Fire and Hail by Andrew Grey

Andrew Grey - Fire and Hail CoverTitle: Fire and Hail

Series: Carlisle Cops 05

Author: Andrew Grey   

Genre:  Contemporary

Length: Novel (200 Pages)

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (January 16, 2017)

Heat Level: Low

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥ 5 Hearts

Blurb: Brock Ferguson knew he might run into his ex-boyfriend, Vincent Geraldini, when he took his first job as a police officer in Carlisle. Vincent’s attitude during a routine traffic stop reminds Brock why their relationship didn’t last.

What Brock doesn’t expect is finding two scared children in the trunk of a Corvette. He’s also surprised to learn the kids’ mother is Vincent’s sister. But his immediate concern is the safety of the two children, Abey and Penny, and he offers to comfort and care for them when their mother is taken into custody.

Vincent is also shocked to learn what his sister has done. For the sake of the kids, he and Brock bury the hatchet—and soon find they have much more in common than they realized. With Abey and Penny’s help, they grow closer, until the four of them start to feel like a family. But Vincent’s sister and her boyfriend—an equal-opportunity jerk—could tear down everything they’re trying to build.   

ISBN: 978-1-63533-318-3

Product Link:

Reviewer: Lisa

Review:  I cannot believe that I have not been reading this author’s work before.  Damn, not only was this perfection in my eyes, but the characters just rocked it.  Now I admit that I started with this book but as soon as I finish this review I am going to start with the very first book in this series.

Brock had two boyfriends that he had been serious about, but both had ended badly in his eyes.  The first one was in college and it was because Vinny hadn’t been out to anyone. The other was to Clive, who was more into pain than anything else.  Now in my eyes Clive could fall off the planet.  Now here he was in the job he wanted and things were going good.  He just hadn’t expected his first traffic stop to be Vinny.  Then another stop found him two small children in the trunk of a sports car.  Guess who their uncle is, yes you guess it right our very own Vinny.

Vincent was shocked to learn he had a niece right along with his nephew.  However not as shocked as he was when he found out what his sister had done.  It is up to him, with some help from our sexy cop to show these kids what a good home is.  Abey and Penny are going to need to help our two sexy men also.  However if you want to know more about these amazing people, well pick up the book.

I always did love a man with a gun, but Brock is one amazing man.  He is all cop but he has one of the biggest hearts around.  He is tender, sweet and very caring towards all.  His heart also breaks when those around him are hurt.  You can see this when he first meets the kids, and it will bring a tear to your eyes.  At first Vincent came off as a punk in away, but then the further in you get you can see that he is a very sweet young man whose heart is just as big.  I had a lot of fun reading this and can definitely tell you that this is going to be one of those books you read more than once. 

I loved this story and would definitely recommend it to all.  Way to go Andrew, keep them coming.

Fire and Snow by Andrew Grey

Andrew Grey - Fire & Snow CoverTitle: Fire and Snow

Series: Carlisle Cops #4

Author: Andrew Grey   

Genre:  Contemporary

Length: Novel (200 Pages)

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (May 20, 2016)

Heat Level: Low

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥ 5 Hearts

Blurb: Fisher Moreland has been cast out of his family because they can no longer deal with his issues. Fisher is bipolar and living day to day, trying to manage his condition, but he hasn’t always had much control over his life and has self-medicated with whatever he could find. 

JD Burnside has been cut off from his family because of a scandal back home. He moved to Carlisle but brought his Southern charm and warmth along with him. When he sees Fisher on a park bench on a winter’s night, he invites Fisher to join him and his friends for a late-night meal.

At first Fisher doesn’t know what to make of JD, but he slowly comes out of his shell. And when Fisher’s job is threatened because of a fire, JD’s support and care is more than Fisher ever thought he could expect. But when people from Fisher’s past turn up in town at the center of a resurgent drug epidemic, Fisher knows they could very well sabotage his budding relationship with JD.   

ISBN: 978-1-63477-328-7

Product Link:

Reviewer: Lisa

Review:  I read this series out of order but it doesn’t really seem to matter though.  I mean you are introduced to the previous guys but the story itself is based on the two characters.  When I read book five, I had to jump and grab the other four books.  It is a very entertaining series from what I can tell and just about rocked my world.

JD has basically been cast out by his family and when I say family I mean his mother.  He actually has that in common with Fisher.  Fisher had been kicked out because of his injury that made him bi-polar.  His ex had dumped him because he couldn’t deal with it and his mother is just a plain old bitty.  When JD sees Fisher sitting out in the cold on a bench, he wants to help him out.  He just had not really expected to find out he wants so much more.

Fisher had been injured in a car accident that left him with partial memory loss and bi-polar.  He lost his family and his boyfriend, and didn’t think there was anything left for him in that sense.  So when a sexy cop asks him to a late dinner, he jumps at it.  Then a fire leaves Fisher without a job temporarily and things just keep getting harder for him.  If you want the full details then I would suggest reading the book.

Let’s just say that this is one series that will be read many times over.  Not only do you get sexy cops with guns, but danger, suspense and a sexy man.  It was fully detailed and the action just kept on coming.  I had a lot of fun reading this and can’t wait for more books in this series.  Way to go Andrew, keep the book coming.

Pride and Joey by Devon Rhodes (2nd Edition)

Devon Rhodes - Pride & Joey CoverTitle: Pride and Joey (2nd Edition)

Author: Devon Rhodes

Genre: Paranormal, Wereshifters

Length: Short (59 pages)

Publisher: Pride Publishing (September 13, 2016)

Heat Level: Moderate

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥ 5 Hearts

Blurb: Vance thought his pride meant everything to him…until fate sent Joey into his lair and into his heart.

Vance has grown up the odd one out in a macho and very insular pride of lion shifters. Differences like enjoying the cool fall weather are bad enough—his pridemates would kill him if they learned he was gay. Still, his pride is all he knows. He’s never even met a shifter of another type…until he discovers an unconscious cougar male in his lair.

Joey is on the run and wants to keep Vance at arm’s length, especially since someone very close to the lion is at the root of all his troubles. But there is something irresistible about Vance, something that has Joey wanting more than he has ever dared to dream.

When their lives are threatened, Joey must choose whether to sacrifice himself, or try to live and keep Vance close…for the very short remainder of his life.

Publisher’s Note: This book has previously been released by Pride Publishing. It has been revised, expanded and re-edited for re-release. 

ISBN: 978-1-78651-494-3

Product Link:

Reviewer: Shorty 

Review: I love a story that has a twist that takes me by surprise as this one did. Joey is on the verge of death but manages to escape his captors and hide out in a cave to recover. Unbeknownst to him it’s Vance’ private spot where he can get away from his pride and reflect on things. Vance finds Joey but is unable to make him leave due to the pull he feels.

As the story progresses we learn what happened to Joey and who exactly caused it. I loved the tense nature in this story. It kept me intrigued and engaged to know exactly what happened. The twists and turns just kept on coming. 

Highly recommended.

Pride Before The Fall by Devon Rhodes

Devon Rhodes - Pride Before the Fall CoverTitle: Pride Before the Fall

Series: Sequel to Pride and Joey

Author: Devon Rhodes

Genre: Paranormal, Shapechangers and Morphers

Length: Novella (80 pages)

Publisher: Pride Publishing (September 20, 2016)

Heat Level: Moderate

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥ 5 Hearts

Blurb: When Brady was given a free pass to sow his wild oats, as long as he’s back with the pride before fall, he never dreamed he’d meet his mate…or that his mate would be a man.

As the pride’s alpha heir, Brady knows the weight of responsibility. He’s expected to settle down, find a mate and have an heir of his own. But first he’s given the opportunity to travel and visit other prides, an unspoken opportunity to get his attraction to men out of his system before he comes home and does his duty.

Mason has his hands full fostering Jonah, an abandoned teen soon to have his first shift. He doesn’t have time to babysit a visiting alpha heir, but duty calls. As the second son of the alpha, he knows his place, and when he’s given a task, he does it.

Brady and Mason realize almost instantly that they are mates…and both also know that it can never come to pass. With the expectations they need to fulfill, this short time together will be the only chance they have to taste what could be. But they are tied together by more than just instinct—old crimes and hidden connections come to light and they are forced to make hard choices between duty and love.

Publisher’s Note: This book is the sequel to Pride and Joey.

ISBN: 978-1-78651-468-4

Product Link:

Reviewer: Shorty 

Review: After the events in the first book Brady, the Alpha heir, is told by his father to take some time and sow his wild oats then come back and choose a mate. The first place he goes he meets Mason, the second son of the alpha to that pride. Mason is fostering Jonah, a young man whose father disappeared.

Sparks fly between Brady and Mason and when they actually come together boy is it hot. But they are not the only story being told as revelations come to light about Jonah and who his father was that throw everyone’s life upside down.

Fantastic read with plenty of hotness, suspense and mystery that leave the reader reeling with the end. I loved it and highly recommend it.

Love is Heartless by Kim Fielding

Kim Fielding - Love Is Heartless CoverTitle: Love Is Heartless

Series: Love Can’t Series #2

Author: Kim Fielding

Genre: Contemporary, Mystery

Length: Novel (254 pages)

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (January 13th 2017)

Heat Level: Steamy

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥ 5 hearts

Blurb: Small but mighty—that could be Detective Nevin Ng’s motto. Now a dedicated member of the Portland Police Bureau, he didn’t let a tough start in life stop him from protecting those in need. He doesn’t take crap from anyone, and he doesn’t do relationships. Until he responds to the severe beating of a senior citizen and meets the victim’s bow-tied, wealthy landlord.

Property manager and developer Colin Westwood grew up with all the things Nevin never had, like plenty of money and a supportive, loving family. Too supportive, perhaps, since his childhood illness has left his parents unwilling to admit he’s a strong, grown man. Colin does do relationships, but they never work out. Now he’s thinking maybe he won’t just go with the flow. Maybe it’s time to try something more exciting. But being a witness to a terrible crime—or two—was more than he bargained for.

Despite their differences, Colin and Nevin discover that sparks fly when they’re together. But sparks are short-lived, dampened by the advent of brutal crimes, and Colin and Nevin have seemingly little in common. The question is whether they have the heart to build something lasting.

ISBN: 9781635332148

Product Link:

Reviewer: Aerin

Review: I fell in love with foul-mouthed, crabby, moody and intense Detective Nevin Ng. I love this story, everything about it is simply perfect; intense, sexy as hell, not overly dramatic but captivating nonetheless. Even though it’s the second book in the Love Can’t Series, it can be read as a standalone without any problems. To be honest, it took me a while to remember details about the first book (I cheated, I went and read my review) and I had no trouble keeping up with Nevin and Colin’s story.

Nevin and Colin are as different as fire and water; Colin grew up as the only child of a relatively rich family, and despite his health problems, he’s had a happy childhood. His parents love and accept him and want nothing but the best for Colin. Nevin grew up without knowing who his father is and with the knowledge that his mother didn’t love him enough to keep him. Abandoned at a young age, Nevin is the product of our faulty foster care system; he’s closed off and afraid to make emotional connections with the men and women he fucks, and the only important people in his life are Jeremy (Germy, the main character from book 1) and Ford, Nevin’s foster brother.

Nevin is a fuck-em-and-leave-em kind of guy, while Colin is a monogamist who’s been dreaming about his wedding since he was a child. Nevin is selfish, prickly as a porcupine; rude and brooding, but underneath that armor hides a heart of gold. Colin is caring and loves volunteering his time talking to lonely older LGBT people. But despite their differences, Nevin and Colin are a match made in heaven. If there ever was a couple made for each other, these two are IT! I loved every single moment, every single interaction, but what I love the most was seeing Nevin fall in love with Leg (Colin’s cat) and Colin.

Like in the first book, there’s a mystery plot in this book as well, but it doesn’t take the focus away from Nevin and Colin. Kim Fielding is one of my favorite authors and I know she can never disappoint me; this book is even more proof that Kim Fielding and I are a match. This book is lovely!

Wild Rose, Silent Snow by Angel Martinez (2nd Edition)

Angel Martinez - Wild Rose, Silent Snow CoverTitle: Wild Rose, Silent Snow

Author: Angel Martinez

Genre: Fantasy and Fairytales

Length: Novella (124 pages)

Publisher: Pride Publishing (November 18, 2016)

Heat Level: Moderate

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥ 5 Hearts

Blurb: A huge bear at the door, a handsome, naked stranger in the snow, magic fish, enchanted beards—and Rowan thought his life was odd before.

Content with the quiet isolation of their lake house, Snowden and Rowan Hadley survive on summer jobs and winter hunting, unable to move on since their parents died. Their peace is shattered by a strange, human-acclimated bear who insists on following Rowan like a giant hunting dog and again by the discovery of a naked, surly stranger in the snow.

Both bear and man lead the Hadley brothers into a strange, surreal world where sorcery and RPG software intertwine. Curses and magical traps lie in wait around every turn. Rowan and Snowden will need to adjust their view of how the world works, and quickly, if they want to live through rescuing their enchanted princes.

Publisher’s Note: This book has been previously released elsewhere. It has been revised and re-edited for re-release with Pride Publishing.

ISBN: 978-1-78651-500-1

Product Link:

Reviewer: Shorty 

Review: Another fantastic fairy-tale inspired book. I loved the impaired twins, Snowden and Rowan. The bear that follows Rowan home and slowly takes his place among them was no real shock to me as I guessed he was more than he seemed. I was happy I was right. Amid the closeness that happens between bear and Rowan lies an undercurrent of mystery in the form of a stranger with a beard.

A magical tale full of twists and turns that leave you spellbound and intrigued to the very end. I truly enjoyed the entire book and hope that Snowden will get his own story as well to see what awaits him. Fantastic read.

Highly recommended.

Falling Into Darkness by L.M. Brown

L.M. Brown - Falling Into Darkness CoverTitle: Falling Into Darkness

Author: L.M. Brown

Genre: Paranormal, Angels & Demons

Length: Novel (284 pages)

Publisher: Pride Publishing (December 13, 2016)

Heat Level: Moderate

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥ 5 Hearts

Blurb: Their love could save the soul of a fallen angel or damn an archangel to an eternity in Hell.

The realm of angels was created as a paradise where angels could watch over the earth as mankind took his first steps. For the archangel Michael, it is the only home he has ever known and he could never envisage another life. Michael’s life changes the day his path crosses that of the favored son of the morning. From the moment he sees him, Michael wants Lucifer for his own. When the two angels come together the passion surprises them both.

Their love is forged in Heaven, but is doomed the moment Lucifer falls from grace to become the leader of an army of demons.

Separated by war, the former lovers know the time will come when they must face each other in battle.

Their confrontation will set in motion events that neither could have foreseen. For Lucifer it is the chance to persuade Michael to stand at his side, as his partner as leader of the demons. For Michael, it is a mission to save his lover’s soul, while risking his own.

Torn between his love for Lucifer and his duties as an angel, Michael walks a fine line, where one wrong step could result in his own fall from Heaven, and an eternity in Hell. 

Publisher’s Note: Although this book contains characters from the Heavenly Sins series, this can be read as a standalone story.

ISBN: 978-1-78651-509-4

Product Link:

Reviewer: Shorty 

Review: An amazing journey into the lives of two powerful angels that spans centuries. Archangel Michael has been secretly enamoured of the morning star, Lucifer. When first they meet it seems as if Michael has lost his chance forever but Lucifer seeks him out, and so a hot and passionate relationship starts between the two.

It was a book about taking chances, heartbreak, tragedy, love and doing what you think is right for the one you love. A lot happens throughout this wonderfully written story. Though I’m not going to give anything away needless to say I was impressed by how each man was portrayed. Although I must admit I was a little put off by how Michael seemed so shy around Lucifer at first but it was to be expected. 

There were a few questions left unanswered so maybe a sequel or follow up book? Who knows. Aside from that I loved the entire story. It states that this book can be read as a stand-alone yet is in fact connected to the series Heavenly Sins. I did not read that series so some characters that came into play were written as though I should know them already in certain situations. I wish I had read the series.

The whole story was a gripping epic tale that took me by the most delightful surprises. I never knew what decisions each person was going to make when it came to the difficult ones, which thrilled me. There is not always happy times but they eventually get there. I loved it.

Highly recommended.

David’s Dilemma by Lynn Lorenz (2nd Edition)

Lynn Lorenz - David's Dilemma CoverTitle: David’s Dilemma, (2nd Edition)

Author: Lynn Lorenz

Genre: Contemporary

Length: Novella (157 Pages)

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (January 11, 2017)

Heat Level: Low

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥ 4 Hearts 

Blurb: When is it the wrong time to find Mr. Right? For David, that time is now. He’s caring for his homophobic father, who has Alzheimer’s, and his personal life is the last thing he has time to focus on. But when his father wanders off, David is forced to reach out to the police, in the person of Detective Travis Hart. Travis is gay, tired of the club life and twinks he can’t keep up with, and longs for a real relationship with a man who wants the same—maybe someone remarkable like David. In fact, David is exactly who he has been looking for, but Travis isn’t sure he can be the man David needs during this difficult time.

Because as David’s father sinks deeper into the disease that’s robbing him of his memories, David really needs a friend, not a lover. Though Travis is determined to support David in whatever way he can, David’s decision could lead both men into a situation with no possibility of a happy resolution.

This was previously published by Amber Quill Press in 2009.

ISBN: 978-1-63533-201-8

Product Link:

Reviewer: Lisa

Review:  I have had the pleasure of reading many stories by this author and new that I was going to get an amazing story to read.  In fact it was one of the reasons I picked this story, then I saw the cover and just about fainted.  Two sexy men and one of them is a sexy cop, well let’s just say wow.

David’s dad is a homophobic old man raised in a time when men did not sleep with other men.  Some days he is sweet and then there are days where David feels he is walking on egg shells around him.  Especially now that his father has Alzheimer’s.  He doesn’t want to put him in a care facility but just doesn’t know what to do.  Especially when he comes home to find him missing.

David goes to the police for help but had not expected the sexy cop who was set out to help him.  Travis is bound and determined to help him, but he wants him for himself also.  Just too bad it might be the wrong time to do so.  Especially when David’s father gets more out of control.

Now I do have to admit that there was something missing in the story but it didn’t really take away from it at all.  I am not even sure what it is or why I felt that way.  Alzheimer’s is a very hard disease on not only the patient but the family members and I felt that this author took it all in.  It was very believable and felt like I was there watching it go down.  The ending wasn’t really surprise and neither was the outcome though. 

It was a very enjoyable read that I enjoyed quite a bit.  Sexy men, frustrating times, sexual heat, crazy old man and dangerous situations are just some of what you get in this book.  Truly loved reading it and would definitely recommend it. 

Off Base by Annabeth Albert

Annabeth Albert - Off Base CoverTitle: Off Base

Series: Out of Uniform #1

Author: Annabeth Albert

Genre: Military, Contemporary

Length: Novel (304 pages)

Publisher: Carina Press (Jan 9 2017)

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥ 4 hearts

Blurb: After trading the barracks for a fixer-upper rental, navy SEAL Zack Nelson wants peace, not a roommate—especially not Pike, who sees things about Zack he most wants to hide. Pike’s flirting puts virgin Zack on edge. And the questions Pike’s arrival would spark from Zack’s teammates about his own sexuality? Nope. Not going there. But Zack can’t refuse.

Pike Reynolds knows there won’t be a warm welcome in his new home. What can he say? He’s an acquired taste. But he needs this chance to get his life together. Also, teasing the uptight SEAL will be hella fun. Still, Pike has to tread carefully; he’s had his fill of tourists in the past, and he can’t risk his heart on another, not even one as hot, as built—and, okay, yeah, as adorable—as Zack.

Living with Pike crumbles Zack’s restraint and fuels his curiosity. He discovers how well they fit together in bed…in the shower…in the hallway… He needs Pike more than he could have imagined, yet he doesn’t know how to be the man Pike deserves.


Product Link: Amazon | Carina Press

Reviewer: Aerin

Review: A spin-off of the gaymers series with military men? Yes please!!! 

So I’m going to go as far as saying this is probably one of the best books Albert has written so far. It has a ton of intensity and chemistry, the writing is beautiful, the characters are young, inexperienced and sometimes overwhelmed by adulting, but they’re not immature. 

I would’ve given it 5 stars in a heartbeat, if it wasn’t for the soul-sucking homophobia present throughout this whole book. We know from the blurb that Zack is a SEAL and we know from day-to-day life that while DADT has been repelled, not all military personnel embrace LGBT people. But the sheer amount of homophobia and homophobic slurs was overwhelming to me. The people that Zack works with every day, the ones that are supposed to have his back in a life or death situation are verbally abusing him any chance they get. Zack’s parents, the people that are supposed to love him for who he is are religious nuts that can’t even accept the fact that Zack has gay friends, never mind accepting their gay son. 

Zack felt like a lonely person and my heart broke for him; at times I hated his internalized homophobia and his fight to deny who he really is: a gay man. But I couldn’t help feel pity for him and for his fear and unwillingness to accept himself.

Pike on the other hand is out and proud, a love them and leave them type. Pike sees Zack for who he is and he knows better than getting involved with a man who can’t even accept he’s gay. Been there, done that, with nothing to show for it but a broken heart. So Pike contends himself with flirting shamelessly with Zack every chance he gets because he loves to see the man blush and loves to get a rise out of him. 

When circumstances and fate work against them and Pike and Zack find themselves alone in a club, the chemistry between them proves too much to ignore. This is the start of a one-sided relationship that kinda broke my heart as much as I enjoyed seeing it become more. I hurt for Pike and I hated that he chose to accept a relationship on Zack’s terms, but knowing this will lead to a HEA made it easier to keep going. I lived for the moments when Zack’s feelings for Pike came through, when despite his unwillingness to accept Pike as a boyfriend, Zack made Pike feel like he matters, like what was happening between them meant EVERYTHING to him. 

Of course my favorite subject in this whole book is Zack’s sexual education. A virgin SEAL? Good lord dump ice water on me now! A red-head, experienced flirt to educate the innocent SEAL? HELL YES!!! Zack’s sexual education was so fucking hot! It was dirty and flirty and intense! It was enthusiastic blow jobs, and filthy rimming and passionate sex! I admit Pike is a wonderful professor and Zack is an accelerated student! Whew! The only thing missing out of Zack’s education is bottoming, and I was dying to see that! Dying I tell you! *pouts*

So you see, this book has both bad and good parts to balance each other out, but what I loved the most are the FEELS! When Zack and Pike fall, they fall hard! I loved that their feelings for each other were shown more than spoken. While they both were reluctant to verbalize their feelings, the intensity of their emotions were shown by the author in a way that made me feel them in my gut and left me breathless.

“Kissing Pike always felt like breathing— necessary, important and vital to his well-being— but right then it felt more like a sacrament . Or like super glue instantly sealing their bond together. And that’s what this was— a bond.”
“Zack kissed him back, and Pike swore he could taste his fear and need and underneath it all, his unwavering affection. Somehow this complicated, confused man had managed to see past all Pike’s jokes and flirtation and see who Pike was inside. Why did it have to be you?
“You like me, don’t you?” Pike whispered against his lips.
“More than,” Zack whispered back. “You. This. Us. It’s everything.”
Pike didn’t trust himself to speak, so he kissed him again, harder this time, biting and sucking at Zack’s lips.” 

I loved this book, it kept me fully invested from the beginning to the end. But there was just too much homophobia and it took forever for Zack to grow a spine and stand up for himself. I am however so excited about this new series and can’t wait to read more! I’m also dying for a chance to read Apollo’s story and hopefully get a new happy ending for him and his kids.

Delayed Gratification by Tamryn Eradani Release Blitz, Excerpt & Giveaway!

Tamryn Eradani - Delayed Gratification Banner

Hi guys, we have debut author Tamryn Eradani popping in today with her debut short story Delayed Gratification, we have a great excerpt and a brilliant giveaway, so check out the post and click that giveaway link ❤ ~Pixie~

Tamryn Eradani - Delayed Gratification Cover

Delayed Gratification

(Daniel & Ryan 01)

Tamryn Eradani

Daniel Brown is a man of routine. You might even call him a control freak. So when the new Director of Marketing, Ryan Cole, starts shaking up Daniel’s routine, Daniel doesn’t know how to react. He finds Ryan intriguing, infuriating and oh so attractive, but he doesn’t mix business with pleasure. As their games start to grow kinkier, dare Daniel give in to his desire to let Ryan top him?

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Dearly Stalked by Allison Cassatta Guest Post & Excerpt!

Allison Cassatta - Dearly Stalked Banner

Hi guys, we have Allison Cassatta popping in today with her upcoming release Dearly Stalked, we have a brilliant guest post where Allison shares her inspiration for Dearly Stalked, and we have a great excerpt, so check out the post and enjoy! ❤ ~Pixie~ 

Allison Cassatta - Dearly Stalked Cover

Dearly Stalked


Allison Cassatta

Writing crime novels catapulted Memphis native Silas Cooper to fame and fortune, but when his words backfire and he becomes trapped in what could be one of his books, he needs a hero of his own.

Silas’s publicist insists he hire a personal assistant, and Silas chooses Scott Kramer. But before Scott starts, he already has a round of steamy phone sex to hold over Silas’s head, and his interest in his boss isn’t decreasing.

Benjamin Logan joined the Army to see the world, and while deployed he read every one of Silas’s books. With his military career over, Ben is back in Memphis working for the police department—and attempting a deeply closeted relationship with fellow cop Morgan Brown.

Over coffee, Silas and Ben become friends who support each other as relationships fall apart, and the attraction between them slowly emerges. When a dangerous stalker threatens Silas, it’s up to Ben to stop him.

If Ben fails, Silas might not live to tell this story… and Ben might not be able to live with himself.

Release date: 23rd January 2017
Pre-order: Dreamspinner PressAmazonB&N

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The Shadow Mark by Mason Thomas Cover Reveal, Guest Post & Excerpt!

Mason Thomas - The Shadow Mark Banner

Hi guys! We have Mason Thomas stopping by today with the awesome cover to his upcoming release The Shadow Mark, we have a great guest post and a wonderful excerpt, so check out that fantastic cover and enjoy the post! ❤ ~Pixie~

Mason Thomas - The Shadow Mark Cover

The Shadow Mark

(Lords of Davenia 02)

Mason Thomas

Auraq Greystone, once a military officer with a promising future, exists on the fringe of society. Accused of murder, Auraq is on the run from the ax—until two fugitives crash into his solitary life. One is a young man named Kane. The glowing marks on his arm pulse with an otherworldly power, and they have made him the target of a sinister organization called the Order of the Jackal. When the old man protecting Kane dies in an ambush, Auraq swears an oath to take his place.

But the runes are far more significant than they realize. They are a message from the shadow realm, a dark memory of the past—one holding evidence of a bloody massacre and its savage architect; one that will shake the kingdom to its foundation. Risking arrest and execution, Auraq fights to get Kane to the capital city where the cryptic marking can be unlocked.  And with assassins close on their trail, Auraq might never get the chance to show Kane what’s in his heart—or the way their journey together has changed him.

The Shadow Mark is an epic tale of magic, murder, conspiracy, betrayal, and—for the two men tasked with unraveling the mystery—love and redemption.

Release date: 13th February 2017

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