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Hi guys, we have Michaela Grey stopping by today with her upcoming release Broken Halo, we have quick guest post from Michaela about Broken Halo and a great excerpt, so check out the post and enjoy! ❤ ~Pixie~

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Broken Halo


Michaela Grey

Micah Ellis is an affluent businessman, comfortable in his life and work, as long as nothing happens to shake up his routine. Which is exactly what one Devon Mallory does, with his bright blue eyes and dirty skin and the forceful personality that’s everything Micah desperately needs but is too afraid to ask for.

Micah and Devon enter into a Dom/sub relationship and navigate the world of BDSM and Micah’s crippling insecurities as they gradually fall in love. But Micah’s past is coming back to haunt him, and they must face it together—and that means learning acceptance and discovering that they both deserve love their way and on their own merits.

Release date: 30th January 2017

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Michaela Grey!

Thank you so much for having me on your lovely blog! I’m here today to talk about Broken Halo, a book I’m very excited about.

Broken Halo is the story of Micah Ellis, a neurotic germaphobe who thinks he has his life under control. Enter one Devon Mallory, a mechanic with engine grease under his nails and a forceful personality that shakes Micah to his core. He doesn’t know what to think, except that he can’t get Devon’s bright blue eyes out of his mind.

Micah and Devon cautiously enter a Dom/sub relationship, but all is not as well as it seems. An old flame of Micah’s wants him back, and Micah can’t shake the idea that Devon’s too good for him and will eventually leave. 

Micah must embark on a journey of self-discovery and learning to love himself without relying on someone else to fill the holes inside him. It’s not going to be easy.

Broken Halo is my third book, and a spinoff to it, featuring a character you’ll meet toward the end, is on submission to Dreamspinner Press right now. I’m thrilled with the preliminary buzz Halo has received and I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it!

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In no time at all, he pulled up in front of the address Devon had sent him, and butterflies surged in his stomach. He took a steadying breath, climbed from the car, and tugged on his jacket, smoothing his hair back again as he headed up the sidewalk.

He knocked on the door, and thundering footsteps sounded from inside the house. Micah took a step back, his eyes widening in alarm as the door slammed open and a tall blonde woman nearly fell through. She shut the door behind her and examined Micah.

“Ah…,” Micah said intelligently. “I’m… here to pick up Devon?”

The woman’s eyes, bright green and laser sharp, narrowed. “What are your intentions toward my little brother?”

“You’re Sean!” Micah said and held out a hand.

Sean accepted the hand and shook it firmly. She wasn’t as tall as Devon, but she still towered over Micah. She was opening her mouth to say something when the door opened again. An arm snaked around Sean’s neck, and she was yanked back through the opening.

Micah was left gaping on the porch as the sounds of a scuffle erupted from inside.

After a minute Devon appeared. He straightened his jacket and smoothed his hair back. “Sorry about that,” he said and offered Micah a brilliant smile. “Sean considers herself both my mother and my father. She can get a little… overprotective. Shall we go?”

Micah cast an uneasy glance at the door. “She’s not going to come after me with a shotgun, is she?”

“Doubt it,” Devon said airily. “Probably not.” He took Micah’s arm and dragged him down the sidewalk toward the car as Sean opened the door behind them.

“Have him back by midnight,” she shouted.

Devon shot her the middle finger without looking, bundled Micah into the driver’s seat, and slid into the passenger side.

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About Michaela!

Michaela lives in the Texas hill country and can most days be found on Tumblr, where she experiences intense feelings about fictional characters and reblogs pictures of cats.
You can also email her at or find her on Twitter

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