelor, used to stopping in at his friend’s kinky parties. He goes to his usual room to find a pleasant surprise waiting for him. They usually do provide a fun tryst for Stephen on weekends when parties are planned, only this is not that weekend, and the boy in his bed is not a gift of pleasure.

Lucky for Peter, the boy in his bed, Stephen, is curious and confused about his own sexuality, and happy to awaken to such a hot handsome dream.

Through a delicate cover of friends spending the weekend at a country estate, Peter and Stephen risk everything to explore many passionate encounters together. Their short time is hot and enlightening, and though Peter understands that they don’t stand a chance at love, Stephen’s heart is fully invested by the end of their encounters. Peter turns him away. Knowing the young man’s commitment to family, his education and his future stand in the way of any possible relationship, and Stephen’s heart becomes hardened, jaded as he leaves his love and lust behind.

Time provides more chance encounters, a couple engineered ones, and Lord Northrup can’t help but admit his heart was taken by the young passionate man he introduced to his secret world some time ago. Peter seeks out some acquaintances who have managed against odds to create a long-lasting, cohabiting, relationship as confirmed bachelors. Can the advice they give him work for Stephen and Peter, or will Stephen’s loyalty and commitment to his family business get in the way?

Plenty of melodrama and passion play out in this lovely novella. If you like historicals, you’ll thoroughly enjoy Seducing Stephen.

In Broussard’s Care by Amber Kell

20650863Title: In Broussard’s Care

Series: Yearning Love #3

Author: Amber Kell

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Length: Novella

ISBN: 9781781849743

Publisher: Totally Bound Publishing (February 7th 2014)

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥2~2.5Hearts

Reviewer: Thommie

Blurb:Sometimes the deepest wounds are the ones you can’t see.

Dr. Jean Broussard hasn’t been lucky in love. The only men who interest him are either taken or end up wanting him for his money. When Detective Ryan Calloway appears in his emergency room, he thinks he’s found the perfect man.

Ryan had spent his life alone. Enjoying his independence, he’d always preferred one-night stands to anything longer. However, lately his friends’ relationship has left him feeling lonely for the first time. When he ends up being stitched together by a sexy doctor, he thinks he might’ve found the guy to break his solitary streak.

They’ll have to overcome a killer and threats on their lives before they can get on with the task of healing Ryan.

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Review: This is yet another story that had a very nice idea yet failed in the end result. My main issue with this one was the hasty feeling it left me with. Everything, and I do mean everything, was rushed in this one. Plus, the blurb leads you into a very different mindset and expectation that the story doesn’t deliver.

Let me start with the instant lust/crush/love that occurs between the two men. Their entire relationship is one big BAM, with everything happening in a fast-forward fashion. The Doc meets Cop; instant lust is followed by a lightning speed date that has the two men sending the afternoon, night, and morning together. During this time Doc comes out as a possessive, bossy, overbearing person (I truly disliked his personality) and he’s just one step from literally putting a leash on the Cop, who in the meantime has every gay guy they stump upon drooling over him and trying to gain his attention, which brings out the cave-man inside Doc even more. In addition, the gentle doctor we first meet turns quickly into a very aggressive man, making a blatant come-on on Ryan and having literally no patience at all. A doc without patience… Yup, I disliked him all right.

Moving on at the erotic part of the novella, I have to say it was bland, uninspiring, and detached. The banter between the guys wasn’t good enough, but what was even worse was the fact that the act itself was so fast, you don’t get the chance to grasp what happened. Any chance of emotions reaching the reader was killed on the spot and sensuality went amiss in the chaos of the “don’t seed my sheets” afterglow. Very off-putting.

The mystery itself was lacking as the author pretty much reveals who the baddies are from the beginning. Suspense? What is that? The only surprising thing was one of the baddies’ personality that had us “tricked” at the beginning, but even that couldn’t make up for the transparency of the plot. Just so I don’t forget to mention this, it all happened so damned fast with the end coming so abruptly it made my mind reel.

I’ve said this time and again; While I do love Kell’s ideas, I really dislike the lack of development and plot finesse. This story needed space and time for development, a heavy look at the characters’ personality, and a great deal of revision/proof reading.


Safe by Mark Zubro

20565919Title: Safe

Series:  N/A

Author: Mark Zubro

Genre: Contemporary/YA/Murder Mystery

Length: Novel (206 pages)

Publisher: MLR Press (January 12th, 2014)

Heat Level: Mild

Heart Rating:
♥♥♥ 4Hearts

Blurb: In an unsafe world, death and danger stalk gay teens, Roger Cook and Steve Koemer.
Roger Cook is in the middle of his senior year when Kyle Davis, the most picked on kid in his high school commits suicide. Roger agrees to write an article on Kyle for the school newspaper. As he gathers information, Roger realizes the dead boy was gay and may have been murdered. Gay himself, Roger wants to find out the truth, but this leads him to danger and the possibility of love. Roger opens himself to even greater risk while trying to make those around him safe.

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Review: I’m always a sucker for a good murder mystery story, and this young adult novel does not disappoint my sleuthing fetish.

Zurbo lays out many possibilities for the bad guys, some more obvious than others, and puts young Roger Cook to work solving the crime immediately. Roger, usually the jock assigned to report of sports is given the case of a teen suicide, a gay teen, and he can’t help but wonder if it’s because someone knows about his secret, the fact that he’s also gay. Though he’s afraid of why he’s been given the story,

Roger feels it’s important to give boys like Kyle a voice, and protect those who may be different, those like himself. He manages to reach out to another reporter and mentor to help him uncover the truth to what he suspects is not suicide, but murder.

There are many twists and turns throughout this story, and the plot really surprised me! While there is a budding love interest, there is little or no sexual content aside from implied oral sex scenes and brutal attacks, this is young adult after all.

Don’t be put off by the bad cover art. This mystery is a little gem! I’d like to see more stories following Roger as he adventures off into the world.

Night Wolf’s Kiss by J.A. Hawke

51t254mtqLLTitle: Night Wolf’s Kiss

Series: Night Wolf Adventure #1

Author: J. A. Hawke

Genre: Erotic Historical Romance

Length: Novelette (63 pages)


Publisher: J. A. Hawke (February 11th, 2014)

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥2.5-3Hearts

Reviewer: Thommie

Blurb:Jack Night Wolf has been hiding in the Black Hills of South Dakota for
years. There’s a poster in town with his name on it and it reads Wanted, Dead, or Alive.
When a lost traveler Niko Damaris stumbles into his life, Jack decides to
take him in. Niko is also on the run, hiding from an Irish man who wants
to kill him. 

Niko is afraid of Night Wolf but he can’t resist the Indians sensual advances.
When the sheriff and his men come into the hills, Night Wolf and Niko are forced
to move on. They decide to travel together.

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 Review: Well this was a surprisingly good story, although at the beginning I had a bit of a shock when one of the main characters, Niko, came on to Night Wolf strongly. Okay, yeah I know, I’m rushing ahead. Let me take this from the beginning.

This is a historical read revolving around the era when being an Indian deadly. The time when Indians were pushed from their lands into reservation and the one who remained behind were literally hanged and/killed on the spot. One such warrior is Night Wolf, who having lost his entire tribe and family refuses to leave the mountains, killing every man that comes hunting for him.

Enter Niko, a Greek blond gentle man, he’s on the run from an Irish man, after having made a faux pass on him and declared evil and wanted dead. He runs out of town and gets lost in the wood. By sheer luck, he runs smack into Night Wolf the very moment the gorgeous man gets out of the lake.

See the image provided here? Can you imagine the rivulets of water and the gorgeous body? I could, the description was fantastic. Anyway, Night Wolf offers Niko his cabin to stay and guess what the idiot does first thing? He kisses Night Wolf, so I’m reeling back in shock thinking “Whoa, whoa, whoa there partner. Hell if you didn’t make a deadly mistake. What is that come-on all about? You haven’t even met the guy yet, and for crying out loud this is a historical read… shouldn’t a gay man of that time be a bit more on the edge and you know hiding?” Yeah, I tend to talk to the characters I’m reading when I think they’re being particularly stupid.

 But even as it seemed very stupid of Niko doing that, especially since he’s on the run from a guy who’s chasing him for this exact reason (see the irony?), it did however set the story on course and the result was actually fine. It was a stimulating and engaging read, sensual even, stirring sensations when you last expected it. Yes, it was in need of more refining, a bit more polishing, but it was not bad at all. As a matter of fact, I got intrigued by it, so much so that I’m picking the next book in this little series. A bit of a heads up as the blurb is a bit misleading when it says that Nico can’t resist Wolf’s sensual advances. In reality, it’s Niko that seduces Night Wolf and makes it hard for the man to focus on anything but the blond “White Man”.

So if you’re up for a nice erotic love-story between a Native and a White Man, this one’s pretty decent.

Tempering Steele by Mychael Black

20936054Title: Tempering Steele

Series: Black Velvet Society, #1

Author: Mychael Black

Genre: Erotic Romance / Kinks & Fetishes

Length: Novelette (42 pages)

ISBN: 06842-02203

Publisher: Changeling Press (February 28th 2014)

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥3.5-4Hearts

Reviewer: Thommie

Blurb:Dr. Alex Greene and his best friend, Dr. Darren Webb, have known one another for several years. They’ve danced around an unspoken attraction for most of that time, but since they’re both Masters in the BDSM lifestyle, they’ve never attempted anything more than friendship. That’s all about to change when Darren suggests they both sign up at the Black Velvet Society website.

Alex is, at heart, a submissive, but he swore off all chances of submitting after a bad experience years ago. He harbors an intense crush on his best friend, Darren, but acting on it would mean submitting. When a Master named LaCroix at a BDSM website suggests a weeklong, online-only session, Alex takes the plunge.

But LaCroix has a secret all his own, and when Alex discovers it, everything changes.

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Review: I disliked the cover with a passion. I really don’t pay much attention to them when I pick a book, but this one nearly put me off. If I wasn’t a “don’t judge the book by its cover” kind of person, I’d definitely have passed this one.

Now that said I loved the story. It was short but to the point and very well written. The characters made sense and their interaction was hot as hell. The plot was pretty simple; Alex has been crushing on Darren for years, the share kinks and fetishes, they are both Doms, but Alex started as a sub. Deep down he is a sub or would have been if his first experience hadn’t put him off for good.

Now the attraction between the characters is not merely told here, you can actually feel floating through the text. As I said, the story is extremely well written and all emotions/feelings are near tangible making the read highly sensual and erotic. Alex’s want and longing, his fear and apprehension, everything is delivered beautifully, loading the text with intensity and anticipation.

Darren decides to take the plunge and approach Alex in a sneaky way, hoping he’ll feel safer in a more controlled environment, thus he takes them both in an online site with the pretence of finding a sub online. When Alex is approached by a Dom on this site he submits to him for a week in order to discover if he’s still capable of submitting, and realises that he can’t keep circling around what eats him the most; his longing for his best friend, even if he’ll have to face all his fears once and for all.

There is the dilemma of how ethical was it for Darren to play Alex like that. Didn’t it hurt the trust between them in the end? Shouldn’t Alex have felt betrayed by the way it happened? Does the end justify the means? Is everything allowed in the name of love? Weird isn’t it that such a short story would raise so many profound questions. I’d like to have the opportunity to have this conversation with this particular author, and it’s a rare thing for me to feel this way, especially from a short story. I’m baffled with myself!

Moving on to the erotic part, well it was the cherry on top for as it revolved around my favourite kinks. Edging and fisting with a rough treatment from the Dom and dear starts upon the sky, it was a highly tense and erotic read. At least it had me hanging from every word and panting in tandem with the characters, so kudos to the author, you’ve intrigued me into searching and reading more of what you have to offer.

Summing it up: kinks and fetishes the genre, middle-aged men characters (and I kept forgetting it), friends-to-lovers as well and if you’re so inclined take the chance for it was one wild ride. Strongly recommended!


As Spring Rain by Valentina Heart

9ada5813e455db09ee2a1647f4d95af4.image.300x450Title: As Spring Rain


Author: Valentina Heart


Genre: Contemporary, Twincest


Length: Novella (85 pages)


Publisher: Silver Publishing (27th October 2012)


Heat Level: Explicit


Heart Rating:♥♥♥♥4Hearts


Reviewer: Pixie


Blurb: Michael wants his twin brother Gabriel to be safe from the bad boyfriends Gabriel keeps picking. Gabriel is trying to numb his pain because he’s not supposed to love Michael the way he does… Will they ever make it work?


Michael only wants his twin brother to be safe as he picks one bad boyfriend after another, never even lingering on the thought of loving Michael the way Michael loves him.

All Gabriel wants is Michael, each morning when he faces the day, and each night when he pulls a stranger’s face in for a kiss instead of the one he wants the most.

Fixing Gabriel’s boyfriend problems is a way of life for Michael, but what he doesn’t know happens behind closed doors, where Gabriel welcomes each kick or hit, and where he numbs his pain with the sharp edge of a razorblade.

Can they find a solution to their situation and make both of them happy?


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Review: Michael and Gabriel are twin brothers, as close as they can possible be. But Michael worries for his brother as he attracts the wrong sort of man and is physically abused. Michael is there for him when Gabriel needs him, but he secretly desires to be the only man Gabriel wants. Gabriel always finds the worst sort of man, but he can’t help from accepting everything he gets off them as a way to punish himself. He knows he will never find happiness, after all the one man who could complete him is his brother.


This book is a well-written, incredible, despair-inducing story. Michael and Gabriel are two men who draw you in with their pure misery and guilt. Their story will make your heartache and your breath catch. Michael and Gabriel are two brothers who are twins, as close as brothers can be and both suffering from loving the wrong person, but dealing with it in completely different ways. Michael just watches on the sidelines, picking his brother up after every failed relationship. Taking care of the ones who abuse Gabriel, while he desperately wants Gabriel to find happiness even though it kills him inside. Gabriel longing for something that he can’t have and punishing himself with the men he dates. And when it gets too much to handle he has a trusty razorblade to make it all go away.


Valentina Heart has created two characters who bleed over these pages. Their souls are open for us to read and their pain and despair are there for us to witness. Two people who love each other and feeling disgust at themselves. But each handling it differently until the taboo is exposed and they confront their feelings for each other before it is too late. Yes, this story is about two brothers, who love each other in a taboo way, but it doesn’t make light of that taboo. In fact, it drives home the despair that the two brothers feel, but it also shows that their love isn’t corrupt. It’s as natural for them and right as spring rain.  


I recommend this to those who love twincest, deep despair, forbidden love, hot rough sex, two men finding their true love and a happy ending.                 

Scratch Me, Bite Me, Love Me by Shawn Bailey

91ap6wpg-NL._SL1500_Title: Scratch Me, Bite Me, Love Me


Author: Shawn Bailey


Genre: Paranormal, Shifter


Length: Novella (123 pages)


Publisher: Siren-BookStrand (9th October 2012)


Heat Level: Explicit


Heart Rating:♥♥♥3HEarts


Reviewer: Pixie


Blurb: Investigative reporter Ian Jackson thought he’d seen just about everything until he happens upon a young man skinny-dipping in a pond in the woods. Not one to look a gift horse in the mouth, Ian enjoys taking the gorgeous man’s picture—secretly—until four wolves interrupt the forbidden fun. Moments later, both the blond cutie and the wolves disappear.


Blaise Durant was having a ball allowing the handsome photographer to take his picture, until his brother Buckley and a couple of his cousins showed up and ruined everything. Things don’t get any better for him when his older brother Corbin, the leader of the local Loup Garou, finds out what happened. Corbin forbids Blaise to ever see the photographer again. Blaise has never listened to Corbin before. What makes him think he’s going to start now?


Blaise wants Ian so bad he can taste him, but will quenching his thirst put the entire Loup Garou nation in jeopardy?


Purchase Link:


Review: Ian Jackson has been hired for a tourist project, but while filming the local wildlife he comes a young man skinny-dipping in a pond. What shocks him even further is when four wolves appear. Wolves aren’t known in the area. But before Ian can do anything, the young man and wolves disappear. It isn’t long before Ian discovers a world he never knew about, but what can he do when the man he lusts after turns out to be truly his. Blaise doesn’t want to mate with a female. He wants the sexy photographer who took his photo at the pond. But when their worlds collide and Ian is placed in danger, just what will Blaise do?


This novella has a very good premise, is well written, and has an interesting collection of Loup Garou. Blaise hates the restrictions that his older brother is always placing on him. He also hates that his brother is trying to get him to mate with a female, when all he wants is a man. Blaise sets his sights on Ian, but there are many obstacles in his way. Least of which, is Ian taking photos of things he shouldn’t. Ian is fascinated by the man he sees at the pond, but he has a job to do and if that job just happens to take him to that young man all the better. But he discovers something that should be kept hidden and places himself in danger. Both these characters are fun to get to know and they keep you reading.


I thought this story was quite good. Blaise’s determination to stand against his brother is good and Ian’s hope of romancing Blaise is cute. Their romance was a bit slip shod though and left a lot to be desired. I liked the idea of different Loup Garou. But it was quite confusing of what the structure actually was because nobody seemed to take it seriously. Just doing what they wanted with no fear of reprisals. The one thing that threw me, though, was that nobody did anything to punish the cougars that attacked Ian, and Ian let it slide.  


I will recommend this to those who love shifters, hot sex, good characters, hidden secrets discovered and a happy ending.


Lesson’s for Lewis by Amber Kell

18460336Title: Lessons for Lewis, 2nd edition


Series: The Larson Legacy 02


Author: Amber Kell


Genre: Paranormal


Length: Novella (113 pages)


Publisher: Amber Kell (3rd September 2013)


Heat Level: Moderate


Heart Rating:♥♥♥♥3 ½ Hearts


Reviewer: Pixie


Blurb: Lewis Larson thinks he’ll settle down with a woman and have a bunch of children… eventually. Vampire John Lesley and a trio of babies change Lewis’s plan.


Lewis Larson thinks he’ll have a female mate. His goal to eventually settle down with a woman and have a bunch of children hits a snag when a sexy vampire crosses his path.

John Lesley knows he wants the adorable werekin as soon as he sees him. Unfortunately, convincing a commitment shy wolf to bond with a vampire proves difficult when family, enemies, and a trio of babies gets involved.


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Review: This story is part of a series and I recommend they be read in order. Lewis wants nothing more than to eventually settle down with a woman and have a whole bunch of werebabies, unfortunately sexy vampire John is the one that smells like home and Lewis is determined to ignore him. John is having a hard time convincing Lewis to even be in the same room as him, never mind go on a date. And he is just starting to make progress, when Lewis learns some startling news.


Hmmm.  A very interesting story that has a couple of twists that adds some excitement. Lewis longs for a family of his own, but his attraction to John throws him completely. Deciding to ignore the attraction doesn’t help and he eventually gives into his feelings. But the discovery of a secret may just destroy what they are building. John is ecstatic when Lewis begins to come around, but he is furious when he learns what his granddaughter has planned. To protect Lewis, he keeps quiet and it just might backfire big time when Lewis discovers the truth.


I found this story to be a very light-hearted novella that was a joy to read as we visit with the Larson family again. Lewis is commitment shy. He is unsure of what he feels for John and because he eventually wants children, he ignores what he does feel. John is sure that he wants Lewis, but getting Lewis to acknowledge the attraction is hard. Just when everything seems to be going well, his family nearly wrecks the relationship. Both characters are great and the sparks between them could start a forest fire. The problems they face are well-played, but I did feel like the ending was rushed, and everything was resolved with no real solution and just seemed to be glossed over.


The storyline was great and very well written, we see Tam and Valko from Trials Of Tam and we have Lewis and John in some steamy embraces that really heat up the page, we very briefly see some cute werebabies and Lewis, John and Tam take care of a threat to the family. Although I really enjoyed this story, I really feel like even though we get a happy ending it wasn’t a satisfactory ending. Simply because it was very slick and glossy with no real punishment dealt out to the perpetrator. And Lewis and John really needed to have it out between them before they kissed and made up.


I am going to recommend this to those who love shifters, vampires, hot men, hot sex, an interesting twist, a manipulating female and a very happy ending. 


Where There’s Smoke by L.A. Witt

LAW_WhereTheresSmoke_coverlgTitle: Where There’s Smoke

Author: L.A. Witt

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Length: Novel (372 pages)

Publisher: Loose Id (February 21st 2012)

Heat Level: Moderate

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥ 5 Hearts

Reviewer: Tams

Blurb: Anthony Hunter wonders what the hell he’s gotten himself into when he agrees to manage an unproven candidate’s campaign for governor of California. As soon as he meets the gorgeous, charismatic – and married – politician, attraction gives Anthony’s rock-solid professionalism a run for its money and Anthony knows he’s in way over his head.

Jesse Cameron doesn’t like the idea of putting himself out there as a happily married, wholesome candidate, but his retired senator uncle insists it’ll give him an edge over a challenging rival. The only problem is that Jesse’s marriage is over, existing only to maintain his heterosexual facade. Oh and there’s that minor detail about his undeniable attraction to his smoking hot campaign manager. Or the fact that the attraction is very, very mutual.

Before long, temptation explodes into a sizzling, secret relationship, but under the microscope of the media and the relentless scrutiny of the voting public, Anthony and Jesse can only keep their secret for so long. And this is one scandal a campaign won’t survive…

Purchase Link:

Review: Fast paced, smooth read with attention to detail and an engaging storyline.

Jesse Cameron has decided to run for governor of California, with the support of his loving wife Simone. His uncle calls on the expertise of his own former campaign manager, Anthony Hunter. Let’s take a step back here and address the fact that the Cameron family is a “Hot Mess!” Jesse’s uncle is a manipulative SOB; his father was an award-winning actor as is his wife Simone; his wife harbours a secret that Jesse is aware of and assists her in keeping secret; his brother is in an abusive relationship and Jesse himself is a closeted gay man. Enter Anthony who is not necessarily in the closet but doesn’t wave his rainbow flag either and we now have another element of secrecy in this story.

The attraction between Jesse and Anthony is immediate and electric and the two begin a secret love affair in random hotel rooms across the US along the campaign trail. But secrets like this can’t stay buried for long. Would Jesse’s supporters still support an out gay man?

There is so much going on in the pages of this book, and yet the flow remains constant and steady. There isn’t any one issue that is over stressed or under worked, Witt’s attention to detail for each character and each part of the story is easily conveyed. Even as Simone goes from supportive to vindictive and then comes back around, you can’t be upset with her, it just makes her come across as a flawed human being.

Warning, this is an M/M erotic novel with some Oh. My. God (!!) sexy, steamy love scenes! My Kindle screen would get steamed up every time Anthony and Jesse got some one on one time! Engrossing and sexy, you won’t be able to stop once you’ve started until you reach the end.


A Liar’s Moon by Joy Lyn Fielding

81k94F3jM3L._SL1500_Title: A Liars Moon

Series: Strength of the Pack book 2

Author: Joy Lynn Fielding

Genre: Shifter/Werewolves/Paranormal

Length: Novella (113 pages)

Publisher: Siren Publishing (December 11th, 2013)

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Rating:

Blurb: Siren Classic ManLove. Journalist Riley Clark is chasing the story that could make his career–the reported sighting of a fabled Argent shifter. His investigation takes him to the town of Elk Ridge, which turns out to be everything he hates. Things start to look up, however, when he meets Jason Nichols. Jason is shy, sweet, and has the most beautiful smile Riley has ever seen. Riley wants to keep seeing that smile, and as he spends time with Jason, his hoped for scoop becomes less and less important. But his editor is still pressuring him for that story. So when Riley discovers that Jason is a member of the pack he’s in town to look into, it seems like fate–he can be with Jason and continue his investigation at the same time. His plan has just one drawback–he hasn’t thought about what will happen if Jason and his pack discover Riley’s real reason for being in Elk Ridge. ** A Siren Erotic Romance 

Product Link:


Review: Riley is a reporter and a character we’re set up not to trust, and I even have a hard time liking him. But Riley grows on me, and clearly grows on our sweet little Jason. Riley gets closer and closer to Jason, becomes intimately attached to him, gets an in with the pack and then doesn’t know how he’s going to explain himself when his reuse is discovered. I thought it would be impossible for the author to find a way to get Riley out of his predicament, but these chances develop to redeem himself. The question is will the pack forgive him, and can Jason learn to trust him again?

We see characters from past books, and of course, Jesse still seems to be the center of the conflict. Because of Jason bringing attention to Elk Ridge, everyone becomes concerned about protecting Jesse and his secret from the outside world, and packs.

There’s not quite the struggle for dominance and battle between two stubborn personalities as we found in book one. This book is more about our sweet, innocent favorite falling for the bad boy outsider and bringing out the best in him. A fun series, with plenty of heat, looking forward to the next one!

Tramps by T.A. Chase

91ZLZL7vbAL._SL1500_Title: Tramps


Series: The Beasor Chronicles 02


Author: T.A. Chase


Genre: Paranormal, Fantasy, Alternative World


Length: Novella (152pgs)


Publisher: Total E-Bound (20th August 2012)


Heat Level: Moderate


Heart Rating:♥♥♥♥3 ½ – 4 Hearts


Reviewer: Pixie


Blurb: Searching for a Thief accused of stealing something precious, Chal acknowledges it’s the Thief that he wants and is unwilling to give him up.


Being a Tramp on Beasor means Chal spends most of his time transporting items from other universes for his clients. Since Tramps are unaffected by the draining symptoms of flashing, they are perfect for retrieval missions as well. He’s watched two of his friends fall in love, and longs to find his own lover.


When he accepts a mission to flash to Earth, and retrieve a Thief who has stolen something important, Chal had no way of knowing his target might steal his heart as well.


Palmer wants to be left alone. He’s been used by the man who was supposed to be his friend, and forced to do things he didn’t want to do. When he flashes to Earth, Palmer hopes he can remain hidden and safe. Yet the moment a Tramp walks into the diner Palmer works at, he knows his life has taken a radical turn.


For better or worse, the Tramp and the Thief have to find out where the truth lies in the tangle of lies they’ve been given.


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Review: This book is part of a series and best read in order. Chal is a Tramp. He is one of the most powerful of his kind and takes pride in his work. But when he is asked to do a job that seems hinky, he decides to get to the bottom of his suspicions and discovers the man he has been dreaming of. Palmer is a Thief and has finally escaped the clutches of a bent businessman, but the moment that the man he has been dreaming of walks into the diner on Earth to retrieve him he fears that his freedom has gone. Together Chal and Palmer must find if their love can survive what is about to be thrown at them.


This is a great story that has the world of Beasor as the main background with flashes to Earth for added excitement. Chal and Palmer are our main characters, Chal is a Tramp who can easily travel to other worlds and universes, when he is asked to do a retrieval job he becomes suspicious of the details when the client wants the Thief returned to him instead of reporting him to the Thief council. Palmer ran rather than be used to commit murder, he knows that Coldston won’t let him go and has fled to Earth to hide, meeting Chal throws him for a loop, but he is willing to trust the man won’t hand him over without getting to the truth and getting Palmer some help.


Chal is a Tramp who is really good at what he does and he always tries to be honest, coming across a situation like Palmer is in has him trying his best to be a champion and not just because he falls for Palmer hard. Palmer may be a Thief who needs rescuing but he is a man who is surprisingly strong-willed for his circumstances, meeting Chal just makes him that much more determined not to cave into Coldston’s demands. Together they make a great couple but they still have to navigate the council’s demands, so our delightful Beasor’s do have to live on hope and prayers for a time.


I have to admit to loving the Beasor world and its characters, there is just something wonderful about discovering a world that has magic and strict distinctions for each talent, being enfolded into the stories of simple people and their friends as they struggle with their love lives and the difficulties they face finding that love. Chal and Palmer are a couple where their bond is deeper due to their shared dreams, of the struggle that Palmer faces and Chal’s unswerving support. Their friends make great supporting characters and it was great to see Alden and Percy (from Gypsies) again.


I will recommend this to those who love discovering new worlds and universes, great characters, brilliant storylines, hot men and even hotter sex and a very happy ending.      

Home Work by Kaje Harper

15706627Title: Home Work


Series: Life Lessons, 03


Author: Kaje Harper


Genre: Contemporary


Length: Super Novel (356 pages)


Publisher: MLR Press (5th October 2012)


Heat Level: Moderate


Heart Rating:♥♥♥♥♥4 ½ Hearts


Reviewer: Pixie


Blurb: Coming together as a family was supposed to make life happy-ever-after for Mac and Tony, but their two uprooted kids, demanding jobs, and a less than gay-friendly world don’t seem to have gotten the message.


Mac and Tony thought the hard part was over. They’re together openly as a couple, sharing a home, and building a life with their two children. It’s what they dreamed of. But daughter Anna struggles with the changes, Ben is haunted by old secrets, Mac’s job in Homicide still demands too much of his time, and Tony is caught in the middle. It’s going to take everything these men can give to create a viable balance between home and work. Especially when the outside world seems determined to throw obstacles in their way.


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Review: This book is part of a series and must be read in order. Mac and Tony are having their happily ever after, but happily ever after is harder than they thought, between Anna and Ben settling into their new lives with two parents, juggling work with parenthood for Tony and Mac and then Mac’s job interfering in their home life it’s a struggle to just be a couple. Can Tony and Mac cope with the stresses that life throws at them especially when Mac’s murder case comes too close to home?


This is a wonderful addition to the Life Lessons series. Showing the progression of Tony and Mac’s relationship and the difficulties, they face. But, with the added danger that is inherent, when you live with a policeman. Tony is starting to feel the strain of being a parent, especially when he begins to feel like a single parent when Mac’s job makes more demands on his time. Mac feels like he has to push himself more than ever now that everyone at work knows he is gay, and conveniently ignoring that he is leaving most of the parenting to Tony. But nothing will stop Mac from claiming Tony for his own and Tony will be there for Mac no matter what.


I have to say that Mac and Tony are one of my favorite M/M couples to ever grace the pages of a book. Simply because they haven’t had the most perfect of relationships and they have had to work at what they have. they have had the ups and downs, the struggles and arguments and they have now settled down as a couple with two small children. But, instead of Kaje Harper letting them settle down to the perfect family, she has written a story that still has them working on their relationship. showing the struggles that every parent has when combining two households and two families.


In this story, we see the strain that both men are under, the happiness they still have and the love they still feel. We see the juggling of time and the stress of coping with children as they settle and the strain of having a partner with a difficult job. There is also a great storyline with Mac’s job as he hunts for a killer and ties it in with a missing person report and the danger Mac faces because of the actions of a colleague, this is truly a great book that gives you slices of life that many books don’t show, it gives us characters that we love, dislike, sneer at, hate and also one or two that you wouldn’t mind taking into an alley to beat the crap out of.


I highly recommend this story to those who love crime, drama, mystery, danger, strong relationships, forging through difficulties and coming out stronger, family stories two men truly in love and an ending that will make you smile.                                      

Red Moon Rising by Joy Lynn Fielding

19448492Title: Red Moon Rising

Series: Strength of the Pack, #3

Author: Joy Lynn Fielding

Genre: Shifter/Werewolves/Paranormal

Length: Novel (151 Pages)

Publisher: Siren Publishing (January 28th, 2014)

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Rating:

Blurb: Siren Classic ManLove. Caught in the wrong place at the wrong time, Tristan Howe is abducted and imprisoned by a pack at war with his own. His future looks bleak until he finds an unexpected ally in enemy pack member, Colby Williams. A fragile bond develops between them as they escape together.

Once he’s safely back with his own pack, Tristan finds his feelings for Colby are more than just gratitude for being rescued. He’s delighted to learn that they’re reciprocated, and even more excited to realize he and Colby are mates.

But idealistic Tristan finally has to face up to the fact that even true love might not be enough to defeat the forces ranged against them—not least his pack-mates’ suspicion and hostility toward Colby, and a mate so scarred by his abusive past that he doesn’t know how to be free. All Tristan can do is try.

NOTE: Beta hero raped during the story. It is not described in detail and is not intended for titillation.

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Review: This is the best book in the series so far. I like angst and defeating odds, and this book has plenty of that. There are some disturbing abuse scenes involving Colby and his abusive pack leader, but it’s necessary to build up just how damaged Colby is and paints a clearer picture of what he’s up against. There is also a large amount of more gruesome violence, just be warned.

Once Tristan manages to gain his freedom with help and sacrifice from Colby, he needs to both trust his helper and convince his pack to trust him too. All along I expect the mental and physical abuse, and fear to overcome Colby and cause big problems. The PTSD of an abuse situation is a big part of the plot, along with Colby learning to trust again and believing he can have happiness, that he’s not completely broken.

A big and scary surprise awaits Tristan’s pack when they go to confront Colby’s old pack leader…and it all ties into Jesse’s past once again. An exciting read, with lots of emotion, and some unexpected twists and turns!

Sui Generis by Edward Kendrick

4f7951e707d18d75077ea919ed45c029.image.300x450Title: Sui Generis


Author: Edward Kendrick


Genre: Action/Adventure, Contemporary, Fantasy, Gay, Paranormal/Alternate World, Vampires, Werewolves


Length: Novel (232 pages)


ISBN: 9781622321186


Publisher: Silver Publishing (January 25th, 2014) 


Heat Level: Low


Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥ 4 Hearts


Reviewer: Cat


Blurb: Captured, imprisoned and tortured, Brand becomes… unique. After escaping, he vows revenge on his captor, Fedor. With the help of his friend and housemate, Mag, the search begins. Then others who also have a vested interest in finding Fedor become involved.


These others, who call themselves Enforcers, are not run-of-the-mill by any means. Their leader, Antton, convinces Mag that Brand is more than he seems. When Fedor captures Mag to demoralize Brand to force him to come to him, Brand and the Enforcers, including Randulf, set out to rescue him.

With that mission successfully completed, Brand admits he cares for Mag as much as Mag does him—something he has been previously unwilling to reveal.


Then Brand is invited to join the Enforcers—and accepts. The Enforcers receive another assignment and Brand and Mag meet Lew, Randulf’s ex-lover. There’s no love lost between those two, but Mag suspects that deep down they care for each other. He vows to force them to admit it—to themselves and to each other—if they survive the coming battle.


Content advisory: This title contains scenes of violence that may upset some readers.


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Review: I really like this cover; it has a mysterious vibe to it.

When I first started reading this story I kept wondering if it was a part of a series and if I had missed something. It just had that book two feel. Eventually the backstory is all well explained, but I can’t help but wonder if why it picked up after Brand had escaped from Fedor and we didn’t see his torture or more on why Fedor had him. 


This book has a lot going on. We have the first part, where Brand is hunting Fedor, meets the Enforcers, and deals with his feelings for Mag. After this all settles down we get another story, the enforcers go on another hunt but this one features Randulf and Lew more than Brand.  I’m not complaining though. I really liked the story and we actually got like two stories in one book. The stories were very interesting and fast paced.


The characters are also very intriguing. We have Brand who is part human / part vampire and now has another power after his torture from Fedor.  I really liked this combination.  Mag is a human and Brands friend with benefits.  He is smart, sweet, and sexy as all get out.  Then we add the Enforcers. Wow what a group! We have a couple older vampires and a couple of Werewolves. Each has his own powers. All of them are very interesting and I did like Randulf and Lew’s story a lot, maybe even more than Brand and Mag’s.


All in all this is a paranormal romance lover’s dream! You have a great mix of mystery, suspense, some unique characters, and a different take on Vampires and werewolf’s, yet with Edward Kendrick’s style of mixing suspense with just a small dose of sweet romance. The balance is perfect, the love and sexual tension is there without any actual sex scenes.


If you love a sweet romance, paranormal romance, Friends to lovers, Vampires, werewolves, suspense, intrigue and no actual sex scenes with a happy ending, this is for you!

The Games We Play by Sean Michael

81SLYHDzIQL._SL1500_Title: The Games We Play

Series:  A Hammer Story – This story is also available in the Take It Like A Man Anthology.

Author: Sean Michael

Genre: BDSM

Length: Short Story (24 pages)

Publisher: Torquere Press(January 28th, 2014)

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Rating:

Blurb: When Masters Marcus and Billy join forces to play with their boys, Jim and Montana find themselves at the Hammer Club with the world’s largest plugs in them. Good thing their masters know just how far to push them and how to bring them the most pleasure.

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Review: This is a BDSM story, but a lighter fare than most.

Two couples, the Doms, and their boys meet for a night out at The Hammer, their BDSM club. While all intentions are for the boys to have a scene and play with each other, the two subs are feeling rather bratty and rather full of the plugs and edging torture their masters are subjecting them to. By the end of the evening, it turns out each pair finishes of their sexual encounter with a more intimate pleasure, between Dom and sub.

Nothing tremendously deep here, the writing is lacking layers and depth, but that isn’t really, what one reads this series for anyhow is it? It’s a quick kink-fest, and I do so enjoy a whimpering boy.