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Sinders and Ash and Beauty, Inc. by Tara Lain (Paperback)

tara-lain-sinders-and-ash-and-beauty-inc-coverTitle: Sinders and Ash and Beauty, Inc.

Series: A Pennymaker Duet

Author: Tara Lain

Genre: Contemporary

Length: 2x Novella’s (310 pages)

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (9th November 2016)

Heat Level: Moderate

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥ 4 1/2 – 5 Hearts

Blurb:  Sinders and Ash

In an upscale resort, housekeeper Mark “Sinders” Sintorella works hard to save money for fashion school, but one look at Ashton Armitage, son of one of the wealthiest men in America, turns his world upside down. Ash is at the hotel to find a wife or lose his inheritance. Though he’s secretly gay, he’s wildly attracted to a beautiful, mysterious girl—not realizing she’s actually Mark wearing his own designs to impress investors of Mr. Pennymaker. When the clock strikes twelve, two beautiful princesses line up for the wedding, but whom will the slipper fit?

First Edition of Sinders and Ash published by Amber Quill Press, 2012.

Beauty, Inc.

Chemist Dr. Robert “Belle” Belleterre dedicates himself to developing a new product to help put his father’s small cosmetics company on the map. Sadly his alcoholic, gambling-addicted father loses Belle in a poker game to Magnus Strong, the CEO of Beauty, Inc.—a man infamous for his scarred ugliness. Belle is uprooted from his home, living in a crazy apartment owned by Mr. Pennymaker, and completely unprepared for his attraction to Strong. Belle fights his passion, but Strong’s scars hide goodness and humility. When Belle’s family starts manipulating his life again, the odds turn against happiness for beautiful Belle and his beloved beast.

ISBN: 978-1-63477-835-0

Product Link: https://www.dreamspinnerpress.com/books/sinders-and-ash-and-beauty-inc-by-tara-lain-7748-b

Reviewers: Portia & Lisa

Portia’s Review: ♥♥♥♥♥ 4.5 Hearts Sinders and Ash

I have stated publicly that I am Tara Lain’s biggest fan, and lovely reads like Sinders & Ash are why.

Mark is ambitious. He knows he wants to work in high fashion, and his job at the resort gives him the opportunity to save most of his salary and a quiet space to work on his designs.

Love is not on his agenda.

For that matter, it’s not on Ash’s either. He just needs a nice woman to marry him, so he can inherit his grandfather’s money. Money that he plans on putting to very good use…as soon as the marriage certificate buys him more money than he could hope to earn in this lifetime.

Enter Mr. Pennymaker. Gawd. What I wouldn’t have done to have this little man in my corner thirty years ago. Hell, if he retires, I wouldn’t mind taking over his job. Unlike over at Disney, Mr. Pennymaker does his magic without fairy dust or a wand. He somehow knows the desires of a person’s heart and finds ways to make that happen.

I loved every thing about this book. The plotting is sharp. The dialogue is crisp and the in-laws are meddling. Oh. And the boys do find time to get in a bit of sheet time, which is oh, so hot!

If you haven’t read any of Tara’s work, you are missing out on a gem of MM romance. Fans of Amy Lane and Andrew Grey will appreciate both her contemporary and paranormal titles. Happily Ever Afters are guaranteed.

Highly recommend.

Lisa’s Review: ♥♥♥♥♥ 5 Hearts Beauty Inc.

When I first started reading this I did not even connect it to the fairy tale “Beauty and the Beast”. Actually I admit it, it didn’t connect till after I read the story. I have not really read any stories by this author, so you can imagine my surprise. This was one of the most beautiful stories that I have ever read. There is a touch of humor in it that was quite pleasant but most of the story has a serious tone to it. 

It is not very often that an author takes me by surprises, but Tara Lain has found a spot in my heart. She gives her readers sexy men who have a hard story to tell. In this one, it is about their loved ones and friends who are battling cancer. The heart ache that it felt can actually be felt by the readers. I loved the pace to this story; it came off perfect to me. The story might not be long, but there was so much meat to it that surprised me. Small packages can hold such sweet dynamite surprises in them.

Belle’s family are not what I would call family. He is a sweet young man who is brilliant when it comes to work. He is a scientist and helps make beauty creams that are perfect for women. His dad is an alcoholic who gambles, whereas his brothers are just asses. They own a beauty company but their dad is gambling the money away. Then he committed the worst crime, he lost all of his stock and turned around and gave Belle away to their biggest competitor. 

Magnus lost his mother not to her cancer, but to a car accident. The same car accident that scarred his face. He felt guilty and felt that he deserved what had happened to him. He gave so much to charity and helped women who were in need. He had seen Belle and wanted him in more ways than one. So he made a big gamble to get what he wanted. He just had not expected Belle to want him, the way he wanted him. 

This move took Belle away from his family, away from Oregon and away from his best friend. Despite his fears and reservations he starts to love where he was living. Not always does a job come with not only his own driver but an apartment that has not only beautiful atrium but amazing people. However he is pulled in two directions. His father wants him to still help his company, while Belle doesn’t want to cause issues with his new job. Now he has to deal with his feelings for his boss and a very jealous man who has it out for him. Drama just seems to keep coming for him.

I loved the twists that this story seems to have. Which as I have already admitted, I didn’t realize the theme. I loved how Magnus has a heart of gold and a sparkling personality. He was amazing and so was Belle. I even loved how they interacted with everyone. I had not had a chance to read the first two books in this series, but nothing was missing at all.

I absolutely loved this story and cannot wait to read the next story. What an amazing job this author has done with this book.

The Wrong Way by Taylor Law,Excerpt and Review


The Wrong Way by Taylor Law

George Washington National Forest

THE BANG OF A GUNSHOT rang out, a loud interruption ricocheting through the soft musical

echoes of the forest. The flapping of wings followed, vibrating the air overhead with the caws of

a multitude of retreating birds before finally silence reigned. The hunter lowered the weapon and

let out the breath he’d held while taking the shot. He took in another lungful of frosty air through

his nose, closing his eyes as satisfaction filled him. Finally, some action.

He grinned and gave the adrenaline its head for a moment, reveling in the sensation as it

heated his blood, and then he moved. Flipping the rifle over his back, he scrambled down from

the God-forsaken tree stand and squirmed out of the safety harness. He’d been in the damn thing

for hours and was stiff as hell.

He really preferred guided hunts, but a few friends had thought good, old-fashioned buck

hunting in the Virginia woods would be something different for him and had snatched him up for

the weekend. All day Saturday, and all of Sunday, sitting fourteen feet up in a tree and for what?

His muscles had drawn up tight. His fingers and toes had gone numb, and he had not one antler

to show for his trouble.

Now he remembered why he’d stopped doing this.

As quietly as possible, he adjusted his weapon of choice. The rifle was his pride and joy,

way more firepower than he needed to shoot a buck in this region, but it was his go-to weapon,

and he’d figured that at least nothing would get away. If he hit the bugger, it would be a kill

shot—just as it should be. Nothing satisfied him as much as knowing that when he pulled the

trigger, the prey would be dead before they even hit the ground.

As the hunter waded through the dew-covered underbrush, the smell of dirt and plants filled

his nose. He breathed deep of the scent, the nip of the chilled air awaking his senses like nothing

else could. He pulled down his night-vision goggles from the top of his head and leveled them

over his eyes. Darkness had swallowed the woods, and with the new moon, it was going to be

black as pitch out soon.

He’d been just about ready to call the weekend a bust when he’d heard movement about fifty

yards from his station. While searching the direction with the scope, he’d seen something that

had confounded him. It looked like a dog but was almost the size of a small pony. It had to be a

wolf. He’d heard of coyotes in Virginia, but there hadn’t been reports of wolves for a hundred

years or more. Didn’t matter. He wasn’t leaving without a kill if he could help it, so he’d shot the

beast. Now, time had come to claim his prize.

Pulling his rifle level to his shoulder, he inched toward the rustling noise he heard, the

random branch smacking his limbs as he walked. When he stepped through the brush and into a

clearing, he saw the animal lying on its side, wiggling as it tried to stand. He’d hit it all right, in

the shoulder mere millimeters from the clean kill shot it should have been. He closed his eyes,

shook his head, and heaved a hard sigh as disappointment enveloped him. He was better than

that. The animal panted, its chest rising and falling quickly as it forced out short, shallow bursts

of air. The hunter removed the night-vision goggles, took aim, and moved closer until he was

looking down the weapon at the animal’s head, directing his next shot for the skull.

Only before he could pull the trigger, the wolf started to change.

Right before his eyes, the muzzle shrank, and fur started to rescind along the body— getting

shorter and thinner until it was completely gone. The hair rose on the back of his neck, and he

flinched as snapping and popping sounds emanated from the creature. The limbs elongated,

getting thicker, the shoulders wider.

He took a step backwards. His heart gave a kick and sped up as he tried to understand what

had happened. The rifle became heavy in his hands, so he lowered it while gawking at the thing

in front of him. “The. Fuck?”

Within a few moments, a naked man lay at his feet, and the wolf had vanished.

He swiftly raised his weapon again, taking aim. He didn’t know what the hell was

happening, but he damn sure wasn’t going to let that… whatever it was, attack him. The thing

moved to its side and clutched its bleeding shoulder. It didn’t seem as if it was going anywhere,

but he refused to take any chances. The gunshot wound still seeped blood through the thing’s

fingers, but it now looked much smaller than it should.

“Please…”The man’s wide amber eyes met his, filled with moisture and fear. “Please, don’t

hurt me.”

“What the hell are you?” the hunter whispered. No way was that thing in front of him


“I’m a man.” It groaned and coughed a wet sound.


“No way. Tell me what you are!” He prepared to fire. Was this an alien invasion? Or were

all the tales about werewolves true? And if werewolves truly existed, what other creatures could

be out there right now? Without his consent, the hunter’s eyes quickly scanned the woods before

darting back to the sight before him.


“Are you a werewolf?” He lifted his booted foot and roughly shoved the underbelly of the

creature, turning it over onto its back. Damn, it really did look human. He would never have

known there was anything different about this fellow had he not watched the change himself.

“Are. You. A werewolf?”

“No.” The creature gasped. “Shifter. I… mmm… shifter.”

Holy crap! He’d heard of that before. Basically, the same thing as a werewolf, at least in his

mind. The thing wasn’t human, after all. In fact, it would be a service to humanity if he got rid of

  1. His heart kicked again but this time from excitement. A flush of warmth suffused his body,

chasing away the cold.

Out of all the animals he’d killed all over the world, he’d never shot himself a shifter. Shit,

he’d never even known such a thing really existed until now.

And just in time.

His life had become stagnant, boring. The satisfaction from the hunt and a clean kill didn’t

carry the power it once had. Not since his father had died. There was nothing new out there for

him. Nothing, except this.

Hunting was in his blood. His life consisted of his work—where he intended to change the

world— and his greatest pleasure, hunting. He was lucky enough to own his own pharmaceutical

company and lab so he had the ability to travel the globe, searching for the cure and his next big

kill. Alaska, Africa, India, South America, all over the U.S., you name it and he’d been there.

First, deer hunting, but that got old quickly. He’d moved up to moose… and on and on. He’d just

come back from his fifth African safari with a nice set of elephant tusks. Paid a pretty penny for

that shindig, too.

What was a little payoff money when it came to excitement? They were only animals


When his friends talked him into this weekend, he’d wanted to say no. They’d guilted him

into it, though. Then those same friends had gone home earlier today, leaving him alone. They

were a bunch of weak pretenders who couldn’t stand the cold, and couldn’t stay still for ten

minutes without playing with cell phones. It was disgusting, really.

Everything had turned out better than he could have hoped for, though. He was the one

getting the special kill because of their folly.

This made his year. Heck, this was the happiest moment he could remember. No one he

knew had bagged a shifter before. He was the first—the greatest big game hunter in the world.

His father would have been so proud.

“Please…” The creature tried to sit up but fell back again.

“Don’t worry.” The hunter smirked. “I’ll make this quick.”


29636587Title: Wrong Way

Series: The Shenandoah Pack, #2

Author:  Taylor Law

Genre: Paranormal Romantic Suspense

Length: 174 pages

Publisher: Taylor Law (June 7th, 2016)

Heat Level: Moderate

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥5Hearts

Blurb: Leading The Shenandoah pack consumes most of Thomas Collowell’s time. The Alpha’s job is never done. That had never been more true than when a killer targeting shifters strikes too close to home. He doesn’t have time to deal with a mate, especially a human.

There is nothing Camdon Williams wouldn’t do for his best friend, which is why he was the best man in Jessie’s joining ceremony. While in Skyline Village, he gets more than he bargained for, including a strange attraction to the Sheriff.

When Camdon and Thomas are forced to work together to stop the killer, Camdon’s eyes are opened to a world he wouldn’t have believed existed. They both learn that there is no such thing as perfect timing. Sometimes, it’s about taking a chance… before it’s too late.

ISBN: 9780996305617

Product Link(s): http://amzn.to/1VKd8HA



Reviewer: Portia

Review: For those of you that follow my reviews, you will know that Romantic Suspense is my favorite genre. And it doesn’t matter if it’s Contemporary, Paranormal or Sci-fi, I need to believe in the characters and be able to follow the plot. It doesn’t matter how hot the sex scenes are, if the characters are one-dimensional or the plot convoluted.

That being said…I LOVED THIS BOOK!!

Taylor Law has created a world that made me laugh, bite my lip and most importantly, BELIEVE.

The way the two main characters meet is priceless. Thomas is in the middle of a murder investigation, has issues with the Elders’ Council and if that is not enough, he must officiate a mating ceremony.

Enter a cute little red-headed human.  His mate. He sooooo does not have time for this.

The romance between Camdon and Thomas is a nice slow burn. This is a huge plus for me.  I hate characters that hop into bed willy nilly…Mate pull or not, I expect grown-ups to think before they leap. And yeah, I loved watching Thomas fight the mate-pull, while trying to fulfill his Alpha duties. This made for an intense sexual tension that neared to explode off the page.

I also love the Camdon is not a weak little human.  His skills as a tracker help advance the investigation on several levels

The suspense unfolds in a realistic fashion that kept me reading well into the night. Several chapters are written from the killer’s POV.  This is one of my favorite aspects of The Wrong Way.  I love a bad guy who is more than just a bad guy. Loved learning his rationalizations for his sick behavior.

Now for my complaints. I wish that the secondary thread surrounding a secondary character had a more satisfying ending.  While I appreciate Taylor leaving the door open for a future title in this series, I would like Thomas to have some sense of closure.

There is also the matter of Camdon’s backstory.  Still a little sketchy on that one.

And the ending is by no means a traditional cliffhanger, but its damn close. The possibilities for the next Shenandoah Pack title are endless. Taylor introduced several secondary characters that could move easily into the main plot. My vote is for Justice…maybe. 😉

* I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review through https://mmgoodbookreviews.wordpress.com *


A1hkULWeLZL._UX250_Taylor Law is a northern born, southern girl, with a free spirit. Taylor has lived in the southern United States most of her life, along with her huge family. She started writing at a very young age; her first poem at six, her first song at seven, and stories followed directly after. She hasn’t stopped since.

She started with Barbie worlds that took over her room for days on end, standing on the kitchen table and singing randomness that eventually turned into songs, and making up endings to her favorite stories. It was no surprise to anyone when she started writing them all down. It was a surprise, however, when she turned to writing LGBTQ romance and fiction. Now, some of her family regularly read her books and ask for more.

Taylor has a Paralegal degree, but she also went to college for Music, Theatrical Arts, and Criminal Justice. She loves to learn new things. She also enjoys history, an eclectic array of music, puzzles, her friends and family, and laughing. Taylor would much rather read than watch television any day.

Contact Info:

Email: taylor@taylorlawbooks.com

Blog: http://www.taylorlawbooks.com/blog/

Website: http://www.taylorlawbooks.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TaylorLawbooks/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/taylorlawbooks

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/taylorlawbooks/

Newsletter: http://bit.ly/LawbreakerNews

Prince of the Playhouse by Tara Lain

Tara Lain - Prince Of The Playhouse CoverTitle: Prince of the Playhouse

Series: Love in Laguna 03

Author: Tara Lain

Genre: Contemporary

Length: 240 pages

ISBN: 9781632169648

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (April 4th 2016)

Heat Level: Moderate – Explicit

Blurb: Driven by his desire to become a successful fashion designer and concerned with hiding his questionable past, Ru Maitland lets his obsession with action movie star Gray Anson on the big screen replace his social life. Then obsession and reality collide when Ru is asked to design fashion costumes for a special performance of Hamlet at the Playhouse in Laguna starring none other than Gray Anson. Gray turns out to be a compelling mix of shy and brash and, despite a high profile engagement to a female socialite, the signals Gray sends Ru have his libido doing the salsa.

Gray Anson has what most people only dream of—great wealth, huge fame, a job he loves. For that, he’s given up any semblance of privacy and the right to say no to the thousands of people who depend on him and the millions who love him. He sees everything he’s ever wanted just outside the bubble of his life, but how can he make the compromises needed to embrace it? When Ru’s shady past crashes into Gray’s paparazzi-haunted present, both men have to learn that sometimes the only acceptable compromise is the truth.

Product Link: http://www.dreamspinnerpress.com/store/product_info.php?products_id=7550

Portia’s Review:  ♥♥♥♥♥ 5 Hearts

Ru has had a crush on Gray…forever.

Posed to finally have his fashion designs recognized and shown at Spring Fashion Week, he doesn’t have time to give to anything else. Until, the owner of his community theater asks him to design the costumes for a summer play, staring…(gasp) Gray Anson.

I LOVE this series.  The stories weave together seamlessly.  So, whether you read them in order, or as standalones, you are guaranteed an enjoyable experience. No one creates characters like Tara Lain.

For me, this was Gray’s story.  Ru was already on his second lifetime, and despite his little quirks, is happy with his life.  Gray, on the other hands, feels like he is living a lie.  A very lucrative lie, but a lie nonetheless.

And for me it was about much more than coming out.  Professionally, Gray learns so much about himself. And I loved watching Ru support him.

Truth be told, with a name like Portia, I probably would have loved any Shakespearean story that Tara had chosen.

If you love sweet romance, well-developed characters, enough intrigue to keep you turning pages, and a crash course on Hamlet…The Prince of the Playhouse is a must read.


Aerin’s Review: ♥♥♥♥3.5 Hearts

I’ve been looking forward to Ru’s story ever since I first met him, because I have a certain weakness for flaming, artistic types and Ru is definitely that. One thing I can say with 100% certainty is that Ru didn’t disappoint at all! The other main character, Gray Anson, is who I had big problems with; his behavior was disappointing and infuriating, and I wanted someone else for Ru because Ru deserved better than being someone’s dirty little secret.

The writing was great, I can’t complain about that at all, and while some parts were totally ridiculous, they blended perfectly with the overall sense of silliness and amusement this series as a whole has. I really loved the complexity of Ru’s character, because what you see is a flaming, effeminate, in-your-face clothing designer, but what you get is a former gangbanger, slightly domineering guy who likes to give orders in the bedroom and who’s definitely a top. I just love the contradictions and the fact that they all fit together perfectly to make Ru a character who’s charming and who makes a lasting impression.

Ru has been fantasizing about actor Gray Anson for a few years now, and he couldn’t believe his luck when fate puts them in each other’s path. Gray Anson has taken the opportunity to expand his acting repertoire by accepting a role as Hamlet in a modern-day Shakespeare production. The instant attraction between them is obvious (to them at least), but Gray is so deeply closeted, his closet has a zip code of its own and Gray can’t imagine ever finding his way out; Gray is an action hero and we all know that gay men can’t play action heroes….do you detect a hint of sarcasm? Well maybe this is a real issue but I can’t imagine that people would refuse to watch a spectacular action movie just because the main character is gay; unless the actor has no talent for acting and is mediocre at best, which comes back to talent and not sexuality. But let’s suppose I’m that naive and have no clue what I’m really talking about.

There were a few plot problems that I couldn’t really believe no matter how much I wanted to. One of them is the reason Gray and Ru started spending so much time together; Gray couldn’t understand his character in the play and therefore completely sucked at acting. Let’s say that could possibly happen and nobody on Gray’s staff made sure Gray knew what he was getting into to start with. On what planet is Ru a professional acting coach? I get that there needed to be a reason for Gray and Ru to spend time together, but why couldn’t it be due to an inexplicable need to be around each other? Or the fact that they maybe enjoyed spending time together?

Also, I wanted to tell Ru numerous times that he should seek emergency medical services because an erection that lasts more than a few hours is extremely dangerous. Ru got so many erections that the current one didn’t even go completely away before the next one popped up again, that I became bored with his erections. That never happened before, but there’s always an opportunity to experience new things I guess. All these things I’ve been complaining about weren’t really all that bad considering I’ve started this book prepared for this level of silliness.

What I wasn’t prepared for and couldn’t really get past was Gray’s constant struggle with hiding his sexuality. I thought that Ru deserved better than having to see Gray with women all the time and being denied his true status. And the denial went all the way until the last chapter or so, and it really was disappointing and frustrating. It doesn’t happen often, but sometimes I thing two characters are not well suited together. This was one of those cases where I wanted someone else for Ru, and I believe Bernardo would’ve been a much better fit.

Overall a nice story, humorous and even a little fluffy, but despite Ru being my favorite character in this series, this was my least favorite book.

Trusting Cade by Luna David

51tkJmrfGZL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_Title: Trusting Cade
Series: Custos Securities
Author: Luna David
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Length: 440 pages
Publisher: Luna David (February 13th, 2016)
Heat Level: Moderate
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥ 5 Hearts
Blurb: At 38, Zavier “Cade” McCade has it all: a military career he can be proud of, a successful business, and a close knit group of family and friends. A former Army Special Forces Captain, Cade leaves the military to create Custos Securities, a burgeoning protection agency that provides unparalleled security for both civilians and corporations across the U.S.

After a string of disastrous relationships—and a narrow escape from an abusive partner—Braden Cross is finally putting his past to rest. Combining both his passion for baking and his knack for business, Braden owns the Sugar n’ Spice Café with his best friend who concocts exotic coffees and teas that pair perfectly with his decadent confections.

When a stalker sets his sights on Braden, the young pastry chef’s world is turned upside down. More frightened than he cares to admit, and not knowing where to turn, Braden is relieved when Cade steps in to offer his protection. Caught up in a maelstrom of threats, break-ins, and vandalism, the two draw closer together. Braden eventually realizes that he can trust Cade with his life, but he finds himself wondering… can he trust him with his heart?

Author’s Note: For those of you that prefer warnings (trigger or otherwise) for your books, please use the “Look Inside” feature to find the warnings within the first few pages. For those of you that hate warnings–don’t “Look Inside” . . . Happy reading!

Product Link: http://amzn.to/1XeaGqm

Reviewer: Portia

Review: Zavier McCade is ready to settle down with his forever love. Unfortunately, he hasn’t met the man yet.

What starts off as a quick visit to visit family turns into the chance meeting of Cade’s forever guy. And while there were elements of insta-love, Luna David made me wait for any real sheet time.

Now, as for the suspense portion of this book. LOVED it. Cade’s man, Bradon has a stalker. He didn’t take the notes that just appeared seriously at first, but they have taken on an increasingly sinister tone. It’s not until his best friend and business partner finds out, that Custos Securities gets involved.

I can’t say with element was more prominent, the romance or the mystery. Luna David did an amazing job weaving them so tightly together. Cade basically has to do double duty. He works hard to get Bradon to trust him, while calling in his team to protect the man as the stalker get bolder.

I also loved the secondary characters. Bradon’s best friend is a protective little thing. Cade’s best friend is altogether too sexy for his own good. And don’t get me started on Bradon’s Nana. I want to be just like her when I grow up.

Now for my one little complaint. The ending sucked…major. Not in a bad way, but in a Harry Potter kind of way. Meaning, this crisis is over, but the end is still not there.

So, yes…I did almost throw my Kindle, but my husband was sitting next to me, and I haven’t finished paying for it yet.

And for the record, I will be pre-ordering the next book in this series, the second it is available.

Highly recommending.

* I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review through https://mmgoodbookreviews.wordpress.com *

The Mermaid Murders by Josh Lanyon

51g5kYsHdRL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_Title: The Mermaid Murders
Series: The Art of Murder, #1
Author: Josh Lanyon
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Length: 243 pages
Publisher: JustJoshin Publishing, Inc. (February 29, 2016)
Heat Level: Explicit
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥5 Hearts
Blurb: Special Agent Jason West is seconded from the FBI Art Crime Team to temporarily partner with disgraced, legendary “manhunter” Sam Kennedy when it appears that Kennedy’s most famous case, the capture and conviction of a serial killer known as The Huntsman, may actually have been a disastrous failure.

For The Huntsman is still out there…and the killing has begun again.

ISBN: 9781937909826

Product Link(s): http://amzn.to/1UUgzKT



Reviewer: Portia

Review: Special Agent Jason West has gotten saddled with super-agent Sam Kennedy. Unfortunately, Kennedy is being watched by Jason’s supervisor and oh yeah, he’s a bit of an arrogant asshole.

It has been a while since I enjoyed a mystery this much. From page one I was hooked.

Jason has a history with the town and the Huntsman. A history that he chooses to keep to himself. Kennedy has earned the wrath of some higher-ups in the FBI, but we’re kept in the dark as to his exact crimes. The result is that I couldn’t help but put both men on my list of suspects.

Then there was the romance. Forgive my political incorrectness, but they are such guys. They kind of fell into bed with each other, but god forbid they should talk about feelings and relationships.

As for the bad guy, I had my suspicions early on, but got caught by a few red herrings. Readers of James Patterson will appreciate the succinct writing style and well-crafted plot.

Highly recommending.

* I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review through https://mmgoodbookreviews.wordpress.com *

Broken by Nicola Haken

51wW7uYpk5L._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_Title: Broken
Series: N/A
Author: Nicola Haken
Genre: Contemporary
Length: 287 pages
Publisher: Nicola Haken (February 29th, 2016)
Heat Level: Explicit
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥ 5 Hearts
Blurb: When Theodore Davenport decides to switch his mundane job for a career, he walks into Holden House Publishing with enthusiasm and determination to succeed. As he settles into his new role, makes new friends, and dreams of making it to the top, everything is going to plan.

Until he meets James Holden, CEO of Holden House.

James Holden hasn’t been able to stop thinking about his encounter with the timid man he met in a club bathroom last week, and when he discovers the one haunting his dreams is an employee, he can’t seem to stop himself from pursuing him.

Just a little fun – that’s what James tells himself. He can’t afford to care for someone who can never reciprocate, not once they find out who he really is. James believes nobody deserves the burden of being attached to him. He’s a complicated man. Damaged. Difficult. Demanding.


Is Theodore strong enough to confront James’ demons? More importantly, is James?

v (M/M romance. Not suitable for readers under 18 years of age due to language and sexual content. ***Please note*** This book contains scenes of self-harm, mental illness and suicidal ideation which may be uncomfortable for some readers.)

Product Link: http://amzn.to/1Tg0aRc

Reviewer: Portia

Review: It is not often that a book makes me hold my breath. This is one.

James and Theo were supposed to be a hook-up. Well, at least as far as James was concerned. Theo doesn’t do hook-ups, but sexy James kinda charmed him onto the dark side.

So, when Theo finds out that his Friday night hook-up is his Monday morning boss, I was expecting a nice little predictable read.

Man, was I wrong.

Broken is anything but predictable.

This is James’ story. The POVs shift between the two, so the reader gets a really complete picture of their journey. And as much as I enjoyed and sympathized with Theo, it was those times when I was inside James’ head that said breath holding took place. His pain is tangible on so many levels. I literally ached for him.

I really appreciated the lack of “love will conquer all bullshit” that sometimes slips into stories that deal with mental health issues.
I also appreciated that while James saw himself as broken, Theo never did.

Anyhoo, in the midst of all that angst, Nicola slipped in so really steamy lovin’, a kickass best friend, and a couple of big brothers that absolutely rocked.

Highly recommend.

* I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review through https://mmgoodbookreviews.wordpress.com *

Cold-Hearted Concept by Whitley Grey

wg_cold_hearted_conceptTitle: Cold-Hearted Concept
Series: Concept, #2
Author: Whitley Grey
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Length: 481 pages
Publisher: Loose Id (December 29th, 2015)
Heat Level: Moderate
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥ 5 Hearts
Blurb: Detective Beck Stryker has a lot to juggle: his long-distance relationship with FBI profiler Zach Littman, the family issues of cop widow Marybeth Halliday and her two boys, and the ups and downs of being out and proud. To top it off, Beck must work with his closeted ex-lover Van on the case of a skeleton discovered in the woods.

FBI profiler Dr. Zach Littman has been working on an exit strategy for months. Every time he’s on the brink of resigning, Minneapolis Unit Director Sands comes up with “one more case,” one that only Zach can manage. It’s a situation that frustrates Beck. Zach has promised he’ll leave the FBI and profiling behind—as soon as his Colorado medical license comes through. It may be easier said than done. Zach has reservations about uprooting his life and moving to Denver.

A killer leaves a grisly invitation insisting Zach participate in a deadly game, the rules of which are known only to the psychopath. It’s clear taking out Zach is on the killer’s to-do list, and he won’t stop until it’s done. Beck and Zach must capture the killer before the psychopath finds Zach and declares Game Over.

ISBN: 978-1-68252-047-5

Product Link: http://www.loose-id.com/coldhearted-concept.html

Reviewer: Portia

Review: Since I’m guessing that OMFG is not enough of a review, I’ll try to briefly state why I loved this book, without sounding too fan girl.

For those of you who follow my reviews, you know that Romantic Suspense is my absolute favorite genre. In my humble opinion, there is nothing better than a tight mystery wrapped around a steamy love affair. Whitley Grey has done just that…in spades.

Now, the worst way to mess up a good mystery is to let me figure out the bad guys too early. Unfortunately, now that I do most of my reading on a Kindle, I can’t just skip to the end of the book.

The plotting of Cold-Hearted Concept is absolutely perfect. I was guessing until the end. There are plenty of clues, but just as many red herrings.

And of course, every good romantic suspense, need a great leading couple. Zach and Beck are soooo it. Both men are strong and good at their jobs. Both question if being together is worth all the changes and sacrifices that each must make.

In the end, both the romance and the suspense left me satisfied.

Highly recommending.

* I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review through https://mmgoodbookreviews.wordpress.com *

Island Doctor by Sue Brown

IslandDoctorLGTitle: Island Doctor
Series: Island Medic, #1/An Isle Novel
Author: Sue Brown
Genre: Contemporary
Length: 215 pages
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (January 11th, 2016)
Heat Level: Moderate
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥ 4 Hearts
Blurb: Dr. Jeff Martin has spent five years as a rural general practitioner on the Isle of Wight, hiding the fact he’s gay. He travels in secret to see his partner, Tris, but when he discovers Tris has been cheating on him, he ends their relationship. Then Jeff meets island native Cameron Gillard. Cameron is down-to-earth, lively, and treats Jeff like he’s the most important person in his life. Jeff blooms under Cameron’s attention, and he decides to come out to his colleagues and friends.

Just when things are going well, Tris reappears out of the blue. Jeff is no longer interested in Tris, but it seems he has two men to convince. Tris, who can’t believe Jeff is serious about wanting to end their relationship, and Cameron, who can’t hide his jealousy of Tris.
Jeff is certain about one thing—the only man he wants in his life is Cameron. Now he just needs to prove it to him.

ISBN: 978-1-63476-756-9

Product Link: http://www.dreamspinnerpress.com/store/product_info.php?products_id=7304

Reviewer: Portia

Review: This is a fabulous new series set in the world of Isle. A world I happen to be very fond of.

First off, Jeff is an idiot. I loved the guy, but he had way too much going for him to put up with Tris’ mess. Thankfully, he finally gets a clue.

Enter sexy Cameron. These two could not be more different, if they tried. But, somehow they work. Well, they work after a few hurt feelings, a major misunderstanding and some sweet sheet time.

All in all, a very nice beginning to a new series.

Definitely recommending.

* I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review through https://mmgoodbookreviews.wordpress.com *

Dancing Lessons by R. Cooper

DancingLessonsLGTitle: Dancing Lessons
Series: N/A
Author: R Cooper
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Length: 129 pages
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (January 20th 2016)
Heat Level: Moderate
Blurb: Two years of living with his controlling boyfriend left Chico worn down long before that boyfriend revealed he’d been seeing someone else. With no other choice, Chico moves in above his cousin’s garage in a small town in the redwoods, where he merely goes through the motions. To get him out of the house, his cousin pushes him to volunteer at a local dance studio to help with their annual show.

He’s not expecting to end up in a dance class, or to start feeling alive again in the arms of his dance instructor. Rafael is the studio owners’ son and was once a well-known dancer in his own right, but now enjoys being a teacher. Although Chico likes him, he’s afraid of taking a chance. But Rafael is determined, and it only takes one dance for Chico to start to realize he might still have something to learn.

ISBN: 9781634767736

Product Link: http://www.dreamspinnerpress.com/store/product_info.php?

Portia’s Review: ♥♥♥♥ 4 Hearts
If I am perfectly honest, it was the cover that drew me to this book. That and the fact that I love R. Cooper’s writing style.

Chico is an easy to character to get a read on. He’s been in a bad situation and is learning to define himself outside of a destructive relationship. For me, this is definitely Chico’s story.  Watching him rediscover his art, make friends and reconnect with family was just beautiful

Rafael was a little harder for me. I kept waiting to find his weakness. Turns out he is just fine with himself and is the perfect guy to bring Chico back to the land of the living. Partly through those dancing lessons, but mainly with just giving Chico back his voice.

I loved all the family dynamics woven within this piece. Both men are blessed with families who love and support them.

The slow burn was absolutely delicious, as Chico lost his battle not to let Rafe in.

Tams’ Review: ♥♥ 2 Hearts
Chico moved to Redwoods at his cousin’s insistence after a bad breakup. He basically leaves the garage apartment above his cousin, long enough to go to work, then come right back home. He was a loner before the break-up, now it’s just reinforced. He’s depressed and doesn’t think he is worth anything to anyone, constantly looking down on and putting himself down. When he meets Rafael at a local dance studio he is volunteering at, he’s smitten, but standoffish. Can the enigmatic, patient, sexy dance instructor pull Chico out of his shell?

This book wore me out. It was chaotic and all over the place. The characters didn’t seem to fit together, and I mean at all. Chico was obviously depressed; he mumbled and rambled on a lot. Rafael had to cajole him more often than not. The ending, loved it! Wish the entire book could have been that good. Sadly, not for me. But the cover is brilliant and the ending made this a 2 star instead of just 1.

* I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review through https://mmgoodbookreviews.wordpress.com *

A Gentle Kind of Strength by Kendall McKenna

51zVLlUbf1L._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_Title: A Gentle Kind of Strength
Series: N/A
Author: Kendall Mckenna
Genre: Contemporary
Length: 186 pages

Publisher: MLR Press (November 5, 2015)
Heat Level: Moderate
Blurb: A police K9 handler believes he’s lucky when a romance starts with the local veterinarian, but then his canine partner is injured in the line of duty.

Sergeant Ray Lerner is a veteran sheriff’s department K9 handler. Damien Federov is the veterinarian caring for Harley, Ray’s canine partner. When taking a man as a lover, Ray’s always been confident. Around Damien, Ray becomes uncharacteristically shy and tongue-tied. When Damien begins their romance, Ray knows he’s lucky.

His obsession with a past tragedy blinds Ray to everything he has with Damien. When Harley is injured on duty, his life is in Damien’s hands. As Ray sits vigil, he has one final chance to allow Damien in all the way, or risk losing everything important, in a single night.

ISBN13: 9781608209958

Product Link:  http://www.mlrbooks.com/ShowBook.php?book=GMAGKofS

Portia’s Review: ♥♥♥♥♥ 5 Hearts

As always, I am grateful and honored to get my greedy little hands on a Kendall McKenna read. A Gentle Kind of Strength hit all my awww buttons. I don’t know if it’s because of the years that I spent in corrections. Or seeing the K-9 officers in my ER, but I loved Ray and Harley.

For me this was more than a romance, it was the making of a family.

The relationship’s slow burn was refreshing. I love that the shy guy finally got his man.

But, that ending. OMG. I swear my heart stopped beating for a few beats.

Highly recommend!

Shorty’s Review: ♥♥♥♥ 3.5 Hearts
I’ve heard a lot of great things about Kendall Mckenna’s books. So was excited when I was given this book to read and review. But I have to tell you I could not see what all the hype was about myself.

Yes it’s a well written story about veterinarian Damien and Ray a K-9 handler. What I could not understand was all the details about the dog Harley and the lack of details about the main character Damien. Did I misunderstand the blurb?

This is a very slow and I mean slow romance and I use that term lightly as I would have given up. I felt that Ray that let the past rule his life instead of seeing what was right in front of him. This story takes place over a long span of time so I got to the point where I wanted to slap them both. Ray, to snap him out of the past and Damien to make him let go and move on to someone who actually sees him.

The sex scenes were hot and passionate. But I truly wish there had been more about Damien and Ray rather than the dog. This story just did not interest me after I started reading and got halfway through.

I’m sorry but I did not care for it myself.

* I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review through https://mmgoodbookreviews.wordpress.com *

Clockwork Heart by Heidi Cullinan

clockwork-heartTitle: Clockwork Heart
Series: Clockwork Love, #1
Author: Heidi Cullinan
Genre: Steampunk Romance
Length: Novel
Publisher: Samhain (February 2nd, 2015)
Heat Level: Moderate
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥ 5 Hearts
Blurb: As the French army leader’s bastard son, Cornelius Stevens enjoys a great deal of latitude. But when he saves an enemy soldier using clockwork parts, he’s well aware he risks hanging for treason. That doesn’t worry him half as much, however, as the realization he’s falling for his patient.

Johann Berger never expected to survive his regiment’s suicide attack on Calais, much less wake up with mechanical parts. To avoid discovery, he’s forced to hide in plain sight as Cornelius’s lover—a role Johann finds himself taking to surprisingly well.

When a threat is made on Cornelius’s life, Johann learns the secret of the device implanted in his chest—a mythical weapon both warring countries would kill to obtain. Caught up in a political frenzy, in league with pirates, dodging rogue spies, mobsters and princesses with deadly parasols, Cornelius and Johann have no time to contemplate how they ended up in this mess. All they know is, the only way out is together—or not at all.

Product Warnings
Contains tinkers, excessive clockwork appendages, and a cloud-sweeping tour of Europe. A little absinthe, a little theft, a little exhibitionism. Men who love men, women who love women, and some who aren’t particular.

ISBN: 9781619227231

Product Link: https://www.samhainpublishing.com/book/5706/clockwork-heart

Reviewer: Portia

Review: Clockwork Heart is a wonderful start to the new Heidi Cullinan series, Clockwork Love. Set in an alternate world, where ManLove is not exactly forbidden, but neither is anyone waving rainbow flags.

Cornelius is a tinker surgeon. He has spent the past several years apprenticing with one of the premier Master Tinkers. When he comes across a gravely wounded enemy soldier, his surgeon heart acts before his good sense can kick in. Helping this soldier, much less adding clockwork will be considered treason. Not a good look, when your father is the head crazy in charge of the military.

What can I say? I loved every single moment between these pages. Cornelius is an absolute gem. Nerdy and slutty…what’s not to love? Johann is his polar opposite. Strong and silent, Johann is questions his attraction to Cornelius, but doesn’t fight it very hard. 😉

There is fabulous world building, which is usually my down point with Steampunk. All of Heidi Cullinan’s science is plausible. And for me that was a huge selling point for my reading pleasure.

Several interesting side characters are introduced, and I’m curious as to whether a certain captain and his part-time Asian playmate will end up in their own romance…or wind up sharing a lover. Not to mention a certain Frenchman with some snazzy clockwork of his own, who need some love.

All in all, this was a fabulous read from beginning to end and I highly recommend it.

* I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review through https://mmgoodbookreviews.wordpress.com *

What Happens at Christmas by Jay Northcote

27813379Title: What Happens at Christmas
Series: N/A
Author: Jay Northcote
Genre: Contemporary/ Holiday Novella
Length: 113 pages
Publisher: Jay Northcote (November 19th, 2015)
Heat Level: Moderate
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥ 5 Hearts
Blurb: When two friends pose as boyfriends, could what happens at Christmas turn into something more?

Justin is recently and unhappily single. Christmas is coming, and he doesn’t want to face his ex alone at their office party. So Sean—Justin’s best mate and long-time secret crush—volunteers to go with him and pretend to be his new flame.

Sean has always lusted after Justin from afar, but there’s never been a good opportunity to ask him for more than friendship. Posing as Justin’s boyfriend isn’t a chore, and if Justin wants to rebound onto him, Sean’s more than willing. At the party pretense and reality blur, and a kiss on the dance floor leads to a night of passion.

In the aftermath, they both assume it was a one-time thing until fate intervenes. Stuck together in London over the holidays, they give in to temptation again. But what happens at Christmas stays at Christmas… right?

Product Link: http://amzn.to/1JG38Ws

Reviewer: Portia

Review: I LOVED this story.

Okay, confession time. I have a serious thing for Christmas sappiness. This basically means that I spend the month of December trolling the internet, Lifetime Network and the Hallmark Channel for sweet romance.

I could not have loved Justin and Sean more, if I’d created them myself. I also have a thing for friends to lovers romance, so these two hit all my buttons. Not too mushy,  a few tiny misunderstandings, a couple of interfering family members and you have the perfect sweetly sexy holiday novella.

Not to mention that Jay Northcote is a wonderful writer.  Meaning that despite the sap factor, What Happens at Christmas is beautifully written. The plot is plausible and has a very nice flow. The dialogue is brilliant and oh, so British. If you are not familiar with Jay’s writing, this would be a perfect introduction.

Highly recommend.
* I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review through https://mmgoodbookreviews.wordpress.com *

Accidental Hero by R.J. Scott Book Blast, Excerpt, Review & Giveaway!

R.J. Scott - Accidental Hero FB Banner

Hi peeps, we have R.J. Scott stopping by with her brand new Sanctuary release Accidental Hero, we have a fantastic unique excerpt, Lisa & Portia’s reviews and a fantastic giveaway, so enjoy the post and click that rafflecopter link ❤ ~Pixie~

R.J. Scott - Accidental Hero Cover

Accidental Hero

(Sanctuary 08)

R.J. Scott

Chicago Cop Simon Grant and Sanctuary operative Cain Brodie, have to be the heroes of their own stories, just to stay alive.

Everyone wants Chicago cop, Simon Grant, dead. Armed with an address, he is on the run and heading for Sanctuary, only to end up at the wrong end of a gun. Is it possible the tall amber-eyed man holding the gun is actually going to be able to help him?

Cain Brodie is in charge of Sanctuary’s new Chicago office, C-Tower. His well organised administration day takes an unexpected turn when he has a man wanted for murder right in his gun sights. Thrust into a situation he has no control over suddenly he needs to be the one in control.

Accidental or not, Simon and Cain have to be the heroes of their own stories, just to stay alive.

Continue reading Accidental Hero by R.J. Scott Book Blast, Excerpt, Review & Giveaway!

Uninvited Guest by Brian Lancaster

UninvitedGuestLGTitle: Uninvited Guest
Series: N/A
Author: Brian Lancaster
Genre: Other Paranormal
Length: Novel (200 pages)
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (November 13th, 2015)
Heat Level: Explicit
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥ 5 Hearts
Blurb: Fate is conspiring against lawyer Anton Swann. First his grandmother dies, then he hits the worst traffic of his life on the way home from her funeral, keeping him from friends in London—and possibly a much longed-for sighting of his ex. And finally the detour he thought would save him time ends with the electrics failing on his car, leaving Anton to trudge through heavy rain back to an old cottage he’d passed along the way, hoping to find help.

What he finds instead is the mysterious Dr. Stephen Miller, a man fighting his own battles. Anton is invited inside to join the tail end of an all-male dinner party, but this is no chance encounter. What Anton thought was fate is actually a spirit at work making sure he ends up at the cottage—and stays there until unfinished business is resolved for both Anton and Stephen.

ISBN: 978-1-63476-702-6

Product Link: http://www.dreamspinnerpress.com/store/product_info.php?products_id=7065

Reviewer: Portia

Review: Anton Swann’s day is going from bad to worse. Starting with his much loved grandmother’s funeral and ending with a car accident that results in a concussion. But, fate is kind enough to let him crash his car outside the home of a very handsome, very single physician.

To the best of my knowledge this is my first Brian Lancaster read. It was a pleasure from start to finish. His writing style is smooth and oh, so, British.

I was drawn to Anton from the beginning, but it took me a little longer to warm up to Stephen. I couldn’t decide if he had real issues, or was just a poor little rich kid.

In the end, I loved the pace of their romance, their odd friends and even their paranormal matchmaker.

Very well written and highly recommended.
* I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review through https://mmgoodbookreviews.wordpress.com *

Out of the Blues by Mercy Celeste

51aLhQTcEPL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_Title: Out of the Blues
Series: N/A
Author: Mercy Celeste
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Novel (219 pages)
Publisher: MJC Press (November 9th, 2015)
Heat Level: Explicit
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥ 5 Hearts
Blurb: Whoever said you can’t go home again should change that to should not go home again. As in EVER!

Mason Foxworth swore on his grandmother’s bible never to return to the small Georgia town he sort of grew up in. And for eight years he’d succeeded in keeping that promise. Until his twin sister decided she needed to get married…back home…and she’d invited their parents. Wasn’t this going to be a just a fabulous weekend?

Since leaving the Marines, Kilby Adams rarely ever left his farm and now here he was in Georgia, as best man at his stepbrother’s wedding. Out of his comfort zone and with too many people that he doesn’t know Kilby has nothing to keep his mind off the past except the gorgeous brother of the bride.

And wouldn’t you just know it, there was only one room left at the Inn and Kilby would have to share it, with Mason, who was straight and….yeah, this was going to be one hell of a weekend.

ISBN: e000000000211

Product Link: http://amzn.to/1PF2iyE

Reviewer: Portia

Review: Mason Foxworth is headed home. Unfortunately, home is not where he wants to be.

I LOVED this book. It’s been way too long since an original Mercy Celeste title dropped into my ereader…and I was ready.

Mace and Kilby are an interesting couple. Equally screwed up, but in very different manners. Mason is straight and has serious daddy issue, while Kilby is just stuck. Between dealing with the last of his PTSD and not dealing with some painful issues in his past, he is merely existing.

But, their attraction is instantaneous and the sex scenes in this book could have their own rating. Forget R, let’s try OMG…I can’t believe they just did that.

But, sex aside, the best part of this book was the realism.

I loved the families. The siblings were great. And the healing that takes place, was beautiful, if not somewhat painful to watch.

Too often writers are scared to deal with tough subject matters. Not Miss Mercy. These dysfunctional young men have dealt with suicide, sexual assault, physical abuse and PTSD. But, it’s presented in such a way that I just wanted them to succeed. Not just as a couple, but as individuals.

Even the ending felt real to me.

Anyhoo, I loved every minute that I spent with Mason and Kilbourne and highly recommend that you check out their story.

* I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review through https://mmgoodbookreviews.wordpress.com *