Mongrel series by K.Z. Snow Book Blast, Giveaway & Interview!

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Hey peeps, today I am handing over the blog to Cat and K.Z. Snow to have a chat about the Mongrel series, we also have Cat’s reviews for Mongrel, Merman & Machine for you to enjoy. So come have a peek at this steampunk series that has our Cat desperate for more! K.Z. is also having a Giveaway over on her blog so click the link for her Giveaway for a chance to win 🙂 ❤ ~Pixie~

Cat & K.Z. Chat!

Hi Everyone! I am so excited! Our Lovely Mistress Portia and Book Goddess Pixie asked me if I’d want to do an interview with the talented K.Z. Snow about her paranormal steampunk Mongrel series. I jumped at the chance.

Cat: Welcome K.Z to our lovely dungeon oops I meant workroom, don’t pay any attention to the minions chained to desks or the floggers and other implements hanging on the wall.

KZ: Hi, Cat, and thanks for the invite! Don’t worry; I was warned how crazy you ladies can be, so I mentally prepared myself. 🙂

Cat: I just finished book three of your Mongrel series and absolutely loved it. What inspired you to write this series?

KZ: When I discovered the genre known as steampunk, I was fascinated. I liked its combination of history, fantasy, and sci fi. I liked its grittiness. Some steampunk even had a slightly dark edge, and I liked that type the best. But there was virtually no m/m romance set in a steampunk world. I took that as a challenge. How could love, especially love between two men, flourish in a grungy, often oppressive environment that paralleled the late 19th century?      

Cat:  Did you know it was going to be a series when you started or did it just keep growing?

KZ: I didn’t know! When I finished Mongrel (Book 1), I went on to other projects. But the enthusiasm of certain readers combined with my own love of the characters persuaded me to return to that world and explore it further.   

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