The Haunting of Timber Manor by F.E. Feeley Jr. Cover Reveal & Excerpt!

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Hi peeps, we have F.E. Feeley popping in today with the cover to his upcoming re-release The Haunting of Timber Manor, we have a great excerpt so check out the cover and enjoy the post! ❤ ~Pixie~

F.E. Feeley - The Haunting of Timber Manor Cover

The Haunting of Timber Manor

(Memoirs of the Human Wraiths 01)

F.E. Feeley

While recovering from the recent loss of his parents, Daniel Donnelly receives a phone call from his estranged aunt, who turns over control of the family fortune and estate, Timber Manor. Though his father seemed guarded about the past, Daniel’s need for family and curiosity compel him to visit.

Located in a secluded area of the Northwest, Timber Manor has grown silent over the years. Her halls sit empty and a thin layer of dust adorns the sheet-covered furniture. When Daniel arrives to begin repairs, strange things happen. Nightmares haunt his dreams. Memories not his own disturb his waking hours. Alive with the tragedies of the past, Timber Manor threatens to tear Daniel apart.

Sheriff Hale Davis grew up working on the manor grounds. Seeing Daniel struggle, he vows protect the young man who captured his heart, and help him solve the mystery behind the haunting and confront the past-not only to save Daniel’s life, but to save his family, whose very souls hang in the balance.

2nd Edition. 1st edition published by Dreamspinner Press January 2013.

Release date: 9th January 2017

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Pixies and Paperwork by Cassia Rose (Bah Humbug Giveaway!)

Bah Humbug MMGBR Giveaway gifCassia Rose - Pixies and Paperwork CoverTitle:  Pixies and Paperwork

Series: 2016 Advent Calendar- Bah Humbug

Author: Cassia Rose

Genre: Fantasy, Holiday 

Length: Short Story (49 Pages)

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (December 1, 2016)

Heat Level: Nil – Low

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥ 3 Hearts

Blurb: Micheal Donovan’s family has kept the peace between mortal and magical realms for generations, but Micheal skipped out on glory for other plans. He finished school, got a nine-to-five, and tried to fit in. When his cousin meets an unfortunate end on All Hallows, Micheal abruptly inherits the position of Riftkeeper, along with all the prestige and responsibility he didn’t want. Estranged from his family, Micheal never learned the details of the job. All the grumpy, ancestral spirit now possessing his goldfish can tell him is that a mistake could be catastrophic. Micheal isn’t feeling the holiday cheer, and coworkers’ attempts to encourage him only add to a headache of magical proportions. To make matters worse, Ryan Nickles, Micheal’s colleague and cubicle neighbor, has assembled enough Christmas decorations to attract more pixies than Micheal can hide.

When Micheal’s attempts to find the Winter Court on the week of the solstice leave him with nothing but a bad cold, he fears he’ll be the first Riftkeeper to break ancient contracts. He’s too stressed to handle Ryan’s attempts to get him into the holiday spirit, but Ryan might know more about the magic of the season than Micheal realizes.

ISBN: 978-1-63533-171-4

Product Link:

Reviewer: Lisa

Review: Micheal is the new Riftkeeper and has been having quite a bit of trouble with it.  For one he has no help, but then he finds out that the one working beside him for the last two years is the one who could help.

Now this is a short story that was fun to read, however it was also very confusing.  I didn’t understand most of the story and it ended up giving me a blasted headache.  However I did get the gist of it as one would say.  Other than some party, it doesn’t really have all that of a Christmas theme to it.  So I am afraid that this one was just not for me, mostly because I didn’t have a clue what was going on.

Cassia Rose - Pixies and Paperwork Square gif

1st prize $100 DSP credits!
2nd prize $50 DSP credits!
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4th prize $25 DSP credits!

Cassia Rose’s Riddle!

 My story had a number of riddles in it, since it was about Faerie Riddles I’ve shared one of my custom riddles here…can you work out the answer?

Some say the first of us is lucky, then claim we have no number.
We offer guidance when sun is gone, yet hide ourselves from thunder.
In our light we hold tales, and by us men set their sails.
But their hands may never hold us, only eyes in wonder.

(Just leave a comment with the answer on this post)

MMGBR Bah Humbug Giveaway!

(Winners will be picked by a dart on 1st January 2017)

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Alpha Barman by Sue Brown Blog Tour, Guest Post, Excerpt, Review & Giveaway!

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Hi guys, we have Sue Brown popping in today with the tour for her new release Alpha Barman, we have a brilliant guest post where Sue chats about her cover, we have a great excerpt, a fantastic giveaway and Lisa’s review, so check out the post and click that giveaway link! ❤ ~Pixie~


Alpha Barman

(J.T’s Bar 01)

Sue Brown

Jake Tyler walked out of Special Ops two years ago, a devastated, broken man after he discovered his sister brutally murdered by her husband, Riley. Since then he’s found a kind of peace running a rural bar. The last thing Jake Tyler expects is his former team to turn up with grim news. Jake’s ex-brother-in-law has escaped from prison and is heading Jake’s way. The team is here to protect Jake, whether he likes it or not – a decision reluctantly shared by their leader, Jake’s ex-lover Mitch Mitchelson.

Mitch is angry and hurting. The man he trusted – the man he adored more than anything – abandoned both his team and Mitch. Jake never gave Mitch a chance to help or come to terms with his desertion. Regardless of mission protocols, Mitch isn’t about to open his heart again to that kind of pain.

But the strong attraction between them can’t be denied. How are they ever going to work together when Mitch still resents Jake’s disappearance, and to Jake, the team represents everything that destroyed him in the first place? And meantime they wait for Riley to find them… and to settle the threat once and for all.

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Tarnished Souls Bundle by Dev Bentham Cover Reveal, Excerpt & Giveaway!

Dev Bentham - Tarnished Souls CR Banner

Hi guys, we have Dev Bentham stopping by today with the cover to her upcoming release the Tarnished Souls Bundle, we have a great excerpt and a brilliant giveaway so check out the post and click that giveaway link! ❤ ~Pixie~

Dev Bentham - Tarnished Souls Cover

Tarnished Souls Bundle


Dev Bentham

Tarnished Souls is a series of contemporary romance novels centered around Jewish holidays:

Life can be hard. Hard enough to leave two men tarnished and hopeless.They might be too damaged to see the truth in each other, but just maybe finding their bershert, their true love, will finally make them shine.


Learning from Issac

It’s hard to break out of a rut. For years, Nathan submerged himself into his job at St. Genevieve’s. He enjoys teaching, hates faculty meetings, loves his science and has committed himself to the cycle of college life. Along the way, he’s become resigned to being a gay man in a straight culture, a Jew among Catholics, and single in a world of couples. Then the brilliant Isaac Wolf appears in his classroom. Isaac’s a few years older than his fellow students, gorgeous, self-composed and Jewish.

Isaac has his own secrets, which Nathan finds out at the racy new club downtown where the boys who dance out front can be bought in the back room. Nathan thinks he’s about to get a lap dance, but behind the beaded curtain the man on his knees turns out to be Isaac. Nathan’s mind isn’t the only thing Isaac blows. Afterward, Nathan can’t stop thinking about that night. The question is whether Nathan can let himself fall in love with a student, much less someone with Isaac’s checkered past. Is it too late for a student to teach his professor the true nature of love and respect?

Publisher’s Note: This book contains graphic imagery of men having sex together. And enjoying it. However, the story is primarily a romance. Don’t be disappointed if you read pages and pages and pages without encountering acts, organs or orgasms.

Fields of Gold

Life is full of compromises. That’s what Avi Rosen tells himself. He’s a yeshiva boy turned historian, working on his dissertation and stretching his meager stipend by moonlighting as a closeted politician’s houseboy. Their relationship used to feel like a real affair. Lately it seems more like a job.

It isn’t until he meets someone decent that he realizes how corrupt his life has become. Pete is a tall blond farmer who charms Avi with his dazzling smile and his straightforward life. But even if he can believe this refreshingly honest man doesn’t have his own political agenda, will Avi find the strength to emerge from the dark life he’s chosen and find a future in the sun?

Sacred Hearts

Life’s a gamble–and lately David Schwartz’s partner has been losing so much that David must close their restaurant, the hippest little place in Portland. He sells everything and moves back home, but at thirty-five, he’s not eager to sleep alone in his childhood bedroom or to be supported by his father for the second time in his adult life.

David’s had enough. He needs to start over, maybe with someone like the elusive man he’s been seeing in his dreams. An old friend offers him a job catering a movie set in Puerto Vallarta. It’s been years since David’s alcoholism spun out of control along the highways of Mexico. Determined to experience Mexico sober, he stuffs his few remaining possessions in a backpack and takes the next flight down.

As Mexico prepares for Christmas, David lights Hanukkah candles, celebrating the return of the sun and wishing for true love. On the first night of Hanukkah, David meets a tall, dark stranger who rocks his world in a secluded moonlit cove. Is this the mystery man of his dreams–the answer to David’s prayers? And what must David sacrifice to make his dreams come true?

Bread, Salt and Wine

Some wounds never heal. George Zajac grew up in a religious family with a father who beat “the swish” out of him. At thirty-eight he’s a troubled man. Escaping his miserable life as a banker in New York, he moves across the country to start again in Los Angeles as the catering chef for a prestigious French Restaurant. Kenny Marks, a writer who’s currently waiting tables, is everything George cannot be—flamboyant, proud and sexually confident. Enthralled by Kenny, and against his own better judgment, George agrees to a date. Sparks fly. The sex is amazing. But even after the two get close, George is crippled by humiliating sexual hang-ups. Still haunted by his childhood, he lingers in the closet and can’t commit to a relationship with Kenny.

Love is the great healer, but is it enough? George’s emotional scars could drive Kenny away, and with him, George’s last chance at happiness.

The book in the Tarnished Souls series can be found on Goodreads

Release date: 16th December 2016

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His Needs by Kris T. Bethke Guest Post & Excerpt!

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Hi peeps, we have Kris T. Bethke stopping by today with her upcoming release His Needs, we have a fantastic guest post from Kris and a great excerpt to have a peek at so check out the post and enjoy! ❤ ~Pixie~

Kris T. Bethke - His Needs Cover

His Needs


Kris T. Bethke

When State Trooper Travis Kinslow is injured right before Thanksgiving, the only positive is that for once he won’t be working during the holidays. Since he has no family, Travis was absorbed into his best friend, Joe’s, and he considers them as good as his own. Everyone except Joe’s brother Noah. Travis has been in love with the younger man for much of his life, but he’s always kept his distance.

As an ER nurse, Noah is a caretaker by nature. When his brother’s best friend is hurt, he’s happy to help Travis while he heals. He’s only ever allowed himself to think of Travis as the next best thing to an older brother, but by the light of the Christmas tree, Noah finally sees Travis’s true feelings. And in that moment, everything changes.

When faced with opposition and a Christmas nothing like they imagined, will their hopes for the future be enough to carry them through?

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Whispers of Old Winds by George Seaton Guest Post & Excerpt!

George Seaton - Whispers of Old Winds Banner

Hiya guys! We have George Seaton popping in today with his upcoming expanded re-release Whispers of Old Winds, we have a short guest post from George and a great excerpt, so check out the post and enjoy! ❤ ~Pixie~

George Seaton - Whispers of Old Winds Cover

Whispers of Old Winds


George Seaton

Sheriff Sam Daly, a veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan, and his husband, Michael Bellomo, have made a life for themselves in sparsely populated Pine County in the Colorado mountains. Sam oversees the small sheriff’s department, and Michael sells his paintings and tourist items out of his shop, Needful Things. From the beginning, Sam has known Michael possessed gifts: the ability to see and hear things Sam cannot.

When a report of a body in a massive snow-filled depression up a mountainside sends Sam and his deputy, Digger, to investigate, Sam struggles to reconcile the existence of skinwalkers in Pine County with the world he’s familiar with. Michael, though, deals with this reality through his art, and through the mysticism he’s been gifted. Sam’s effort to discover what is happening causes him to examine his life with Michael from the time they first met. The inevitable conclusion might be that he’ll never understand the mysteries of the mountains, but for the sake of Michael and their love, he’ll have to embrace them.

First Edition published by Dreamspinner Press, 2015. This edition has been expanded by 250pgs.

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