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Hi guys, we have Carrie Pack popping in today with her newest release In The Present Tense, we have a short interview with Carrie, a great excerpt and a fantastic giveaway, so enjoy the post and click that giveaway link ❤ ~Pixie~

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In The Present Tense


Carrie Pack

Miles Lawson goes to sleep dreaming of a future with his boyfriend Adam, but wakes to find he is married to Ana, an acquaintance from high school. When he learns he has been time traveling, Miles is consumed with finding a cure for his rare condition—and finding his first love. But will he be able to convince Adam he is telling the truth before it’s too late?

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Today I’m very lucky to be interviewing Carrie Pack author of In the Present Tense.

Hi Carrie, thank you for agreeing to this interview. Tell us a little about yourself, your background, and your current book.

Thanks for asking me to visit your blog! My latest release, In the Present Tense, is the story of a young man named Miles whose has a bit of a problem with his personal timeline. He’s been diagnosed with a dissociative disorder that causes him to time travel. When his younger self shows up and begins to wreak havoc in his life, Miles realizes there is much more to his condition than he originally thought and he struggles to find a way to assemble the puzzle of his life.

Do you pay attention to literary criticism? If so, how do you handle it?

I try not to, but I’m a bit of a feedback fiend. I like reading reviews.  And to be honest, I’m never offended by legitimate criticism. If a reader or reviewer says “I didn’t like this because x or y,” or, “This didn’t work for me, but if you like x, you’ll like this book,” I’m fine with that. I will always listen to that kind of criticism with an open mind. It’s never easy to hear that someone didn’t like your work, but once you publish that book, it belongs to the readers. They have a right to say what they think and sometimes they point out something you didn’t think of. The trick is to balance that with staying true to your voice.

How do you come up with your titles?

I love a good play on words or even taking a cliché and turning it on its ear. So my titles usually come in some form of that. I also got some great advice from my editor that led to us shortening my most recent title: Practice saying it out loud. Does it sound like a book to you? What rolls off the tongue the easiest when you describe it to people?

What new authors have grasped your interest?

I’m a big fan of F.T. Lukens already. Her debut YA sci-fi adventure The Star Host is so amazing. I can’t wait for the sequel. I recently met her at an event and I hope she knows I plan on making her my new best friend.

I haven’t had much time to read lately because I’ve been working on In the Present Tense. But now that I have more time, there’s a list of authors I want to check out who I met at the RT Booklovers Convention last month. Amy Jo Cousins, Rebekah Weatherspoon and Cindy Pon are at the top of the list

What is the hardest part about writing?

Waiting for the book to come out, followed closely by starting a new book. There’s such a long gap in between the final edit and the publication date that I will often try to work on the next thing to distract myself. Patience is not something I have. But shifting gears to a new world and a new set of characters is hard, so I don’t get much done in that time. Once I get in the groove, it’s all good. It’s the getting there that I hate.

Name your four most important food groups.

Peanut butter, pizza, coffee, chocolate.

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Miles sat there and tried to make out shapes and colors in the dark room as he searched his brain for a memory of anything.

Nothing looked familiar. His desk, his drum set, the sheets—all gone. Not one thing looked the way it had when he’d fallen asleep, and Ana certainly hadn’t been in his bed.

He tried to replay the previous day’s events, but everything seemed fuzzy, like a fogged bathroom mirror that he couldn’t wipe clean.

Why was everything so fuzzy?

Last night… What happened last night?

Adam had come over and they were watching TV together, and Adam had given him a small stuffed giraffe because Miles was scared about having surgery. He reached for his left arm, expecting to find the cast that had been there for the last two months, but it wasn’t there. His heart began to beat so loudly he glanced over at Ana to make sure she was still asleep.

Unable to determine what had happened to his cast, Miles resumed his tally of the previous evening’s chain of events. At around ten-thirty, his mom said Adam had to leave because they had to get up early to go to the hospital. He had taken his pain meds and gone to sleep with the phantom of Adam’s goodnight kiss on his cheek. He’d been happy.

He’d gotten a text from Ana earlier in the evening, but she was only wishing him luck with the surgery. She hadn’t come over. In fact, as far as Miles knew, Ana had been several hours away in her dorm room.

So how had she gotten into his bedroom? And who had changed his sheets?

He threw off the covers and stood up, noticing he was only wearing a tight-fitting pair of boxer briefs instead of his usual basketball shorts.

He looked around the room for anything familiar, but it was still dark out, and all he could see were shadows and vague shapes. On the dresser opposite the bed, he found a few framed photos. Squinting to see without turning on a light, Miles studied the images carefully.

As his eyes focused, he recognized a couple of the photos. One was from last year’s prom: Adam wearing that ridiculous corsage Miles had bought him, Ana being dipped by her date, David, as all four of them smiled widely in front of a cheesy faux tropical scene. One of the frames held a collage of photos of his and Ana’s friends. He recognized Adam, Lucky, Antonio, Dahlia and Brienne. But the last one, the largest of all the photos, was of him and Ana—her in a flowing white dress and him in a black suit, both wearing broad smiles and flanked by Miles’s parents and a woman Miles had only seen once: Julia Espinosa, Ana’s mother.

A loud clatter echoed through the bedroom as the frame hit the edge of the dresser and fell to the hardwood floor. This wasn’t his room, and he didn’t remember that photo being taken.

“Go back to sleep,” Ana mumbled, her voice muffled by the pillow.

“Ana,” he whispered, risking her full anger, but unable to stop himself, “we’re married.”

“Thanks for the update. Now go back to sleep before I divorce your dumb ass.”

He dropped to the floor on his knees, barely even noticing the sharp pain of bare skin hitting the hard surface.

Married. To Ana?

What the hell had happened?

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About Carrie

Carrie Pack is the author of Designs On You and a part-time college professor who recently left her job in marketing to actively pursue her writing career. Carrie lives in Florida, which she fondly calls America’s Wang, with her husband and four cats.

Where to find the author:

Facebook Author Page | Twitter | Pinterest | Website

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