A Werewolf’s Howl by Bronwyn Heeley

4450awerewolfshowl510w-430x645Title: A Werewolf’s Howl
Series: Moonlit Wolves Book 5
Author: Bronwyn Heeley
Genre: Paranormal/ Werewolves
Length: Novella (122 Pages)
ISBN: 978-1-77111-838-5
Publisher: Extasy Books (May 15th, 2014)
Heat Level: Moderate
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥4Hearts
Reviewer: Lisa

Blurb: Déjà vú, but can Kyle change the way it all went down last time, so he can keep the only man he ever loved?

Standing over another mutilated person, Kyle knows the rogue werewolf is back. He’d seen this before, year ago, when everything turned to shit.

Brad was in two minds about coming back to his hometown after running away because of a kiss—that resulted in his best mate’s murder. When his mentor asks for his help, Brad agreed a little too easily.

But it was an excuse to run into the one man he’d been pining over for too long now. Why he can’t get Kyle out of his head, Brad isn’t sure. However, as soon as he locks eyes with Kyle, the fresh wash of lust tells him he may never be able to.

Can a goal to hunt down the rogue that took their friend’s life—the reason they had been apart—be a reconnection they both so desperately need?

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Review: This is book five in this series and they need to be read in order. It keeps their world and characters in order. You get to understand them better and see where they are going and what they do. With just reading this book, you will kind of get lost trying to figure out why they do what they do.

Kyle had been dating Brad’s best friend when Brad had kissed him. A short time later, Kyle had come across his boyfriend’s body. It had torn him apart. Now Brad is back and there is another murder caused by a rogue.

Brad had left to get his head on straight and came back when his mentor asked for his help. He had also come back to see the man he had left so long ago. A man that he had wanted then and still did. However, it had been his fault that his best friend had been killed. Oh, he had not been the one to murder him but he was still at fault for some of it.

Now all he had to do is get Kyle to forgive him, but Kyle has to also forgive himself. However when they are together it is hot and full of passion. There are still many different types of dangers out there and they fight to keep each other safe. There is so much feeling in this story that one will fall in love with them. You can tell from the way they look and search for each other. How protective they are, and everyone around them can tell that these two need to be together. The true reason for them not being together was the rogue that killed Pete. Each holding onto their guilt, which in truth they are mates

This is a very good story, one that will catch your attention with the first paragraph and will keep it all the way to the end. If you love paranormal romance then this is a book you might want to grab. It has amazing characters that you can relate to and understand fully why they do the things they do and feel the way they feel. You will get to know them and fall in love with each one and cheer them on all the way. Sometimes you will want to just smack them upside the head when they get to pigheaded.

This is a great series that you will want to read over and over. One that you will want to read while taking an afternoon rest. The guys are hot and sexy, what they are fighting for will make you cheer them on, danger all around, excitement and a little adventure in the mist. I cannot wait to read the next book in this series.

Alpha’s War by Zoe Perdita

81xr+5m4yqL._SL1500_Title: Alpha’s War
Series: Haven City Series Book 4
Author: Zoe Perdita
Genre:  Paranormal/Shifters
Length: Novel (229 Pages)
ISBN: 978-1-31130-790-3
Publisher: Eccentric Erotica; first edition (March 2, 2014)
Heat Level: Moderate
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥5Hearts
Reviewer: Lisa

Blurb: Sebastian knows criminals. He was raised in a family of thieves. But nothing could prepare him for the charming and dangerous gang leader and alpha wolf, Ian Black.

Since Seb isn’t strong enough to protect himself, he seeks aid from the Black Wolves – the most infamous shifter gang in the city. While the alpha promises to protect Seb, Ian wants something in return. Seb has to pretend to be Ian’s sex slave in public.

Only problem is Seb’s straight – or he thought he was. Ian’s insistence tests his resolve at every turn.

As violence explodes throughout the city, desire sizzles between the cat and wolf. But giving into passion is difficult for Seb who spent his entire life pushing other people away.

Can these two broken men find love in the midst of chaos?

Purchase Link: http://www.amazon.com/Alphas-War-Black-Wolves-Series-ebook/dp/B00IR07TEA

Review: This is book four in this series and they should be read in order. I haven’t had a chance to read the first three books but after reading this one, I just have to go buy them and read them all. It is that good of a book. A lot of books you pick up, read, and find out that it is a really great one but you never pick it up again. Well this book makes you feel like reading it more than once. I love the way the story was told. It has such a serious nature about it. Ian’s parents had been killed by tiger shifters a very long time ago. So he and Breaker started a gang, one that was blood thirsty and dangerous to clean up their town. It wasn’t completely true but they are a feared gang. They are fighting tigers, bears, Russians and the Triade.

Seb and his twin Fisk are thieves, very good at it too if not the best. However, they still got caught by Ian. Ian had paid a fortune and bought Fisk even had sex with him. That was before Fisk mated Breaker and Ian met Fisk’s twin Seb. He knew that Seb was his mate but he had two problems. One was his sleeping with Fisk and two was Seb wasn’t gay. He tried so hard to get Seb’s attention even knowing that it wasn’t going to work. He would however do everything in his power to keep not only his pack safe but also his mate. His mate had been injured by silver poisoning when he was just a child. It made him weak at certain times.

Seb had feelings for Ian, he was scared and confused about it, but he knew that Ian was indeed his mate. He just had to work it out in his own mind. All of his life he felt like he was broken, weak, a failure and sometimes he felt like that but he wanted to prove to everyone that he can help them. Ian and Breaker were wolves known for strength and violence where as Seb and Fisk were cat shifters known for the minds. When they combine their strengths, they can be unstoppable. Even with the addition of one tiger shifter helping them they were still in danger, so now would be a good time to listen to their cat.

I love the way that at first it comes off as if Seb hates Ian but it morph’s into love. There is so much passion between them that it would set the woods on fire. I love how it takes them time, work to get it all settled between them, and that Ian does show Seb his tender side and vulnerability. It always makes it better when an alpha wolf shows their mate that they can be vulnerable to. It makes their love even better.
I loved this book and cannot wait to check out all of Zoe’s books. It caught my attention from the start and kept it all the way to the end. I would recommend reading this book if you love two hot and sexy men, power struggles, wolf shifters tiger shifters, bear shifters, mages, cat shifters, love, excitement and lots of dangers. It is one amazing story that will give you everything you ever want.

Rehabilitating His Dingo by Charlie Richards

4401REHABILITATINGHISDINGO510-430x645Title: Rehabilitating His Dingo
Series: Wolves of Stone Ridge, Book 23
Author: Charlie Richards
Genre: Paranormal/Shapeshifter
Length: Novella (120 Pages)
ISBN: 978-1-77111-944-3
Publisher: Extasy Books (May 15th, 2014)
Heat Level: Moderate
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥5Hearts
Reviewer: Lisa

Blurb: Out of the Cage: Sometimes, when something seems too good to be true, it isn’t.
When wolf shifter Yates Cruner helps save several humans from a dingo shifter pack using them as slaves, he doesn’t expect to find his mate among them. Oh, not one of the humans, but one of the surviving dingo shifters who has been beaten and abused just as much as the humans. It seems the dingo pack had one rule…I’m more dominant than you are. I can do whatever I want to you. Yates realizes his little mate has a long road of healing ahead, and most of it isn’t for physical wounds.
Aryen Fowles learned his place early in life, keep his head down, kneel at the other shifter’s feet, and do whatever they ask. If he did that, he could avoid being punished. When a group of strange shifters takes over the pack, the rules change. Aryen struggles to understand what’s expected of him. When one of the wolves offers him pleasures he’d never experienced before, he wonders if he could accept his offer at face value or was it too good to be true?
Purchase Link: http://www.extasybooks.com/rehabilitating-his-dingo/
Review: This is book twenty-three in this series and they need to be read in order. It just makes for a better series when you do, although you can read them separate it is just easier to follow. It gives you a sense into their world and might give you a lead into who each character is especially the alpha’s. Yates is a wolf shifter who has been searching for his mate for quite some time. His alpha loaned him to another alpha to recognize some humans being held by dingo shifters. What they found were not only were the humans being used for slaves but also several of the dingo’s themselves. Including his mate Aryen.

Aryen was so used to knowing his place, that it would take some time for Yates to show him that he has a long road of healing to go through. Aryen had been tortured and raped over the time that they had him. He knew to keep his head down, kneel at the other shifter’s feet, and do whatever they were asked. When Yates saves him, Aryen doesn’t know what is expected of him.

They have a long road ahead of them, especially when one of the human females wants Aryen dead. She just won’t get it through her head that he was a victim also. Yates will do everything in his powers to keep his mate safe. Aryen has to learn to live again, to live free with a mate who loves him. You can tell the way they are together that there is a lot of love in them. There is even a hint of kink in this book. Even though Aryen is not a sub and Yates is not a Dom, you can see that there is just a hint of it.

It is an amazing book, although most of Charlie’s book are. She has a gift that just keeps on giving. A way to bring you into their world’s with just a few lines in a book. I am very glad to add this book into my library. I can guarantee that once you start reading this book you won’t be able to put it down till the very end. It is the perfect length to me, not to short and not a complete novel. I can sit down on the couch, with my legs tucked under me, a soda on one side of me, and the radio playing and just read this book. I loved it and I cannot wait till the next book comes out.