Hearts and Minds by M.D. Grimm

HeartsandMindsLGTitle: Hearts and Minds
Author: MD Grimm
Series: The Shifters, #5.1
Length: Novella (89 pages)
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (February 11th 2015)
Heat Level: Moderate
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥5 Hearts
Blurb: With the construction for their shifter rehabilitation clinic in Haven underway, Xavier and Josh couldn’t be happier, professionally. But their busy lives leave them little alone time. It’s putting a strain on their relationship, and they still haven’t had anything close to a honeymoon. Josh realizes Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and sees an opportunity he can’t let get away.

But never having observed the holiday before, he has no idea what Xavier might want. All Xavier knows is that Josh wants to celebrate, but he has no clue how.

Before either of them makes a concrete decision, a bear shifter attacks Haven and tramples their romantic plans.

Purchase Link: http://www.dreamspinnerpress.com/store/product_info.php?products_id=6031

Reviewer: Tams

Review: Xavier is an alpha male wolf shifter, strong and fierce and definitely the boss in the relationship. His human mate is a doctor and as much as he loves Xavier, he gets very annoyed with his man when Xavier doesn’t treat Josh as an equal. In addition to that they haven’t had as much time together as of late with the construction of the clinic and Josh making extra time for his patients.

With Valentine’s Day approaching both men are a bit clueless on whether or not they should do anything for the day. But between work, pack commitments and moody shifters that continually interrupt the five minutes of alone time Xavier and Josh manage to snag; they could use a night of hearts and flowers!

Short, steamy and sexy! But there was a good storyline underneath the botched attempts at romance. I haven’t read any of the other books in this series, and what this short did was introduce me to Grimm’s world and make me want to read more about these shifters.

There was a hint toward Fae and Odin and some Agency that I didn’t quite figure out, are they good or bad? Somewhere along the way Xavier was captured and tortured, turned into a ruthless killer, but then Josh found him and saved him from captivity and his fastly eroding mind. Yes, I got all that in just the few pages of this book. Now you see why I want to read more?!

Anywho, I’m rambling. I’m intrigued by this shifter world as well as the story. The characters are well-developed and the story just flowed so well that I can’t wait to read more from this author. If you like shifter stories then this book has to be on your list.

Drawing Straws: Joe by Sean Michael

getthumbTitle: Drawing Straws: Joe
Series: Drawing Straws, #2
Author: Sean Michael
Genre: Sex between Multiple Partners
Length: Novella (51 pages)
Publisher: Resplendence Publishing (07/16/14)
Heat Level: Explicit
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥ 4 ½ Hearts
Blurb: Damon, Erik, Tork and Joe are back again for another wild weekend together where they can all let go and really be themselves.

Just because they’ve left their jobs and lives behind though, doesn’t mean that they’ve left their baggage behind, too. Joe’s had a really rough week and to everyone’s surprise, fixes the draw so he gets the sub straw.

Can Damon, Erik and Tork help Joe deal with his troubles and send him home on Monday feeling ready to take on the world again?

ISBN: 681-978-1-60735-792-6

Product Link: http://www.resplendencepublishing.com/m8/681-978-1-60735-792-6–drawing-straws-joe-handcuffs-and-lace-signature-line-by-sean-michael.html

Reviewer: Shorty

Review: Really good yet intense story about Erik, Joe, Tork and Damon. These guys know how to help each other out both in and out of the bedroom. The guys help Joe work through the fact that he killed a man. While Damon has a secret of his own that he doesn’t want to reveal and ruin the weekend.

Intense, passionate and emotional scenes. The sex between these sexy guys set the pages on fire. I really liked the chemistry, love and understanding between these four men.

Absolutely Fantastic read.

Can’t wait to read the next book.

This Charming Man by Ajax Bell

91b3rq3I2sL._SL1500_Title: This Charming Man

Author: Ajax Bell

Series: Queen City Boys, #3

Genre: Contemporary

Length: Novel (358 pages)

Publisher: Jugum Press (November 1st 2014)

Heat Level: Moderate

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥4 Hearts


It’s 1991 and Steven Frazier has danced away half a decade in the Seattle club scene with his beautiful-but-poisonous best friend, Adrian.

Two glittering princes against the world, too high above life to care about what they might be missing. But everything changes when a chance meeting with older—not to mention handsome—businessman John Pieters, reveals a cosmopolitan world and possible futures Steven’s never considered.

Flashy club clothes won’t impress John, this charming man who knows so much about many things. Motivated by fantasies inspired by his crush on John, can Steven finally fight Adrian’s sick hold?

As he steps out into the larger world, supported by new friends, Steven must prove to John—and to himself—that he’s not a hedonistic rhinestone club kid, but a true diamond in the rough.

Product Link: http://www.amazon.com/This-Charming-Queen-City-Boys/dp/1939423252

Reviewer: Tams

Review: Steven Frazier is an openly gay college student in probably the most open-minded city there is. He attends class during the day then parties with his friend Adrian at night. Their volatile relationship is the center of Steven’s world in the beginning. You see, Steven is convinced that he’s in love with Adrian, and Adrian uses those feelings as a way to hold sway over Steven. There is an occasional flirtatious smile that leads to something more, but most of the time Adrian is cruel and almost vindictive.

When Steven meets the much older, wiser, successful and definitely sexy John, everything starts to change. For the first time Steven truly wants to make something more for himself and his life, he wants to prove to John he is worth the risk to spite their age difference and Steven’s past. Oh but Adrian can’t lose his little toy, his puppy he leads along on a string.

When Adrian realizes that Steven is willing to do whatever it takes to be with John, he effectively throws Steven under the bus, shares secrets with John that Steven didn’t want anyone to know. It works alright, too well, not only does Steven loose John but he kicks Adrian out of his life as well. Some betrayals cannot be overlooked.

It takes Steven a while, a lot of soul-searching and a few one night stands before he finally pulls his head out of his ass and goes after the one thing that made him feel safe, happy and made him feel like he could be someone, do something with his life, John. But is it all too little too late?

This story drew me in from the first chapter with Steven and Adrian at the club, in their element. But then Steven sees John, and though it isn’t until a little later they actually meet again and go out the first time. From that night on Steven is starting to question the life he’s leading, getting the ball rolling for changes he needs to make.

Adrian does not make it easy, of course not, if Steven dates John and finishes school and gets a better job, where will that leave Adrian. Now about half way through the book the story tapered off, drastically. It became very melodramatic and while it was necessary for Steven to have to go through the setbacks he had to make him stronger, this section of the book could have been shortened by about fifty pages and still got the point across.

Oh but then there is the ending, the last 20% of the book was probably my favorite part. Steven has a long conversation with his best friend and with John. By now Steven has made new friends that aren’t toxic, is almost done with college, found a new job oh, and he gets a second chance with John. His story definitely comes full circle in the end, so to spite the story dragging mid way through for entirely too long, the ending left me smiling. There were also several typos throughout that were bold enough to catch my attention.

Overall though, I’d still recommend this read. If you can overlook the occasional typo and the lull in the second half of the book, I think the introduction to this world, these guys of Queen City, will be worth while. It’s sort of a coming of age story, figuring out who you are, what you want and what is important in life. There is the lustful side of Steven when he is with Adrian, the young horny gay guy exercising his rights to procreate with several one night stands, every man has to experiment, right?

But then there is the pièce de résistance (oh yes, that is french!) when Steven and John finally come together. So well written to show the young, innocent traits of Steven coupled with the older, wiser and more dominant features John possess. Simply magnifique!

* I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review through https://mmgoodbookreviews.wordpress.com *

Stone in the Road by Nick Wilgus

StonesIntheRoadLGTitle: Stones in the Road
Series: Shake the Sugar Tree, #2
Author: Nick Wilgus
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Novel (350 Pages (Novel)
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (January 30th, 2015)
Heat Level: Moderate
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥ 5 Hearts
Blurb: When his snobbish future in-laws travel all the way from Boston to visit, wise-cracking Southerner Wiley Cantrell learns that gay marriage is not without its disadvantages. Occupied by concerns over the health of his special needs son Noah, a meth baby who was not expected to live and who is now on the cusp of puberty, the antics of Wiley’s outrageous would-be mother-in-law and severely conservative father-in-law strain his relationship with Jackson Ledbetter, a pediatric nurse who poses problems of his own.

As their respective families meet and greet, each just as meddlesome and inflexible as the other, North meets South and the fireworks and cultural misunderstandings are plenty.

A tornado blows through the small Mississippi town where Wiley’s mother lives, wrecking his mother’s house and leaving their lives in disarray. Then Jackson’s secret drug addiction comes to light, and Wiley and Noah are devastated. With so many stones in the road, Wiley and Jackson find their dream of becoming a real family falling apart. Though Wiley relies on humor to cope, he’ll need something more to keep his happily ever after from slipping away.

ISBN: 978-1-63216-730-9

Product Link: http://www.dreamspinnerpress.com/store/product_info.php?products_id=6007

Reviewer: KathyMac

Review: Stones in the Road, by Nick Wilgus, is the second installment of the Sugar Tree Series.

First things first…I loved this book. I went through so many emotions reading this story. Mostly, I laughed, but there were quite a few moments that I sat with my mouth hanging open or tears running down my face. Being the second book into the series I was already familiar with the author’s writing style and that allowed me to fall right in and just absorb everything that was happening.

I would definitely encourage you to read the first book, Shaking the Sugar Tree, first because there is so much relevant history and information you need. We have already embraced Wiley, Noah, and Jackson, and fell in love with them. Now, we get the opportunity to meet Jackson’s parents and WOW…is this a crazy ride.

Here is where the first of my emotions started to show. I was appalled, I was fit to be tied, and I was ready to open a can of whoop ass. All of those emotions because of one woman, Jackson’s mother. Bill, Wiley’s brother, is a piece of cake compared to this woman. What I didn’t expect, however, was by the end of the book. I really, really liked this woman. I know… it’s crazy.

Wiley has to deal with so many problems. He seems to never catch a break, but really, its life. One of the many things I love about this series is I can relate to so many things. It’s real life situations that happen and real life bumps in the road that most encounter at some point.

Unfortunately, for Wiley and Noah, they seem to have more than their share of ups and downs.

Now that the future in-laws have perched themselves into the middle of Wiley and Jackson’s life, for the next month, Wiley will be lucky if he makes it through. He’s basically blind-sided about everything in Jackson’s past. Seeing as Jackson has kept a lot of stuff from him, and I mean a lot, his mother feels the need to fill Wiley in on all of it. If that wasn’t enough to deal with, Wiley also has the DHS breathing down his neck about Noah and his well-being.

Wiley has no filter on what he says or does. He is who he is, like it or be on your way. Sometimes he is joking and sometimes he’s not. I was kind of caught off guard in the first book with Wiley’s personality. With this book, I felt I had a pretty good handle on it and could read him much better. Wiley tries to be on his best behavior toward Jackson’s mother but it’s really hard because she doesn’t seem to have a filter either. And they butt heads, all of them, all the time.

Mrs. Ledbetter looked at me sharply, offering an uncertain smile. “When you don’t know where you’re going, Willis, any road will take you there.”
“Are you suggesting my life has no direction?” I asked.
“So you’re not completely stupid,” she said, peering above her menu. “But don’t worry. If jellyfish can survive for six hundred and fifty million years without brains, I’m sure you’ll do just fine.”

And then Wiley comes back with this and I literally was laughing aloud and cheering him on.

“You know,” I said, “there is one aspect about conservative Christianity that I quite agree with. A woman, according to St. Paul in the Bible, is supposed to keep her mouth shut. Unless, of course, a man needs somewhere to put his dick.”

The author’s originality and creativity is brilliant and pulls the reader right into the guts of the story. You will be connected to these characters. You care what happens to them and what obstacles they have to overcome. They could easily be your next door neighbor, or your own long-lost relative.

Nick Wilgus doesn’t hold anything back and it is very refreshing. It doesn’t matter if it’s politics, religion, or sexuality. Nothing is left out and everything is subject to conversation, or ridicule.

At its core, this is a love story. But, it’s not the conventional kind that you may expect. It’s love between a father and his son, and as a parent, you do whatever you have too to provide the best you can. Noah is the constant denominator that binds everyone together, or in some cases, apart. Noah may be deaf but he knows with his heart when something is wrong. He’s scared to death of losing the people he loves, specifically his daddy.

It broke my heart when he has to face the consequences of Jackson’s mistakes because he takes on so much blame to be such a little guy. He has a lot of hurdles to get over but I have no doubt that with the people he has on his side that he will make it and be that much stronger.

Jackson also has a lot of healing and recovery to go through. He’s made mistakes, he has kept secrets, and he has done the most damaging thing he could ever have done to wreck his trust and relationship with Wiley. When faced with the aftermath of his actions, he knows what he has to do to start rebuilding what he broke.

And Wiley, what an amazing character he is. If he can finally forgive himself for things that were out of his control he may start to really see things in a different light. If he can trust in the love that he has for Jackson and for his son that will take him a long way towards redemption.

The author’s ingenuity and resourcefulness with storytelling is brilliant. He has developed characters with vitality and has given them strong personalities that complement each other. Well…some of them. This story has a lot of funny moments but it also has heartbreaking moments that left me crying or more than one occasion. But, it’s not all heartbreaking, trust me.

You will find yourself smiling from ear to ear, and laughing loud enough that people around you want to know what is so funny.

I highly recommend this to everyone. There is humor, suspense, angst, and love. So much love. And if for no other reason you must meet The Ledbetter’s. I can’t wait to see what happens next in Book 3.

* I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review through https://mmgoodbookreviews.wordpress.com *

Homicidal Instinct by K.A. Merikan

A1sJ1cp211L._SL1500_Title: Homicidal Instinct
Series: Guns N Boys, #2
Author: K.A. Merikan
Genre: Dark Thriller
Length: Novel (268 pages)
Publisher: Acerbi & Villani ltd. (February 4, 2015)
Heat Level: Moderate
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥3Hearts
Blurb: You can take a killer’s memory, but not his instinct
All Seth wants is to live free with the man he loves. But escaping death at the hands of the mafia is just the beginning of an uphill struggle.

When Domenico wakes up from his impromptu surgery and doesn’t even remember Seth’s name, Seth’s world falls apart. Suddenly it’s him who has to plan an escape from New York City and navigate their way to Mexico. All that without even knowing if the man of his life will ever love him again.

Domenico doesn’t know who to trust and what to believe. The man who introduces himself as his brother seems to hide dark secrets behind a cheerful smile. With the mafia breathing down their necks, there is no time to piece together the puzzle of Domenico’s life, and each time he thinks he’s solved it. A new part appears to be missing.

Dom needs to find out who he really is, what he’s capable of… and what is the real story hidden behind Seth’s intense eyes?

WARNING: Adult content. If you are easily offended, this book is not for you.

‘Guns n’ Boys’ is a gritty story of extreme violence, offensive language, abuse, and morally ambiguous protagonists. Behind the morbid facade, there is a splash of inappropriate dark humor, and a love story that will crawl under your skin.

Product Link: http://www.amazon.com/Guns-Boys-Homicidal-Instinct-romance-ebook/dp/B00T883FDE

Reviewer: Shorty

Review: This story picks up where the last book left off. With Dom out of commission Seth takes charge and some of his decisions I questioned. This book is pretty intense with lots of blood and gore as Seth and Dom are on the run amidst Dom being shot.

It broke my heart that Dom couldn’t remember who Seth was. These two seemed to never catch a break with Mafia chasing them. I was beginning to wonder if they’d make it all. It took a lot for Dom to start trusting Seth at first.

I didn’t care for the way Dom took out his anger on Seth. I found it abusive and offensive. Although this book was interesting and well written there were several things that bothered me as with the other two books.

It was an o.k. read.

* I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review through https://mmgoodbookreviews.wordpress.com *

Sweet Buns by Shea Balik

sb-cf-sweetbuns3150212_0256Title: Sweet Buns
Series: Cedar Falls, # 1
Author: Shea Balik
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Novella (143 pages)
Publisher: Siren Publishing, Inc. (February 25th 2015)
Heat Level: Moderate
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥ 4 Hearts
Blurb: Welcome to Cedar Falls, a small North Carolina town nestled amongst the Smoky Mountains.

Zane Fisher is prepared to fight against a proposed casino being built in his small hometown. Sure, it would bring in more visitors to their dying town, but at what risk?
Aidan Dempsey is sick of the bad coffee Cedar Falls has so far had to offer. After an exceptionally bad cup, he’s decided to swear off the stuff, that is until he’s dragged into the local bakery.

Not only does he find the best cup of coffee he’s ever tasted, but the bakery owner, Zane Fisher, just might be the sexiest man he’s ever met. Too bad Zane seems hell bent on avoiding him, as he’s the project manager for the casino Zane is against.

Will they be able to find common ground or will Aidan be doomed to only having bad coffee?

ISBN: 978-1-63258-994-1

Purchase Link: http://www.bookstrand.com/sweet-buns

Reviewer: Leigh

Review: Zane has come home and opened a successful bakery business in his home town of Cedar Falls. The town is slowly dying as the local mayor and town officials are doing nothing to help it stay alive. But that doesn’t mean Zane wants a new casino to open up either. Due to watching way too much “Vegas” Zane has a really bad and ridiculous opinion of casinos and the crime that could bring into his little town. That starts to change when Aidan walks into his shop for a good cup of coffee.

Aiden is in town to get the casino built and then will be running it when it opens. When he walks into Zane shop, Sweet Buns, does he not only get an awesome cup but he also meets a man he wants for more than a quick hook up. However Zane will not give him the time of day at first. It going to take work for Aiden to get his man, and a little help from others.

This book pretty funny. From Zane’s outlandish beliefs about casinos, his best friends, and to some of the other citizens of the town. But there was also some real deal concerns like family and citizens who was not as accepting of gay men as Zane’s family.

The relationship between Zane and Aiden is slow at first, but when they finally get things straightened out they are sweet together, and pretty smoking hot in the bedroom. I also really enjoyed Zane’s two best friends Jesse and Ethan.I can’t wait to read their stories.

So maybe this story is a little out of the realm of possibility but I read fiction for a reason. This book gave me what I wanted, a good story with a happy ending and some hot m/m sex. Although there were a few editing errors that gave me an issue when they knocked me out of the story to think, but nothing serious.

Overall this was a good fun ride and I look forward to more in this series.

* I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review through https://mmgoodbookreviews.wordpress.com *

A Barlow Lens by Elizabeth Noble Blog Tour, Guest Post, Excerpt, Review & Giveaway!

Elizabeth Noble - A Barlow Lens 600x600Banner

Hi peeps, we have Elizabeth Noble visiting today on the blog tour of her newest release A Barlow Lens, we have a great excerpt. a fantastic giveaway and my review for you to enjoy and we also asked Elizabeth a question, so enjoy the post and click that Rafflecopter link ❤ ~Pixie~ 

Elizabeth Noble - A Barlow Lens ORIG2

A Barlow Lens

(Circles 02)

Elizabeth Noble

While planning a future with his partner, Val, Wyatt’s past refuses to be forgotten. Wyatt’s old friend asks him to look into the mysterious death of her uncle in a fire back in 1927, when men were silent, tough, and did not love other men—except when they did. Working with Val, Wyatt digs up clues uncovering the truth behind the tragic school fire and the one responsible. The story of Tom and Philip slowly reveals itself, and Wyatt and Val realize nothing is as simple as they originally believed. As their trail heats up, an old enemy of Wyatt’s decides he’s waited long enough for revenge. If Wyatt can’t tie everything together, history might repeat itself.

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Waiting for the Flood by Alexis Hall Blog Tour, Excerpt, Review & Giveaway!

Alexis Hall - Waiting for the Flood Riptide Banner 1

Hi guys, we have Alexis Hall stopping by with his newest release Waiting for the Flood, we have a great excerpt and a fantastic giveaway and mine and Tams reviews. So check out the post and leave a comment (with a way for you to be contacted) and enjoy the post ❤ ~Pixie~

Alexis Hall - Waiting For The Flood _500x750

Waiting for the Flood

(Spires Universe)

Alexis Hall

People come as well as go.

Twelve years ago, Edwin Tully came to Oxford and fell in love with a boy named Marius. He was brilliant. An artist. It was going to be forever.

Two years ago, it ended.

Now Edwin lives alone in the house they used to share. He tends to damaged books and faded memories, trying to build a future from the fragments of the past.

Then the weather turns, and the river spills into Edwin’s quiet world, bringing with it Adam Dacre from the Environment Agency. An unlikely knight, this stranger with roughened hands and worn wellingtons, but he offers Edwin the hope of something he thought he would never have again.

As the two men grow closer in their struggle against the rising waters, Edwin learns he can’t protect himself from everything—and sometimes he doesn’t need to try.

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The Vendetta by A.J. Llewellyn, 3rd edition

Vendetta[The]LGTitle: The Vendetta (3rd Edition)
Series: N/A
Author: AJ Llewellyn
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Novella (58 pages)
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (25 Feb 2015)
Heat Level: Moderate
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥5Hearts
Blurb: Devastated after his home is ransacked, Garrick Cross’s heart breaks further when he finds his rare, beloved Dean From Hell Vendetta guitar on an online auction. When he’s outbid, Garrick feels he’s lost everything. The police try to help him locate his stolen property, but the auction’s a done deal. His precious Vendetta is gone.

After tracking down the man who beat him to it, Garrick asks if he’ll consider selling the guitar at a higher price. Reclusive collector Micah Drake declines, but finding Garrick attractive, offers a different price: a weekend in his bed.

When Garrick turns to the officer in charge of his case, Mak Inoue, he finds more than just moral support.

ISBN: 978-1-63216-546-6

Product Link: http://www.dreamspinnerpress.com/store/product_info.php?products_id=6092

Reviewer: Prime

Review: This is an enjoyable short story. I would like to say fun, but it was more of a harrowing experience for main character, Garrick, when he loses everything after a malicious ad meant that his home was ransacked. This included the most important item to him, a gift from his dying father when he had been a child, his Vendetta guitar.

The cops do what they can and the detective in charge is a complete sweetheart, Mak Inoue. Add in the elusive Micah who go his guitar and willing to do a deal to give it back to Garrick.

The plot is simple enough, which goes well with tone created. This story starts with a shock and it’s as if we’re thrown into the deep end. Some of the minor characters associated with Garrick made me feel even sorrier for the poor guy. By a third of the way through the shock had worn off and I just wanted to hug him myself! The entire book is also sprinkled with some black humour, which again adds to the atmosphere and limits the feeling of hopelessness that is initially predominant throughout.

All that aside, this is not your traditional romance, like much of A.J Llewellyn’s work, which in general I like and usually after thinking over if I want to start a new series! Luckily, this isn’t a new series, so picking this one up was a no brainer. The best part of this story is working out just who is Garrick’s love interest.

* I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review through https://mmgoodbookreviews.wordpress.com *

Shadowing Mace by Cheyenne Meadows

ShadowingMaceLGTitle: Shadowing Mace
Series: N/A
Author: Cheyenne Meadows
Genre: Paranormal/Mystery/BDSM
Length: Novella (117 pages)
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (25 Feb 2015)
Heat Level: Explicit
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥5Hearts
Blurb: With his brother away at a conference, alpha wolf shifter Shadow finds himself paired with IT analyst Mace, the one man he can’t stand. Stuck with the partnership due to his pack leader’s order, Shadow can only count down the days until his life returns to normal. He’s a loner. Period. No matter how much his inner beast protests.

Mace isn’t thrilled either, but can’t resist the temptation to push all the surly alpha’s buttons, even as he fantasizes about what could be. Flirting with danger, he’s determined to make the best of the situation, if he can only get Shadow to give in to both their desires.

Unfortunately, a twisted revenge-seeker has other plans. A series of events rocks the entire pack, leaving innocent people hurt and fear running rampant. Both men are thrust into the chaos, working tirelessly to track down the culprit before someone winds up dead. The pressure of trying to stay a jump ahead, with absolutely no clues, pushes them to the brink. Add in a burning hunger for each other, and their world begins to crumble around them.

With no other choice, they have to trust and depend on one another in order to have a chance at solving the mystery and saving lives.

ISBN: 978-1-63216-601-2
Product Link: http://www.dreamspinnerpress.com/store/product_info.php?products_id=6090
Reviewer: Prime
Review: One big strong alpha with a temper thrown in with a strong beta who just happens to be stubborn. This book sounds about as hot as is. Shadow is the youngest son of the pack alpha and happens to be in charge of pack security. Normally, Shadow’s brother Ian works with him but their father needs a diplomat and that is certainly not Shadow.

So we send in Mace. Mace is a beta who is chosen by the alpha to work alongside Shadow. Mace is stubborn and there is something about him that means every time he’s in the same room as Shadow their tempers explode.

The sexual tension and frustration just does not let up in this book, and not in a terrible angst type of way. There is also a bit of a mystery which “accidents” happening that Shadow and Mace need to get along and figure it all out. In saying that, the plot is simple and other than the alpha and a couple of Shadow’s security staff, there is really not a lot of interaction with minor characters.

But the story does not suffer because of this lack of minor characters; instead it tends to highlight the differences between the couple. This is just one hot, steamy read that is also quite a bit of fun. The chemistry between Shadow and Mace is out of this world and so enjoyable to read.

* I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review through https://mmgoodbookreviews.wordpress.com *