Ani by Catherine Lievens

4797ani510web-430x645Title: Ani

Series: Whitedell Pride, #7

Author: Catherine Lievens

Genre: Paranormal/ Shape-shifter

Length: Novella (119 Pages)

Publisher: Extasy Books (April 1, 2015)

Heat Level: Moderate

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥5Hearts

Blurb: It’s hard to finally get over hurt and fear and decide to embrace life again.

Ani’s life hasn’t been easy. He’s been under the thumb of his tribe’s second for all his life, leaving him thinking he’s broken and soiled. So why did Fate decide he would be the best mate for the Whitedell Pride’s Alpha? Ani knows he’s not good enough, and he avoids his mate as best as he can.

Dominic doesn’t care about what happened in Ani’s past, he just knows he wants the man to be his. He knows he’s going to have to fight Ani every step of the way, but he’s as stubborn as they come, so it doesn’t scare him. Dominic has to convince Ani that he wants him, but he also has to work on a council that will rule shifters and fight against the Glass Research Company.

As if Dominic didn’t have enough problems, a man appears and shakes his budding relationship with Ani. Will their mating be able to survive all the obstacles they’ll have to brave?

ISBN: 978-1-4874-0276-1

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Reviewer: Lisa

Review: Each book in the Whitedell Pride collection features a different romantic couple. To enjoy the overall story arc and crossover characters, I would recommend reading the series in sequential order. There is nothing better than a good paranormal where one is the predator and another is not.

Ani was a scared little Fae who had grown up in a horrible situation. At the age of fourteen his Alpha had gotten his hands on him and started raping him. This went on for some time. Now saved and living with the lion’s he was trying to get over his fears. He knew that the Lion’s Alpha was his mate, but he feared his past would make him the wrong one for Dominic. However it takes friends to make him see that he has to step out and give the man a chance. I mean Dominic is one hell of a gorgeous man.

Dominic wanted his mate. Hell, his lion wanted his mate. The problem was he didn’t want to scare him any more than he already does. Of course one would think that an Alpha would be more dominant, but he has such a tender side that you can’t help but love him. Then Ani takes matters into his own hands. There are a bit of twists to this story that surprised me. I had such a blast with it.

I think this was the best one in this series yet, but to make sure I will have to go read them all over again. I can honestly tell you that this is going to be one of those types of series. One that I will have to read over and over. I love the way all the feelings they felt was involved in this story. It was the perfect story for me and I loved it. I can’t wait to read the next story.

When Catherine puts out a book I am usually there to eat them up. They do have a bit of a serious would definitely recommend reading this book. Trust me it will keep you laughing, crying, loving and having fun.

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Nowhere Ranch by Heidi Cullinan, 2nd edition

81o4aIoOJML._SL1500_Title: Nowhere Ranch, 2nd Edition
Series: N/A
Author: Heidi Cullinan
Genre: Contemporary / BDSM
Length: Novel (178 pages)
ISBN: 978-0-9961203-0-2
Publisher: Heidi Cullinan (March 3rd 2015)
Heat Level: Explicit / Extreme
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥ 5 Hearts
Reviewer: Leigh
Blurb: Love will grow through the cracks you leave open.
Ranch hand Roe Davis absolutely never mixes business with pleasure—until he runs into his boss, Travis Loving, at the only gay bar within two hundred miles.

Getting involved with the ranch owner is a bad idea, but Roe’s and Travis’s bedroom kinks line up against one another like a pair of custom-cut rails. As long as they’re both clear this is sex on the side, no relationship, no interfering with the job, they could make it work.

Shut out by his family years ago, Roe survived by steadfastly refusing to settle into so much as a post office box. As his affair with Travis grows into more than just sex, Roe’s past catches up with him, threatening the thin ray of happiness he’s found, reminding him it’s well past time he went on his way.

But even a loner gets lonely, and at this point, there’s nowhere left to run. The shame and sorrow of what he’s lost will stay with Roe wherever he goes—until he’s ready to let love lead him home.

This novel has been previously published and has been revised from its original release.

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Review: I read this book back in 2011 when it was first released and I have re-read it several times since then. This book is not for the faint of heart. There are several emotionally heavy scenes, as well as heavy BDSM themes. So there is my warning. After I am  done reading it, I am both happy and a little exhausted.

From the start Roe Davis grabs your heart and holds on through the whole book as he finds his home. He was pretty much kicked out of his religious family because they learned he was gay. It was either no more gay or he needed to leave. Well, let’s say it did not work out for the best for Roe and he managed to get into trouble and he spent some time in jail. Now bumping from ranch to ranch he finally lands at the Nowhere Ranch.

Here is where he meets his boss Travis Loving. Travis has his own heartache in his past due to a partner who couldn’t cut it in the ranch life. He is older and more mature than Roe. Travis has his hands full with Roe, if he pushes too hard Roe will run, but not enough and neither of them will be complete. Travis has a fine balancing act to keep Roe.

The two men really literally burn up the pages or melt your screen, depending. They are wicked, kinky, raunchy, and seriously blow your mind. There are some pretty heavy BDSM scenes in this book, along with some tender emotional scenes. This book has it all including humor.
Roe’s journey to finding his home is filled with moments. Some are highly intense, some are heartbreaking, some are hilarious, and some are just plain perfect.

These two men start out as boss and employer, work their way into an affair, and finally discover the love of their lives. Along the way Roe discovers he has family, friends, and a lover. He no longer needs to be alone and he has found his home.

Heidi Cullinan’s writing is top-notch. This story just flows so smoothly. The characters practically jump off the pages. You can almost hear Travis giving his orders to Roe, or hear the crack of the whip, or perhaps the slap of leather on a bare ass cheek. The visualization makes it possible to see it in your head. Either way some of this story can blow your mind, make you cringe, and make you sigh. It gives a whole range of emotions and feelings.

So if you have not been on this rollercoaster ride before, pick up a copy and enjoy.

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The Devil’s Bedpost by Parker Williams

8188T9-0uYL._SL1500_Title: The Devil’s Bedpost

Series: Four of Clubs, #1/Pulp Friction: Altered States 2015, #3

Author: Parker Williams

Genre: Paranormal Urban Suspense

Length: Novella (73 Pages)

ISBN: 9781941841068

Publisher: Parker Williams (March 13th 2015)

Heat Level: Low

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥ 5 Hearts

Reviewer: Cat

Blurb: Detective Ben Nelson’s chilling new case involves seemingly unconnected people—men, women, children—who disappear from their beds and are later found beaten to death.

When evidence leads to an offhand comment about voodoo, Ben refuses to acknowledge the possibility of a supernatural element…until his boss orders him to visit a seer named A. Middleton or hand the case over to the Odd Squad—the federal bureau charged with investigating supernatural crimes.

With a simple touch, Artie Middleton can see, feel, and relive the stories held by objects. The last missing person’s case he assisted on left him bedridden, recovering from the same wounds as the victim. His power is one that few would envy. Now a police detective shows up at his door, needing help to find a missing seven-year-old boy, and Artie is torn.

He fears what might happen if he agrees but knows the fate of the child if he doesn’t. Even more troubling for Artie is the detective’s effect on him. While Artie can’t allow skin-to-skin contact with a person for fear of what he might see, Ben makes him want to break all the rules he has in place to protect his sanity.

When the two begin working together, they find much more than they expected. And if they can’t stop the perpetrators, the body count will increase.

Purchase Link:

Review: This I book one of this series and book three of the Pulp Friction Altered States collection. You don’t have to read the other books in the collection to follow though the main characters and plot interacts in each set of series. So far this year I think they stand alone much better than in the past. But they are like potato chips once you read one you will want to read them all.

Ben is a detective and has a new homicide case that involves lots of murders that he can’t seem to connect, many being children. The case is gruesome and he is putting in long hours. His boss wants him to accept help from a seer or he will hand it over to the Odd squad (the paranormal division) Ben doesn’t believe in all the voodoo stuff but is too involved in the case to lose it so he goes to visit A. Middleton.

Artie has a gift that is a curse. He can see things by touching something personal, the down side is that whatever bad is happening to that person is projected to him. This gift also prohibits him form having a close relationship with others. Though he is gay he has and never can be intimate with another man, because if he touches that person he will see everything they have been through and things they may not want to share.

This book was awesome. Once you start you can’t put it down. The mystery of the murders seems a bit gruesome but the murders aren’t written out blow-by-blow so it’s not gory at all. The story line is intriguing, the characters are very interesting, I loved the mystery, suspense and the supernatural element. I will warn you it has a socking cliffhanger!

If you like paranormal or supernatural thrillers, some mystery and intrigue this is for you.

Save a Horse by G.A. Hauser

81vr9XP6t3L._SL1500_Title: Save a Horse
Series: N/A
Author: G.A. Hauser
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Length: Novel (193 pages)
Publisher: The GA Hauser Collection, LLC (March 23, 2015)
Heat Level: Moderate
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥ 4 Hearts
Blurb: When Sheriff Sky Hayden gets word of human remains behind the Indigo Diamond Ranch, he not only has to deal with the possibility of a murderer in their small town, but is haunted by a handsome cowboy. One he can’t seem to get out of his mind.
Cole Diamond, his father, and his two brothers work a horse ranch in a dying town in Montana. The downturn in the economy, the businesses leaving, has decimated the remaining town’s folk and the last thing they need for their livelihood is the publicity of a murder.

With everyone under suspicion, Sky has to bear the brunt of the investigation as the State patrol begins to dig deep into the lives of the people who have lived quietly off the radar.
And Sky and Cole are forced to face each other, something they had managed to avoid doing for years.

As the pressure builds and accusations are made, Sky and Cole end up together once more, forming a united front against outsiders trying to destroy their small hometown.

But soon the men realize the suspicion falls on them, but not for homicide…for something that is perceived as a worse crime.

Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy was just a silly expression to sell on souvenir T-shirts. Until the sheriff figures out ‘riding a cowboy’ may be just what he needs to keep sane.

Someone is going to get strung up in that town for crimes they didn’t commit. The two men hope like hell, it’s not going to be them.

ISBN: 9781311902054

Product Link:

Reviewer: Shorty

Review: Well written story with murder, homophobia, and a love story all rolled into one. Loved how smooth the read was and the twists that were throughout. I feel in love with Sky and Cole and was cheering them on throughout the book.

A grisly murder of a woman results in everyone in the small town being a suspect. This part of the story was interesting as the investigation progresses. The Homophobia seriously disturbed me though I know it still exists today.

The book grabs your attention from the start and doesn’t let go until the very end. With all the details I felt as if I were witnessing what was taking place.

I really enjoyed reading this book by this author as I’m sure others will as well.

Great read.

Trailing Air by T.A. Chase

TrailingAirTitle: Trailing Air

Series: The Preternaturals, #4

Author: T. A. Chase

Genre: Dark Fantasy/ Werewolf/ Shapeshifter/ Action-Adventure

Length: Novella (121 Pages)

Publisher: Amber Allure, Amber Quill Press (March 15th, 2015)

Heat Level: Moderate
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥5Hearts

Blurb: What are the Preternaturals supposed to do when the book holding the destruction of their kind within its pages is stolen from them? Not panic and hope that the situation changes before the humans get their own hands on it.

The werewolf Rover Canis can’t believe he’s escorting the very creature that stole the book holding spells that could kill every Preternatural in the world. Yet here he is doing so, and admiring his extremely attractive companion probably isn’t the smartest thing he’s ever done either. But if he is to save himself along with all his kind, Rover needs to keep his mind on the mission.

Elwin Ice Cloud, a shapeshifting dragon, swipes the powerful book in order to save his kidnapped sister, but he never plans on handing it over to the humans. Yet when dangers grow too difficult for him to handle on his own, he returns to the Lycan on whom he’d been spying. Meeting the sexy Rover gives him something else to think about, yet falling in love isn’t in his plans either.

Together, these two very different Shapeshifters must find a way to trust each other in order to save all the Preternaturals from certain death. If they somehow manage to do so, will love be their ultimate reward?

ISBN: 978-1-61124-766-4

Product Link:

A NOTE BEFORE PURCHASING: This title is part of the Kiss Of Fire AmberPax™ Collection. To purchase this title individually, simply use the shopping cart on this page. To purchase this title as part of the entire AmberPax™, however, and receive an even greater discount off our normal retail price, use the shopping cart on the Kiss Of Fire AmberPax™ page.

Reviewer: Lisa

Review: Each book in the Preternaturals collection features a different romantic couple. To enjoy the overall story arc and crossover characters, I would recommend reading the series in sequential order. There is nothing better than a good paranormal romance with two gorgeous men involved. I love the way this author can put together a book that not only fascinates you but draws you in. I had a blast reading this and look forward to reading more by T. A. Chase.

There is something about the way that T. A. tells a story that will not only draw you in and keep your attention the whole time, but it will more than likely have you laughing your ass off. The characters are beautifully written with big hearts, however if you cross them, they have no problem putting you down. They will protect their mates with their entire lives. I had a blast reading this story.

When you think of dragon shifters you think of the big guys with fire coming out of their mouth and major claws. However in this one there are many different types mention but Elwin actually seems to be more like an elf than a dragon. However I sure would not make the guy mad. He still has the strength to back his words up. He had stolen the book that Grimm wanted to kill off Preternaturals.

However they had his sister and he would do everything he could to get her back. Even if it meant going back to the ones he stole to book from. Just hope to god they would not kill him before allowing him to speak. What he had not expected was a certain gorgeous wolf.

Rover’s mom must have been on acid when she came up with their names. Rover was a wolf shifter and as alpha as they came. He was not the Alpha of his pack though, that went to his mother. When a gorgeous man with blue hair came in smelling like the thief who took the book he was a bit shocked. He was pissed at this man but also turned the hell on. They sure did have their issues but he was bound and determined to make it all work.

I love the amount of friction everyone has with the others, but they seem to make it work for them. A shifter over two thousand years old only wanted to save his sisters but found his mate. He had the best interest in heart but failed to realize that there were others out there that can help. He finds that there are those who are with them no matter what. Rover has his attitude but he is loyal, loving and can have his tender moments.

They do have a serious tone to them but there is a bit of humor in them that I love. It caught my attention from the moment I started reading and kept it all the way to the end. It also gave me everything I could want in a book.

I would definitely recommend reading this book. Trust me it will keep you laughing, crying, loving and having fun.
* I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review through *

Caller by X. Aratare ~ Audiobook

71b7shS0c2L._SL1000_Title: Caller
Author: X Aratare
Series: Mermen, #3
Narrator: Chris Patton
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Length: 3 hours 23 minutes
Publisher: Raythe Reign Publishing (12-19-14)
Heat Level: Moderate
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥5 Hearts
Reviewer: Tams
Blurb: Gabriel Braven sees monsters, but he does not believe it.

As Gabriel struggles to cope with the three days he has left on land, a new complication arises. His grandmother’s lover, the enigmatic archaeology professor Johnson Tims seems to know more than he should about Gabriel’s transformation into a merman.

Gabriel’s lifeline is his own lover, Casillus Nerion, prince of the ocean-dwelling, immortal Mer. Life on land is becoming more and more difficult, but their loving mental connection grows with Gabriel’s trust in what he is becoming. Gabriel is even eager to get in the water if it is to be in Casillus’ strong arms.

However, Johnson is even more eager to lead Gabriel to the ancient temple his team has discovered that may have some tragic connection with the Mer. Not even Casillus can sustain him when Gabriel is plunged into visions of the terrible past between the Mer and the humans… but what Gabriel discovers about himself is even more shocking.

Purchase Link:

Review: Gabriel Braven’s life on land is becoming increasingly difficult. He has already begun the transition to Mer, so the forced separation from the water is taking its toll on his body. His mind however, is becoming clearer the closer he and his Merman mate, prince Casillus become. It’s the dreams Gabriel has that frighten him the most. He can’t feel or hear Casillus through their ever-growing connection when he is basically trapped in one.

And Casillus has put himself in danger before to get to Gabriel when the connection has broken. Gabriel is about to be challenged even more though. Between his grandmother’s eager new boyfriend and the increasingly disturbing visions, Gabriel’s secret will be revealed and the consequences could be deadly.

I have just fallen in love with this series and these characters. Each installment is a day in the life of Gabriel Braven as he learns he is Mer, he has a very special and highly rare gift among the Mer, and his mate is a prince no less. The suspense is killing me! I am almost certain that is more to Grandma’s boyfriend that we’ve even learned to date, I don’t trust him, and neither does anyone else except Grandma.

Just one more installment to go before Gabriel will have to leave his life on land, leave behind his best friend and his grandma for a life under the sea with Casillus. And there is still the issue with Mr. Boyfriend and the monster that haunts Gabriel’s thoughts, why did the creature that destroys save Gabriel from drowning when he was a boy? I cannot wait to find out!

You really have to listen to these stories if you are a fan of Merman stories or paranormal romance. Chris Patton does such a good job of capturing the perfect voice for each character, their emotions at a given time in the story right down to being sad, happy or exasperated. There is such energy and youth to his tone when he’s voicing Gabriel, then there is that smooth as honey, sex on a stick voice he has for Casillus.

It’s the perfect blend of a highly imaginative story brought to life with the right voice.

Northern Bears (Box Set) by Jade Buchanan

710esvzWlSL._SL1400_Title: Northern Bears (Boxed Set)
Series: Northern Bears # 5
Author: Jade Buchanan
Genre: Paranormal/ Ménage/ Shapeshifters
Length: Single Author Anthology (168 pages)
Publisher: Changeling Press (August 4, 2014)
Heat Level: Explicit
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥3Hearts
Blurb: The last thing pizzly bear shifters Christopher and Robin expected was to fall for the same man. Luckily, polar bear shifter Theo is more than interested in taking both men on. He quickly finds his life turned upside down thanks to his new mates, and their continuing adventures take them across Canada and around the world.

On a vacation to China as the fourth wheel, Theo’s cousin Nuka finds out his life is about to become pandemonium when their tour guide catches his attention. It’s every man for himself when panda shifter Jackie Yu meets a big, bad polar bear who plays for keeps.

Bears just want to have fun, after all.

This collection contains the previously released novellas Bear with Me, Unbearable, Bear Out, and Pandamonium.

ISBN: 06935-02235

Product Link:

Reviewer: Shorty

Bear with Me ♥♥♥3Hearts
Theo, a polar Bear shifter meets his two mates Christopher and Robin, Pizzly Bear shifters, while traveling to his mother’s. I found Chris and Robin complete opposites of each. Chris is shy and sweet while Robin is outgoing and sassy. Theo oozed dominance and self-confidence.

Wonderfully written and extremely entertaining. Loved the differences between these men, the flirting and the way they all came together finally. Hot sex between the three men added spice.

Unbearable ♥♥♥ 3 Hearts
Theo is gone a lot for work and Christopher and Robin try to make do without him. When he comes back they show him how much they missed him. Plenty of steamy encounters in this book.

Loved how Christopher and Robin planned out Theo’s birthday. It was sweet and sensual. I was happy when Theo said he traveled too much for work and that he’d rather be closer to home.

Bear Out ♥♥♥ 3 Hearts
As with the other two books loved Christopher, Robin and Theo’s interactions in this book. It was sweet yet passionate at times. The vacation seemed a great way for the three to be together without work interrupting them.

Good read.

Pandamonium ♥♥♥2.5 Hearts
While this was an interesting read I was disappointed by the fact that this is no shifting in this book so was unsure why it’s labeled a shifter book when nobody shifts in it. This story didn’t have quite the same interactions in it as the other books. I did like the fact that a panda shifter is introduced in this one.

Nuka Kisoun, a polar Bear Shifter, is Theo’s cousin and meets his mate panda shifter, Jackie Yu, while on vacation. It was o.k.

Overall it was an o.k. read but I didn’t like the fact that none of the characters shifted. I mean it’s a shifter collection after all.

Koan by Carole Cummings, 2nd edition

71vb7GMnAAL._SL1350_Title: Koan (2nd Edition)
Series: Wolf’s-own 03
Author: Carole Cummings
Genre: High Fantasy
Length: Novel Plus (310 pages)
ISBN: 978-1-63216-352-3
Publisher: DSP Publications (24th February 2015)
Heat Level: Low
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥ 4 ½Hearts
Reviewer: Pixie
Blurb: After saving his people, killing the man he once loved, and losing his little sister, Fen Jacin-rei has made his way to Tambalon with his surviving brothers and Kamen Malick. But shortly after arriving, old ghosts resurface, new dangers arise, and Malick tells Fen the gods aren’t done with him yet.

Fen now knows he’s a catalyst for Fate and a magnet for Fate’s players, and he’s dangerously close to falling over the edge into insanity. But tracking down the vicious creatures that have been abducting and murdering citizens of Tambalon is just as critical as dealing with past lives and legendary beings.

With a threat all too close and a secret he needs to explain, Malick is at odds with those who should be his allies, and no matter how much he wants to protect Fen, it may be more than he can manage when he’s trying to keep them alive.

Purchase Link:

Review: This story is the 2nd Edition and there are no changes from the first, there is an excerpt at the end for the fourth book Incendiary.

Oh Fen, poor, poor Fen. Your creator has it in for you. But, god damn, she does it in such a way that we all love you and want you to have a perfect life. Fen thought it was over, the voices of the Ancients are gone, the Jin are on their way to freedom and he has his brother’s back, but the gods haven’t finished with him yet… far from it.

Carole Cummings, I don’t know whether to love you or hate you, because freaking hell, you write one hell of a book, but your ending deserves severe punishment. Fen-Jacin is still floating on the brink of insanity. Oh okay *sigh*, on the brink of complete insanity. He’s holding on by his finger nails and he isn’t being helped by the ghosts that are following him.

Malick is trying to protect him as much from outside influences as possible, but even he can’t smother the ghosts completely. Outsiders from all angles want him and then Malick is gone, his touchstone has disappeared and now with no tether, Fen is adrift, haunted and hunted with no one to help him.

This story is a great continuation of Wolf’s-own and the constant mental torture that Fen is under. Malick does know what he is doing, even when it seems like he doesn’t and putting Fen into danger before he is ready is not a mistake that Malick wants to make, but it is soon taken out of Malick’s hands.

This book is filled with an awry of clues and hints as to what we are heading towards, but Fen is so not the person who would ever put it together. In fact, all the characters seem to focused on what their own god wants to recognize the danger that is heading towards them, and in their own selfish need to prevail they make matters worse.

Fen and the characters of this book are in for a ride, who or what is haunting Fen? Is it really Asai? Can any of the Maijin or Temshiel find the truth of what is happening in Tambalon? And will any of the readers’ eReaders survive the ending of the book 😉 lol. This story is fantastically written it’s a well woven story that will make you pull your hair out, have you screaming into your fist and make you wish for some happiness for Fen.

These are characters that you will love, hate, or sneer at and wish someone would stab them; we have old characters and new, some making up for past mistakes and some making new ones and through it all we have Fen trying to hold on to what little sanity he has left and being expected to save them all.

So, I recommend this to those who love high fantasy, fights, blood and gore, manipulation, mistaken betrayal and a cliff hanger ending that will frustrate the hell out of you, unless you have the next book ready to read.

The Housemate by Edward Kendrick

EdwardKendrick-TheHousemate-400x600Title: The Housemate

Series: N/A

Author: Edward Kendrick

Genre: Paranormal Romantic Suspense

Length: Novel (150 pages)

ISBN: 9781941984208

Publisher: Fireborn Publishing (November 6th, 2014)

Heat Level: Low

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥ 4 Hearts

Reviewer: Cat

Blurb: Author Ryan Turner, accompanied by his cat, Constable, has just moved into the house he inherited from his aunt. Unfortunately the original owner, Adrian Devoe, also lives there. However, Ryan is unaware of this since Adrian is a vampire. Deciding there is nothing he can do to oust Ryan, Adrian, pretending to be a human with an allergy to sunlight, manages to wrangle an invitation from Ryan to become his housemate.

The two men become friends and slowly realize they are drawn to each other. Then Adrian’s great-uncle, the vampire who turned him, appears to warn Adrian that Darnell–a vampire who almost killed Adrian during the Civil War–has reappeared, intending to finish the job.

The question then becomes, will Adrian be able to keep Ryan and himself safe when Darnell shows up? And if he can, will Ryan be able to accept that the man he has fallen in love with is a vampire and his great-grandfather–although not by blood?

Purchase Link:

Review: Ryan has inherited his aunt’s house. Though it is huge and too much house for him he is grateful since he was about to lose his old apartment.

Adrian built the house and doesn’t like having to share it. He built it back in Civil war times to help free runaway slaves and found himself in a near death situation. When he couldn’t scare Ryan away and he finds himself interested in Ryan and his cat he decides to take another approach and meet Ryan. Posing as a human with a sun allergy he and Ryan become close, but soon Adrian’s past comes back to haunt them.

This is a very good take on vampires. I liked both Ryan and Adrian. The story is crisp, well written and interesting. I was pulled in from the beginning and very intrigued by Adrian.

My only issue was that at the end it rushed into an epilogue that was mostly Talbot. I am not a big fan of epilogues. I would have preferred another chapter or two that gave us the conclusion instead of the epilogue

If you like stories that are crisp and clean without a lot of details, authors, vampires, a bit of mystery and intrigue and a touch of romance this is for you.

Un-Expected by Lisa Worrall Blog Tour, Excerpt, Review & Giveaway!

Lisa Worrall - Un-Expected Blog Tour BT

Hi guys, we have Lisa Worrall popping in with Un-Expected, the first book in the Left at the Crossroads series, we have a great excerpt, a brilliant giveaway and my review for you to check out. So enjoy the post and click that Rafflecopter link ❤ ~Pixie~ 

Lisa Worrall - Un-Expected Blog Tour Cover


(Left at the Crossroads 01)

Lisa Worrall

Little Mowbury is a sleepy English village deep in the Cotswolds. The kind of village where you’re only a local if your lineage can be traced back to the dinosaurs. Where you can find everything in the single shop from morning newspapers to dry-cleaning, and getting your shoes mended. And, of course, where everybody knows everybody else’s business. It’s easy to find… you can’t miss it… just ask anyone and they’ll tell you… “It’s left at the crossroads.”

After being dumped on graduation day by the love of his life, Harry Boyd, Micah Lewis returned to the sleepy village he grew up in. Living next door to his mother wasn’t his best idea, granted, but when your heart was broken, there really was no place like home.

Six years later, secure and content in his job as midwife for a local birthing centre, the last person he expected to move into Lilac Cottage across the street from him was Harry Boyd. Seeing Harry again sends Micah into a tailspin and opens wounds he thought had long since healed. Although, Harry himself isn’t the only issue Micah has to face. That would be Harry’s very beautiful and very pregnant partner, Selena. But is everything as it seems?

Continue reading Un-Expected by Lisa Worrall Blog Tour, Excerpt, Review & Giveaway!

Whispers of Home By April Kelley Blog Tour, Guest Post, Excerpt, Review & Giveaway!

April Kelley - Whispers of Home 2600x600Banner

Hi guys, we have April Kelley stopping by today on her Whispers of Home blog tour, we have a guest post from April about how she came up with Pickleville, a great excerpt, a brilliant giveaway and we have Lisa’s and Cat’s reviews. So enjoy the post and then click that Rafflecopter link ❤

April Kelley - Whispers of Home

Whispers of Home

(Pickleville 01)

April Kelley

All Jaron McAllister wanted to do was get out of the small town where he grew up. After being bullied all his life for being gay, that’s exactly what he does. He loses all contact with everyone in the town of Pickleville, including his emotionally distant mother and the only true friend he ever had.

When his best friend and mother of the child they share, get murdered he knows he must ask for help in the one place he thought he would never go back to. Coming back home isn’t easy and finding himself attracted to the town man-slut spells disaster. Travis Heath isn’t at all what his reputation suggests though.  

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