Plaid Versus Paisley by K.C. Burn

K.C. Burn - Plaid Versus Paisley CoverTitle: Plaid Versus Paisley

Series: A Fabric Hearts Story 02

Author: K.C. Burn

Genre:  Contemporary

Length: Novel (216 Pages)

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (December 12, 2016)

Heat Level: Low

Heart Rating:  ♥♥♥♥♥ 5 Hearts

Blurb: Two years after his life fell apart, Will Dawson moved to Florida to start over. His job in the tech department of Idyll Fling, a gay porn studio, is ideal for him. When his boss forces him to take on a new hire, the last person he expects is Dallas Greene—the man who cost him his job and his boyfriend back in Connecticut. He doesn’t know what’s on Dallas’s agenda, but he won’t be blindsided by a wolf masquerading as a runway model. Not again.

Dallas might have thrown himself on his brother’s mercy, but his skills are needed at Idyll Fling. Working with Will is a bonus, since Dallas has never forgotten the man. A good working relationship is only the beginning of what Dallas wants with Will.

But Dallas doesn’t realize how deep Will’s distrust runs, and Will doesn’t know that the man he’s torn between loving and hating is the boss’s brother. When all truths are revealed, how can a relationship built on lies still stand?

ISBN: 978-1-63477-896-1

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Reviewer: Lisa

Review:  It has been sometime since I have had the pleasure of reading one of K.C. Burn’s stories.  At first when I was given this story the title just struck me as funny as hell, and I wasn’t really that sure about the story.  Yes it caught my attention but it didn’t give me the good feeling that it should have.  Then I saw the cover and was like ok this is going to work, especially after reading the blurb.  

My attention was caught from the moment I started reading and kept it all the way to the end.  It is a novel length but I was so caught in it, that it didn’t feel like I had been reading it that long.  The story is catchy and very captivating, plus you can just feel the heat from these two.  Now through part of it, I wanted to smack Will upside the head.  He was not one of my favorite characters till closer to the end.  Then the ending gave me what I wanted.  

Will had lost his boyfriend and his job two years before and blamed the one person who made him hot.  He comes off as a very bitter person to me and takes it out on the one that is a plain sweetheart.  All of this because he was attracted to the man.  Now he is in a new job, and guess who they just hired to work with him.

Dallas has had a hard two years.  He had gotten a job that he found interesting but was basically killing him.  His boyfriend at the time was a douche and you will find out when you read the book.  Let’s just say goodbye to that asshat.  So he packs up his car and his belongings and goes to his brother.  Stefan is the best brother in the world and he helps Dallas all the way.  Then Dallas finds out who he is going to work with, and can you feel the heart beat faster.  

Dallas is my favorite character in the whole book.  Not only is he good at his job, but he is just the sweetest young man ever.  What he had gone through, and I am including his parents would make anyone cringe.  I enjoyed the way the story turned out and the flow of it was perfect.  It was an even, if not a bit faster flow then I had expected and it worked for this story. 

I had a lot of fun reading it and look forward to reading more by this amazing author.